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Mamakaffe's debut album "SLAVE"

 Mamakaffe's debut album "SLAVE"

Mamakaffe or Mariam Emilie Legros is a reggae singer born in Abidjan in Ivory Coast.
Music came into her life in 1995 through traditional music that she had listened with artists such as Adama Dram√©. Then, she learned music on traditional instruments like the “kenkeni bass drum”.

In 2007 she left Africa for Jamaica, she took a plane to Montego Bay to go find some old friends of hers. She approached Rastafarianism and reggae music after meeting with two great maestros such Bongo Herman & Dean Fraser, who, through their teachings, brought the artist to deep knowledge of the true roots of music and singing of Reggae.

She released her first song in 2013, called "The Enemies Of Jahstice". Mamakaffe earned the honor to be the first African woman to sign up with the Jamaican VP Records
With the help of her manager Roger Grant, she released her first EP "Natural Girl" that made her famous among many Reggae music lovers and musicians

The Ep includes the famous "The Beauty Of Jah Plan", a big hit which was brought to a huge success by Rita Marley. …  Mamakaffe revitalized this song with a free interpretation, mixing her natural groove along with the singer Hefla Nyah.

In 2016, she was voted as Best Artist and Best Music Video at the Akademy Music Awards with the song "The Beauty Of Jah Plan". After 9 years spent in Jamaica, Mamakaffe moved to Paris, where she resides and lives nowadays.

In February 2017, she released her new single "Crazy World", a song full of messages about the pain of living, about the sad report of this world that is ‘going to pieces’, governed by ‘big’ unscrupulous men, who are blind to the real problems of the people suffering of hunger, misery and atrocities. The music video is supported by images that well fit the lyrics of the song.

In July 2017, she released her first debut album "Slave" that collects her first songs as "Natural Girl", "Afreeka Yaye" , "Fatambinira" and other new songs edited for the first time on CD, distributed on the record label "Tuff Mind & Tender Heart Records / 619 Entertainment Group".

The whole album is really beautiful, it shows us songs, sang in both English and African languages, along with conscientious lyrics and other politically engaged songs that well identify the artist's personal music style. The album was recorded between Jamaica, Ghana, France, Ivory Cost and USA. It is produced by Roger Grant, Benton Dunn & Mamakaffe.


"Fatambirinira" is a duet with the singer Hamad Faras that denounces the dictatorship of Babylon and the oppression of the African people.

"Afreeka Yaye" is a personal piece, it is a special love song to Mama Africa and all mothers who face with courage and determination the difficult conditions of living in poverty. They succeed, or at least they try to, with tremendous efforts and sacrifices to protect and raise their children the best way they can.

The new single and video extracted from the album is "Bed's Too Big’’, a cover of POLICE. This is a track that captures us with its hypnotic and well-built sound.

"Natural Girl" is a song written in favor of the women’s rights and all kind of injustice, violence and inequalities given by governments and systems to the people, all over the world.

"Slave" is an electro-reggae rhythm. It is one of the songs most reflective and full of inspiration in which the singer expresses herself with all her energy about the exploitation of  human beings.

"Reggae Exile" is a song in which she explains her love for reggae music.

"Cold" is another song, that touches us with its good vibrations made together with the singer Shubs.

The last song of the album is called: "Enemies Of Jahstice". That is her first recording from 2013 where the Mamakaffe phenomenon started up. This is a very sweet acoustic song, backed up by the characteristic sound of the nyabinghi drums.

This is really a great album that we will never stop listening to, because the singer manages to express with naturalness and ease her messages on the original rhythms and well-balanced melodies. Mamakaffe puts her own soul and voice for the full freedom for Mama Afrika.

As the singer says: "the album is dedicated to all music lovers, who need to feel love, light & family"

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Mamakaffe "Bed's Too Big"

Mamakaffe "Crazy World" - (Official Video 2017)


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Ricardo Berry is CEO of Rebel UI Entertainment

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