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Friday, June 15, 2012

Baracca Sound "Foundation" New Album 2012

Baracca Sound "Foundation" New Album 2012 

Baracca Sound is a Sound System of Reggae music from Rome (Italy). It born in 1997 by an idea of three friends: Culla, Pavese and Papa Cloaca.
Their explicit vocation to ragamuffin vocals, has grown to become the reference point for all the DJs that rotate around the "Baracca's movement".
Their sound system scene is considered as an important part of Reggae cultural history in Italy.
Their positive charge, over the years, has promoted several social, cultural and political initiatives of their town. After various experiences and musical collaborations, Baracca Sound released his first Cd self-produced in 2000.
In June 2012, they released their 5th album 'Foundation'.
It includes 18 songs and is made up of sounds that alternate between Ragamuffin and vintage Reggae music. A true concentrate of positive vibrations.
The album is on sale but also free downloadable on their website:

Baracca Sound "Foundation" - New Album 2012
(Original Press):
Baracca Sound "Foundation" 2012 - (Original Version)
1) Ghetto Caravan. 2) Pull Up & Come Again. 3) Amalaromanarima. 4) Gran Dance Hall. 5) One Dem Time. 6) Dimmi Tu. 7) De Coccio. 8) Forte E Regolare. 9) Foundation. 10) Rabbia E Dignità. 11) Teleferica. 12) Er Fare Nostro. 13) Certa Gente. 14) Warrior. 15) Se Vedemo. 16) Me Piace Me Sale. 17) Kiss Me Monday. 18) Buonanotte.
[Label: Baracca Sound (Cd: 2012)(Free Digital Release: 2012)]

The album is on sale but also free downloadable on their website:

L’album è in vendita ma anche scaricabile gratuitamente sul loro sito:
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Baracca Sound - Discography:

.2000 - Anteprima Baracca
.2001 - Meraviglia
.2008 - Come Bambini
.2009 - Bla Bla
.2012 - Foundation

Baracca Sound - Contact:
YouTube Chanel

Baracca Sound  'Er fare nostro' 2012 - (Fade away riddim)

Baracca Sound 'Ghetto carovan' 2012 - (Fever riddim)

Baracca Sound - Medley


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