Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Are you a Reggae/Ska singer?, Are you a Reggae/Ska band? Are you a new artist?, Are you a producer?, Are you  a Reggae Dj?...
Are you looking for a bit of promotion?
Do you want to appear on this blog?
Reggaediscography gives you the chance to be free on our blog, (with your biography, discography and your contact informations)
We’re looking the following genres: (Reggae with all its subgenres, Ska with all its subgenres, Rocksteady and more)

Be carefull!
To be included in our blog, we want to hear your music.
If your music and your profile, according to our criteria, it is not conform to our standards you will not be published.
See more information.....Here
If you are interested, please contact us at:


OneTreeRecords - Music Profile: (Reggae Label)

Katalys Crew - Music Profile
GARY SUTHERLAND - Engineer/Producer - Formally of Tuff Gong International Recordings
King Ras Pedro - Profile
Svaha Sound Records - Profile:
DJ SCARA - (Dj/Producer/Sound Engineer)
Working Class Musik - Profile
Benjaminz - (Profile & Discography)
Strike Dee - (Profile & Discography)
Matt U Johnson - Profile: (Pop Reggae Artist from NYC)
Negro Piraña - Profile: (Record Producer) 
Kulcha Shok Muzik - Profile
Jah Bari - (Profile & Discography)
Kingston Blues - Profile: (Reggae-Blues-Soul-Funk-Rock Band)
Shanti High - Profile (Reggae Singer)
BigDog MadHead - Profile: (Reggae Singer)
Smillie Entertainment  From Earthquake Intl Sound
Mightyful13 Records - Profile
Ryan Oneil - Profile: (Reggae Singer)
Princess Thundah - Profile: (Reggae Singer)

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