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ZALLY - DISCOGRAPHY: (Reggae Singer)


Singer: Zally
Job: Vocals / Songwriter
Location: Jamaica / Tampa, FL.
Genre: Reggae, Roots and Culture
Influences: Bob Marley, Capleton.

I, Zally, was born in Papine in Kingston, Jamaica. While growing up and going to school I was surrounded by musicians all of the time.
At the tender age of sixteen I realized that music is my calling and I've been chanting and singing ever since. The days of my youth were very tough because I was raised in a poor third world economy. I never knew my mother, and my father lived on the other side of town not having any major impact in my life.

My Grandmother and my Aunts raised me as their own son. They ensured that I went to good schools and I graduated an A student. In my early teenage years I started hanging around several different mobile sound systems in the neighborhood and vibing with the best of the best. In those days it was Charlie Chaplin, Major Mackerel, Papa San, and Capleton, just to name a few. As we say in Jamaica, “music nice and music sweet”. During that era, there was not violence or animosity among artist or musicians. You could go to almost any session anywhere, get on the mic, and rock the place. And on the real, that's what Jamaica and Reggae is about, music, peace and love, and that is what Zally is about.

My first major stage show in the United States was the “Bob Marley Festival” February 1997. Still young in the business but music was changing my lifestyle. I performed in Santa Barbra California for the “His Imperial Majesty's Coronation” concert, also at the House Of Blues in Hollywood, Ca. and at the “Kingston Twelve Reggae Club”. I've opened for Morgan Heritage, Sizzla, Jr. Gong, Capleton, and Cocoa Tea. I've performed at various venues in the North East sector of the U.S. such as, Philadelphia, New York, Jannus Live, Bob Marley Cafe in Orlando, FL. just to name a few.

Now I reside in South West Florida. For a couple of years I hadn't been recording as much as previously, but I just released a new ep on March 11, 2013 on,, cd baby, and all digital retailers, as well as two albums in 2010. I have been creating plenty of new material since 2007. Consequently recording for some of the best producers over the past three years; I've recorded singles, albums, vintage vinyl's, collabs, and an ep. My credits include recordings with the likes of the late Sugar Minott; Anthony Malvo, and a few Cross Over Hip-Hop songs with artist like 2 Pistols, and Mello Bondz; but my first record released was with Winston Riley on Techniques Records, second was with Courtney Cole; Roof International, and the third was a single called, "Love" on Fiesta Label.

Additionally, I recorded an album with Kamau Music Kingdom. I've accomplished plenty of self marketing; as a result sold many cd’s and performed countless times in an effort to build my name in the industry. The single "Tell Me How You Feel" was a mini success; I recorded my first complete album in 2001 called, "Hot and Demanding". My music has and is currently getting plenty of airplay in places such as Jamaica, the United Kingdom, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Ghana, St. Tomas VI, Portugal, The Bahamas, Japan, and Germany to name a few.

I have entertained tens of thousands of people and I’m just getting started on my quest to take my style of reggae music to the world. I perform with the band Kronik and sometimes with DJs. I’m a serious song writer, recording artist, and I produce my own music.
I want the World to know that Zally is ready to tour.


