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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Alborosie - Soul Pirate Acoustic - 2017

Alborosie - Soul Pirate Acoustic - 2017

Released in 2008 the “Soul Pirate” album is certainly one of the reggae monuments. It gathers Alborosie’s biggest hits. Doing so the Sicilian singer in love with Jamaica became one of the Nu Roots movement’s leads in Europe.

On this album, we can find a unique mix of legendary tracks like “Herbalist” or “Kingston Town” which were first in the European charts in 2007, and first class features too with Sizzla, Mykal Rose, Morgan Heritage, and Gentleman who participated in this modern jewel recorded in the Tuff Gong studios.

On December 1st, 2017 the acoustic version of “Soul Pirate” has been released, where you can listen to 9 tracks from this historic album, including “Herbalist” and “Kingston Town”, in a very special acoustic version. “Diversity (Acoustic)” is the first video single release for this album and was released on November 17th.

The singer is working with great care and sensitivity on this album, celebrating one of the greatest moments of his career. “Soul Pirate” was an album about his life and Haile Selassie, his spiritual guide, to whom he pays tribute in this acoustic album.

Alborosie - Soul Pirate Acoustic - 2017
1) Diversity - Acoustic
2) Herbalist - Acoustic
3) Black Woman - Acoustic
4) Police - Acoustic
5) Still Blazing - Acoustic
6) Kingston Town - Acoustic
7) Rastafari Anthem - Acoustic
8) Kingdom of Zion - Acoustic
9) Johnny B. Goode - Acoustic
Label: Geejam Music (Cd: 2017)(Cd+Dvd: 2017)(Digital Release: 2017)

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Alborosie "Black Woman (acoustic)"

Alborosie - Diversity (acoustic)




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[Verse 1:]

I don't want to live in the past
 So I'm looking for a brighter day 
My homeland is right there behind the horizon
 God almighty watch me same way
 Someone is judging my spirituality
 Laughing at my meditation
am not afraid of diversity
 There is no confliction 
Blessed shall be the one who lives in love, respect and dedication
 Blessed shall be the one who live 


Love you King Selassie
 Promise you I'll keep your crown 
Love you King Selassie 
No man will bring me down

Love you King Selassie
 Promise you I'll keep your crown 
Love you King Selassie 

[Verse 2:]

Live in love and life shall bloom
 God is waiting there
 Don't be afraid where you're going
'cause you don't live nowhere
 Simple people with simple life
 We don't seek perfection 
For many years we've been living in 
One life of illusion


No one can bring me down
I said no one, No one can bring me down
I said no one

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