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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Asante Amen "Over The Years..." - Free Digital Release

Asante Amen "Over The Years..." - Free Digital Release

'Over the Years: The Underground Project' contains eighteen tracks of pulsating, authentic reggae music and captures Asante’s formative years in the music business. Some of the more familiar tracks on the album are 'Save Dem JAH', 'Not 4 Sale' and 'Getting Enough?', songs which have done well for Asante since the start of his career and ones he hopes will become favourites to many more people.
Other solid numbers on the album are 'Ready Fi Di Gideon', 'Mek Mi Rich' and 'Never Get Away'.

This debut project has been years in the making for Asante and he explains why he has chosen to release it now, “To be honest, I have been asked many times if I have an album and the answer is always the I feel it’s time to put something out there to represent my journey in the bizniz”.

Collaborations with the likes of Lutan Fyah and Jah Thunder can also be found on this very impressive debut effort by Asante.

'Over the Years: The Underground Project' is in fact an underground release by Asante through his recently formed record label High Priest Records. The main purpose of the project is to showcase singles releases recorded by Asante Amen over his career in the music business that fans and interested persons may have never heard before.
Asante’s underground album can be accessed via his company website: and it can be downloaded by everyone for FREE!!!

When asked why he has released a free album, Asante had this to say, “This project to me is what a mixtape is to the next man. It is a collection of works that you want people to know about without necessarily paying for it. I think it is appropriate at this time, to bring my fans and well-wishers up-to-speed on my foundation, so they can get a clearer picture of who I am. And you don’t really want to charge people for that”.

The underground album takes the form of a normal album with credit information, pictures and a thank you message – just in digital form. Asante has spared nothing in putting together a package that he anticipates people will enjoy and want more of.

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Asante Amen "Save Dem Jah" 2005

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