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Genre: Contemporary Roots Reggae
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
Influences: The band started playing covers of Jacob Miller, Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson, Pat Kelly, Jimmy Cliff, Cornell Campbell... all of them from the rockers days (here comes the name of the band) but nowadays we're playing modern Reggae or new Roots.

Current  Members:
Uri Green (Lead voice), Montse Streit (Backing Vocals), Saphie Wells (Backing Vocals), Dread Liz (Sound Engineer), David Faure (Percussion & Effects), Fran Calvo (Drums), Sergio Jiménez (Guitar), Juan Ramirez (Trumpet), Ferran Suné (Tenor Sax), Edgar Gubianas (Keyboards), Richi Tejada (Bass).

In 2007, eleven musicians from different reggae bands, decided to join forces to give birth to Universal Rockers; a project that has continued to grow from strength to strength.
In 2009, they released their first Ep 'Clear&Low'.
After four years of touring the spanish peninsula, the Barcelonian reggae band, Universal Rockers are proud to present their first full-length to the international audience: 'Heavyweight Sound'.
The group offers ten soulful songs, composed by lead vocalist Uri Green, which are messages of freedom, a celebration of life, and songs flung up to the sky, representing a cry of hope; hope so needed in these days and times.
On stage the band delivers a charismatic and energetic performance, captivating the audience. Their songs are original and true to the genre. Universal Rockers have played in some of the major Spanish reggae festivals, including: Sunsplash, Rototom Festival. Also they have shared the stage with international heavyweights such as Linval Thompson, Chantelle Hernández and Ghettoman.
'HEAVYWEIGHT SOUND' has been recorded and mixed by Xavi Lizarraga (a.k.a. Dread Liz) at Rica Onda Studios, Barcelona and mastered by Ibon Larruzea at Euridia, Bilbao.
The album is a Free digital release, you can download it for free at

En Espanol:
Universal Rockers celebra su cuarto aniversario regalando su primer disco de larga duración: 'Heavyweight Sound'.
Uri Green, líder del trío vocal de la banda, presenta diez de sus composiciones invocando a la libertad. Diez mensajes enviados directamente desde el alma; algunos de ellos celebrando la vida y otros lanzando al cielo ese grito de esperanza que tanto necesitamos en los tiempos en que vivimos.
'Heavyweight Sound' ha sido grabado y mezclado con cariño, paciencia y respeto por Xavi Lizarraga a.k.a. Dread Liz en su estudio Rica Onda, Barcelona. El encargado de la masterización ha sido Ibon Larruzea en Euridia, Bilbao.
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.2009 -  Clear&Low - [Reissue: "Clear&Low Dub Edition" 2010 - includes Bonus Dub Versions]
.2012 - Heavyweight Sound

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Universal Rockers - Discography:


.2009 -  Clear&Low
[Reissue: "Clear&Low Dub Edition" 2010 - (Includes Bonus Dub Versions)]
(Original Press):
"Clear&Low" 2009 - (Ep with 4 Tracks)
Reissue: "Clear&Low Dub Edition" 2010 - (Includes Bonus Dub Versions)

"Clear&Low" 2009 - (Ep with 4 Tracks)
1) Come With Me. 2) Every Day. 3) Give Us Power. 4) Motherless Child.
[Label: Reggae Beats (Free Digital Release: 2009)]

Reissue: "Clear&Low Dub Edition" 2010 - (Original Version)
[Includes Bonus Dub Versions]
1) Come With Me. 2) Every Day. 3) Give Us Power. 4) Motherless Child. 5) Dub With Me [Mixed By Liz Dread]. 6) Every Dub [Mixed By Borja Juanco]. 7) Give Us Dub [Mixed By Santi Mijarra]. 8) Motherless Dub [Mixed By Reverb Soldier]. 9) Dub Us Power (Mixed By Mark Dub].
[Label: Reggae Beats (Free Digital Release: 2010)]
.2012 - Heavyweight Sound
 (Original Press):
"Heavyweight Sound" 2012 - (Original Version)
1) Why. 2) Come With Me. 3)  Give Us Power. 4)  I Don’t Get Tired. 5)  Fly Over. 6)  Motherless Child. 7)  We Gonna Go Dancing. 8)  How Long. 9)  Population Down. 10) Irie Parties.
 [Label: Reggae Beats (Free Lp/Digital Release: 2012)]

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Universal Rockers "How Long" 2012


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