1) Albums:
.2009 - Tell It Like It Iz
.2010 - G.A.N-Jamaica

2) Ep:
.2013 - Reach Out Di EP

3) Singles:
.2013 - "Hang On" - First Aid Riddim - Prod. by McDove Music Productions
.2013 - "Violence" - Unification Riddim - Prod. by One Harmony Music
.2012 - "Unite" - Seize The Day Riddim - Prod. by JahLight Records
.2012 - "Aint Wit It" - Green Bay Killing Riddim - Prod. by Sentup Production
.2012 - "Better Than That" - Bed Ah Roses Riddim - Prod. by Styler Studio Production
.2012 - "Mi Nuh Inna" - Revolutionist Riddim - Prod. by Sure Star Records
.2012 - "World Peace" - Sky High Riddim - Prod. by Riddimtion Productions
.2012 - "Momma Love" - Prod. by Hillside Productions
.2012 - "No Funny Ting" - Prod. by Delroy Pottinger - Phat Trax
.2012 - "Alright" - Serious Love Riddim - Prod. by Pedro EA
.2012 - "Bless" - Prod. by AlbertoDbScience
.2012 - "Cut Them Loose" - Curry Riddim - Prod. by Kingston 11 Productions
.2012 - "Blood Shed" - To The Mix Riddim - Prod. by Chop Chop Productions
.2012 - "Carbon Copy" - My Way of Life Riddim - Chop Chop Productions
.2012 - "Stand Up" - Ganjah Flava Riddim - Prod. by Ras Ganjah Records
.2012 - "Amazin" ft. Leanah - Detox Riddim - Prod. by LA Beatz
.2012 - "For So Long Remix" ft. Leanah - Prod. by LA Beatz
.2011 - "Hard Work" KNG-SIX Records
.2011 - "Perilous Time" Prod. by KNG-SIX Records
.2011 - "Too Much" - Prod. by Pedro EA
.2011 - "Birthday" - Dont Sell Out Riddim - Prod. by Ras Ganjah Records
.2011 - "Money" - Danger Love Riddim - Prod. by Troyton Music
.2011 - "Rasta Luv"
.2011 - "Struggle" Prod. by LastExodusBeatz
.2011 - "Flip It" - RastaWalk Riddim - Prod. by LastExodusBeatz

4) Collaboration & Guest Appearance:
- "Selena" - ft. Anthony Malvo
- "Sexy Body" - ft. Steve

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Zally's Discography:

1) Albums:

.2009 - Tell It Like It Iz
(Original Press):
"Tell It Like It Iz" 2009 - (Original Version)
1) Amazin [Feat. Blu]. 2) Attitude.3) Future. 4) Down And Out. 5) Matter Of Time. 6) Hate. 7) Dafeddils. 8) Irie. 9) Ironic [Feat. Chris] (explicit). 10) Lava. 11) Mary [Feat. Blu]. 12) Prayer. 13)Tell Me When Your Ready. 14) Revolutionary. 15) Stray. 16) Tell It Like It Iz. 17) There For Me.
[Label: KNG-SIX Records (Cd: 2009)(Digital Release: 2009)]

Buy Digital Release on Itunes - Itunes UK - Amazon - Amazon UK

.2010 - G.A.N-Jamaica
(Original Press):
"G.A.N-Jamaica" 2010 - (Original Version)
1) Roll A Spliff. 2) World Turns. 3) Run Em Out (explicit). 4)  Put Tha Thang On Me. 5) Let Me Tell You Something (explicit). 6) Sunshine. 7) Girls. 8) Smokin. 9) Mariwanna. 10) Jamaica. 11) Bad Man (explicit). 12) Wife Beater. 13) Phat Back (explicit). 14) Road Block. 15) She's Gone. 16) Rise. 17) Friends.
[Label: KNG-SIX Records (Cd: 2010)(Digital Release: 2010)]

Buy Digital Release on Itunes - Itunes UK - Amazon - Amazon UK


2) Ep:

.2013 - Reach Out Di EP
(Original Press):
"Reach Out Di EP" 2013 - (Original Version)
1) Show Some Love. 2) Hang On. 3) Reach Out. 4) Boring Boring. 5) Lovers Rock. 6) Come Over. 7) Alright. 8) For So Long Remix.
[Label: KNG-SIX Records (Digital Release: 2013)]

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Zally "Hang On In There" - Music Video 2013 - (Produced by McDove Music Production)

Zally "Reach Out" - Music Video

Zally & Kronik - Live "Prayer" - "Bless" - "Hard Work" - "Matter of Time"

Zally and Capleton - Live 2008


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