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Singer: Freddy Green
Job: Singer, Songwriter & Musician
Location: Nigeria
Music Genre: Afro-Centric Reggae Swing

Francis Dung Rwang aka Freddy Green was born 21 July 1976 in Kabong Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, the third child to Mr. & Mrs. Gwom Rwang of Forom in B/Ladi, LGA of Plateau State, Nigeria.

His childhood education began in Kabong Primary School [1982 -1988] Government College [1993 -1994] Government Secondary School [1994 -1995], and earned a Diploma in Theatre and Film Arts University in [2008 -2009]

He speaks the languages of English, Berom and Hausa.
Growing up in Kabong, Jos, Nigeria, he was attracted to music under the Tutorship of his social studies teacher called Ras Chiji. As a child, he hung around music and sports, which were two of his great influence.

His first musical venture began with a band called ‘Panic Roots Reggae’ owned by one Sandy Manuel in which his musical mentor Ras Chiji who was a lead vocalist. In 1994, F-Green and good friend Thomas Agele established an Independent Band called ‘Peace Magaohone.’ This band metamorphized into a larger 10 piece band called the ‘Green Iris Band' which he is still the coordinator and musical Director.

He is a full-time musician with the Cultural Centre Band of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Jos Plateau State which he has played as back up musician (Keyboard/ Guitar) to most popular Nigerians recording artistes including Aladin Maigeimu a Nigerian base in Austria, Daddy Showkey, Healing Child, Lt. Shotgun, Tar Ukoh, Adu Deme, Dorcas, Bentu, Altine Jebo, Ifys Agous, Nde, Dantala, London based Byron Walley, Roney Barrake, DMX and Ashanti from the USA among others.

He also performed as an instrumentalist for Tar Ukah in Ethiopia during the Ethiopian Millennium celebration.
A multi-talented instrumentalist and singer, he plays the African Xylophone (Kundun), Keyboards, Rhythm and Bass guitar.
His productions involved working with young talent artistes as a producer, he has produced Demo tapes and Master tapes for various youngmusician in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

He is concerned about the plight of the downtrodden people all over the world and has the intention to use his music to raise the consciousness and awareness of the living conditions of all Race and to fight against 0ppression, Deprivation, Ignorance, Poverty, Inequality and Injustice.
He believes that there is strength and unity through music and art.

He classified his music as Afro-Centric Reggae Swing. He worked with Producer Jeremiah Gyang and himself as a Co-Producer and have recorded songs namely ‘Mister Wandered’, ‘Let The Youths Unite’,‘Make Love Strong’, ‘Zero Hero’, Children Of The Night’, ‘Just Love The Child’, ‘I Got A Question’ and ‘God In The Ghetto’ to date.

Freddy aka F Green or FG sees himself as an inspirational Nigerian and a voice for the minorities who is sent to deliver a profound message against the violations of Human existence, which is against the law of God and Nature through the vibration of instruments, melodies, dance and lyrics.

F-Green ‘FG’ songs and lyrics are written by himself and friend Mr Pam Isa, a colleague at the cultural center.
In September of 2017 Freddy Green aka F Green ‘FG’ link with Jamaican Record Producer Fitzroy Francis of Mightyful13 Records to begin a new venture which will result in the release of the single ‘Let The Youth Unite" and assume the role as his Manager.

In March 2018, F Green releases the new tune "One Life" through Mightyful13 Records

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1) Album:
2014 - Zero Hero

2) Single:
2017 - Let the youth Unite
2018 - One Life

 Freddy Green - Discography:


2014 - Zero Hero
(Original Press):
"Zero Hero" 2014 - (Original Version)
1) Let the youth Unite. 2) I Got a Question. 3) Zero Hero. 4) Mr Wanderer. 5) Children of the Night. 6) Make Love Strong. 7) God In the Ghetto. 8) Love the Child.
[Label: Xylofro records (Digital Release: 2014)]

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New Single:

2018 - One Life
(Original Press):
Singer: Freddy Green
Song: One Life
Format: Digital Single
Label: Mightyful13 Records/VPAL Music





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Freddy Green

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Freddy Green "One Life"

Freddy Green "Let the Youth Unite"

Freddy Green "Just Like A Taxi"


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