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Friday, October 31, 2014

About us

Reggaediscography is your favourite archive of Irie Vibes! Featuring a wide variety of musical genres and subgenres (Reggae, African Music, Ska, Rocksteady, Dub & more) we love to talk about talented and emerging Artists & Bands through our detailed Electronic Press Kit (EPK) Profiles, Discographies and Reviews.
Artists, Bands, Deejays, Music-Lovers, Producers, Promoters & Fans: Everyday over 2000 people from the international music scene are regularly visiting our Blog! Make yourself at home, explore our blog and our official facebook page and discover with us brand new, talented and emerging artists and bands from the four corners of the world.

RDG Team
Marco Weststar: editor & founder
JYM 'living drum: Co-editor
M. Rasta: blog support
Marco Spada: mentoring, content design, writing, visuals
Fitzroy Francis: poetry, reggae culture, jamaican music, production...

Marco Weststar is an expert of discographies. He listens to many music genres such as Reggae, Pop music, R&B, Funky, Rock, African music, Dub Music, House Music & many more. Reggaediscography (RDG) was born in September 2009 from the original idea of two Italian friends: Marco Weststar e M. Rasta. We are music collectors. We still continue to collect Original Vinyls & CDs. Actually, we don't really like listening to digital music. We know that the digital compressed format is music industry's new frontier but, nonetheless, we keep loving the natural and positive vibrations of good old Vinyls & CDs.

In October 2012, Marco Weststar met Jamaican Reggae artist Fitzroy Francis from the NewYork-based Mightyful13 Records. Francis is a very special person who knows the perfect essence of Reggae music and he keeps making a significant and original contribution to RDG free spirit. Thanks to his teachings, Marco had the chance to understand the culture, history and true philosophy behind this music. Since then, he started to Search & Discover brand new and talented artists from the international music scene. Day by day, young and old artists and bands started to navigate the RDG site asking for their full-detailed electronic press kit (EPK).

All the discographies are personally created and continuosly updated by Marco Westar thanks to a deep and long work of research, leveraging his personal collections of oldskool and brand new vinyls, cds and digital releases. Gradually, RDG became a global community where artists and bands, managers and promoters can interact and share their genuine interest for good music and where deejays, fans and music-lovers can find fresh, underground and classic tunes daily.

In March 2014, Marco Weststar met Marco Spada from Tribal Realities (TR), setting up a partnership based on brotherhood, friendship, music and spirituality. TR is RDG's new source of fresh inspiration and positive vibes. Marco Spada is enthusiastically contributing to RDG through his mentoring and coaching skills, visual arts, content design & writing, music production.

Since June 2016, Reggaediscogarphy began to support the monthly magazine 'THE DUB' of roots reggae for the Thames Valley Region - UK
"THE DUB" is made by his friend founder/editor 'Dan-I'

In January 2017, Marco of Reggaediscogarphy met Jean-Yves MOGUEROU (Aka: JYM 'living drum'). They are working together to make new pages with the complete discographies of many reggae pioneers at RDGY.

Since Sepember 2017, a new 'IZIBONGO' magazine is regularly hosted on RDG. It celebrates and talks about art from Africa and the Diaspora, while, since June 2018, a new one magazine called 'African Garden' is constantly published on our Blog. .
This issue wants to bring to the attention to the people, celebrating the African and Carribbean flora, art and culture.

Both magazines are written and thought by our dear friend Natty Mark Samuels. He is the founder of AFRICA SCHOOL. A Cultural Educational project that provides teaching in African Studies, to the general community; focusing on pre-colonial sub-Saharan societies. It has specialisms in early Black journalism (19th/early 20th centuries), Islamic Scholarship and African Art.

In June 2018, ReggaeDiscography released its debut album called "Rebel Radius" available in the best music stores worldwide. Self produced by ReggaeDiscography's team, the album is a pleasant journey between Reggae Electro Dub with influences Dubstep Roots.

Since April 2020, the French photographers Fred 'Reggaelover' and ThyCool have started to collaborate with their beautiful photos on Reggaediscography

Reggaediscography wants to thank All Our Readers, Friends, Artists, Bands, Managers, Promoters, Deejays, Followers and Fans for the affection receveid. We Love You!

Special thanks go to Our Partners for their great support, co-operation and help during all these years. Everyday, they countinue to make possible our Reggaediscography project.
The Journey Continues...

Nuff Respect Marco - RDG editor & founder

"Music is the only truly international language." - (Ray Charles)
"If music be the food of love, play on" - (William Shakespeare)
"Music can change the world because it can change people" - (Bono)
"Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music" - (Jimi Hendrix)
"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent" - (Victor Hugo)
"Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until you die" - (Paul Simon)
"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" - (Bob Marley)

“Marco of Reggaediscography you are great
The works you do, none can underrate
Publishing Jah words
In good faith
Rever Us in the music with all your updated
The things you do
I appreciate
Inspire the world
And keep them motivate
Characterize my quotes
Through the Poems you elevate
With the essence of love and life
You kept the Mightyful13 fate.” (FRF)

Il blog Reggaediscography è un archivio che parla di discografie di musica reggae. E' nato da una idea di 2 amici italiani; Marco Weststar e M. Rasta, che amano questa musica.....
Reggaediscography vuole ringraziare tutti i nostri lettori, amici, artisti, bands, promotori, Deejays, seguaci e tifosi per l'affetto ricevuto. Un ringraziamento particolare va ai nostri partner per il loro grande sostegno, cooperazione e aiuto in tutti questi anni.
Il viaggio continua ...

Le Blog Reggaediscography est une Archive de la Musique Reggae. Est né d'une idée par deux amis Italiens: Weststar e M. Rasta, qui aiment cette musique.
Ce blog est une Archive-Reggae et il n'ya pas de Files à télécharger.

Reggaediscography blog es un archivo que habla de la música reggae. Nació de una idea de dos amigos italianos; Weststar y M. Rasta, que ama esta música.
Este blog es sólo una (archivo-Reggae) - (No Link) para descargar.
Gracias a todos por las numerosas visitas.

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