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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blind Reverendo "Voces" - New Album 2012

Blind Reverendo "Voces" - New Album 2012

Reggae, flamenco and rumba. These rhythms that characterize "Voces", the new album of Blind Reverendo.
The album contains many musical collaborations, which make it very interesting and original.
Mario Rivoiro (aka: Blind Reverendo), is an singer from Turin (Italy), a versatile artist with music inside, has approached to the music, before studying African and Latin American percussion, then guitar and singing.
Great traveler, Blind Reverendo acquired and defined his style staying in different countries: Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso.
Mario is accompanied on his travels and everyday life by his dog Leo, being blind by age eight.
“Voces” is now available on Cd and Digital Download through the major online stores of the world.
Listen some songs, below…….

Blind Reverendo "Voces" - New Album 2012
(Original Press):
"Voces" 2012 - (Original Version)
1 Danzaré [Feat. Dani Macaco]. 2) Poli Ciudad. 3) Sueños. 4) I Tuoi Gesti. 5) El Pueblo Del Enano [Feat. Zuli]. 6) My Darling [Feat. Bunna]. 7) The Stars Are Not So Far [Feat. Momar Gaye]. 8) Es Difícil. 9) Viaggiare [Feat. Younes]. 10) Horny. 11) Mafiando [Feat. Tremendamente]. 12) Me Amas Con Locura Y Me Odias Con Pasión.
[Label: Bindlucklabel (Cd: 2012)(Digital Release: 2012)]

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Blind Reverendo "My Darling" 2012

Blind Reverendo "Sueños" 2012

 Blind Reverendo "Es Difícil" 2012


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