Monday, April 1, 2013

Cuffy Nevinson releases new album "Rebirth"

Cuffy Nevinson releases new album "Rebirth"

“Rebirth” is Nevinson’s fifth album, and dearest to his heart.
An opus more personal and intimate, it is the brainchild of a singer’s willingness to change his life, to resume his real name and find his own musical identity.
 It marks a turning point in his approach to the creative process and his emotional investment in a project.

“Rebirth” is an open album that combines all his influences , Roots Reggae, Nu Roots, Soul, Funk and RnB . It finely fuses modern and traditional sounds, fo rming the bridge with his roots using intruments such as the djembé or the kora.
It covers topics that are very dear : education (Put down the gun) , Faith (Pray Jah) , family and fathers rights (Children need the fathers) , love (We all need somebody) , Africa (Hélé nou ka hélé) , youth and ecology (Make a better world) .

The signature voice of Nevinson leaves no one indifferent. It takes us back to Kingston in the 70 ’s as well as in clubs where the greatest names in Soul music performed.
This album is an encounter between African, Caribbe an and Occidental culture. It is also an opportunity for Nevinson to honor the singe rs he loves : Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Jacob Miller, Michael Jackson, Simply Red, James Brown, WCK, Grammak or Exile One.
"Rebirth" is  now available worldwide on all major digital retailers.

Cuffy Nevinson "Rebirth" New Album 2013
(Original Press):
"Rebirth" 2013 - (Original Version)
1) Pray Jah. 2) Don't Wanna Make You Cry [Feat. Paula Ajala King]. 3) Lord Jesus Come My Way. 4) Spread a Little Love. 5) Put Down The Gun. 6) Toop Too Doo. 7) Hélé Nou Ka Hélé. 8) We All Need Somebody [Feat. Adele Holness]. 9) Heat Of The Struggle. 10) Give And Take. 11) Children Need The Fathers. 12) Make A Better World. 13) Rebirth.
[Label: Akaz Entertainment (Digital Release: 2013)]

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Cuffy Nevinson "Pray Jah" - New Music Video

Cuffy Nevinson "Rebirth" album Teaser

Cuffy Nevinson "Love is all we need" (Live In Paris)


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