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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

King Rebel "Confidence" - New Single (June 2012)

King Rebel "Confidence" - New Single (June 2012) 

Aaron Britton better known as King Rebel, is a Jamaican recording artiste and songwriter who has been doing music for more than a decade now.
The cultural artiste grew up in Georgia District, St. Thomas, where he was raised by a single parent, and attended the Trinity Ville Secondary school. Like most musicians, King Rebel was exposed to music at an early age, as his brother and other family members were involved in music themselves. After leaving high school, the zealous artiste decided to venture into the music business, where he hung out at various studio gates eagerly awaiting a breakthrough. In 1992, the versatile sing jay, who was monikered as Ninja Rebel at the time, was then introduced to a young producer, Nelson Anderson for whom he recorded his first single entitled 'Conservation', followed by Gift Fi Dress for Versatile Record label.

By the year 1993, King Rebel was well on his way to Kingston, as he wanted to capture the hearts of the Jamaican people with his various music styles and take his career further. With this determination, popular singer Lukie D, who was a family friend, introduced King Rebel to Trevor 'Uncle T' James, a member of King Jammy's Studio, who was pleased with King Rebel's vocal and wanted to record him right away. Among some of Jamaica's great artistes King Rebel recorded on the Champion Record Label with his single 'Belly Yuh Ketch' in 1995 . During this time he also recorded various songs for other members of the King Jammy's family. With his songs getting major airplay both locally and internationally, the artiste continued to dabble in various music styles such as old school R and B, dancehall and of course reggae. In 1998 King Rebel released his 10 track album entitled 'Honour' on the Versatile Record Label, which received positive review from the Jamaican Star.

Although King Rebel was off the music scene for a while due to financial difficulties, the artiste continued with relentless effort in paving a way for himself in the music industry.
In early 2011 the artiste decided to change his name from 'Ninja Rebel' to 'King Rebel' as he believed the name was not fitting to the type of cultural music he would be releasing in the years to come. In the same year, he then reconnected with long time friend and producer Morland Williams of Earth Storm Record Label and Company, who promised that he would showcase the talent of King Rebel to the world. Since then the artiste has released his single 'Confidence' which has been getting heavy rotation on various radio stations.

King Rebel "Confidence" 2012

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King Rebel & Jah Currant - New Single (June 2012)
(Original Press):
King Rebel & Jah Currant
1) "Daddy Now" - Jah Currant.
2) "Confidence" - King Rebel.
[Label: Earth Storm Records (Digital Single: 2012)]

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