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Monday, April 3, 2017

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 9)

Last updated: May, 13, 2017

1201) Facts check before speculation lead to judgment. Most rights are wrong, and we are so immune that it becomes a normal life of living.{FRF}

1202) The money some people earned in a day, can't be earn in a year by many, yet they are less happier and unhealthy than those who don't.{FRF}

1203) Even though you think I am not listening or paying attention, you would be surprised to yes how much information and education I attained from you.
Silence is a hidden virtue with ears that retained from the awareness of the subjective, and the recorded yessage of experience learnt in the midst of the unknown.{FRF}

1204) The Divine Orders of Iation is indispensable and irreplaceable, and without it, the current World Orders will crumble. Even the Atheists, Scientists, Illusionist and Hateists knows they can't survive without Air, Fire, Heat and Water.{FRF}

1205) The methods of one's victory over another may not be a way you wish to emulate, so don't be too gracious in the celebration of their victorious achievement while neglecting the effort of their opponents disappointed lost. {FRF}

1206) Why must I support you when you don't support me, and why put interest or give attention to what you do when there's none from you?
Support is like a bank account, what's deposited grow interest and will be available to make withdrawal when needed.{FRF}

1207) The African agenda have been suffering from political and churchical retardation implemented by Europeans through institutional education and ideology. The rise of Jah Ras Tafari is the only resistance to dispel all the lies and illusions then, now and forever. {FRF}

1208) We are children of the living Jah Ras Tafari before the beginning of time and for-I-vermore. We must declare our Oneness with His divinity and express the radiant life through our physical being in overcoming all evil deception.{FRF}

1209) We are divided by religious and political ideologies that we ignored the depopulation and suffering faced from biological warfare implemented through the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the medicine we take and the very air we breath that most of the times the only thing that brings us the together on a common ground is death or a funeral procedures.{FRF}

1210) Anger is the subset of disagreement, never let it ruin a happy home.{FRF}

1211) The responsibility of one's life must not be placed in the hands of others, even though they who felt the pain other feels can conveyed it unto a victorious path.{FRF}

1212) Atheist and Hate-ist have a lot in common, one deny the spiritual authority of Our Almighty and the other see Our Race as subhuman.{FRF}

1213) It's not good to strive off the failures of others if you don't have genuine love and forgiveness in seeing them rise from a fall. {FRF}

1214) The blueprint of life's achievements doesn't come from hand out or dishonesty, so never focus only in the abyss of the major steps whilst forgetting the minor that leads into the right direction.{FRF}

1215) Loyalty is not inspired by fame or the material possessions one has, but the integrity of their character, dignity and the authority they command with love.{FRF}

1216) The only permanent and guarantee friend a person have is death, so live good with one another.{FRF}

1217) *Where you at, that's where many would love to be. So why worry where they are when they see you as a shinning stars and a reflection of Jah light.{FRF}

1218) *There are things we do that are illegal by law, and if the law make it becomes legal, then what we do become legally illegal if we are not registered with the law.{FRF}

1219) *A loose cannon will cause loss of lives, and those who lose their love ones, can suffer the lost mind and end up last.{FRF}

1220) *Just like the leaf of life I would be as lief all my life to help others.{FRF}

1221) Resentments can only be erase by forgiveness. It will free you from guilt, unhappiness, the pains of disappointment and open the beginning of a new inward Spirit.{FRF}

1222) A color-blind brains and eyes see only the value of lives else we'll live divided. We are all born to be in our own skin complexion.{FRF}

1223) During that period of unloved, unappreciated and unnoticed, let your feelings find that emotion of evidence and connect with the reality that makes you feel special, because that's what you are.{FRF}

1224) Don't absorb or conform to everything this world is offering. Be different, make a difference, create the changes required for a better Living and disperse the qualities of life that Jah and time has fuldoweth you with.{FRF}

1225) A true leader never worries about the back of the line and loses focus of the responsibility at the front, because in a turn around, that's where they could ended up.{FRF}

1226) *Don't protect me from the wrong I did, instead, educate me of what's right so I will be able to distinguish between evil and good.{FRF}

1227) *Being Patriotic is not only the love of the country where you live, but to the Earth, its People, Animals, Plants and all its Fulvironmental.{FRF}

1228) *The uninformed is the misinformed who will share disinformation about the truth of the well informed.{FRF}

1229) *Don't try live like another and you will get along with your sisters and brothers. Interfering with the realm of others is an intolerable manner. Live the life that's yours, and living together will be much better.{FRF}

1230) *Truth have no family or friends, because many of those whom are the defender of truth will get upset whenever they are told the truth and make you a stranger or an enemy.{FRF}

1231) *Blessings have no special choice, it is bestowed upon those who deserves it and not who think they are self righteously entitled to it.{FRF}

1232) *Acknowledge the achievements of what's been earned and its influence on impacting people's lives.{FRF}

1233) *Too much is not enough for the want-it-all. But is a great cry for the unfortunate who have nothing.{FRF}

1234) *It doesn't matter how spiritual it is, once it have no economical viability, it is of no value to those who bills it can't pay.{FRF}.

1235) *A person who pays less attention of the risk to progress, have more confident in breaking the fear of not trying to proceed.{FRF}

1236) *Self galvanization is the most important aspect of making choice towards a beautiful and progressive life.{FRF}

1237) *Don't wager your time with Jah, live it the best way you can.{FRF}

1238) The value of self, family and Iration are great beliefs of life. It harness our moral desire to be honest, loyal and to live with dignity.{FRF}.

1239) *Bad experiences can destroy your feelings towards whosoever your heart crave and make you become cynical to the reality of a genuine love relation.{FRF}

1240) Crime,Violence and Hatred have no color. It's very discriminatory to associate it with such.{FRF}

1241) If love finds you, and you are not in love with love, that love will be love by a new love.{FRF}

1242) Have confidence in the facts, not in thinking. It dispel falsehood.{FRF}

1243) Your importance is more important than anyone importance, so be important to your importance and keep important.{FRF}

1244) The more genuineness, the more durable a relation.{FRF}

1245) Everything you need is not always what you got, but everything got can be all that you need.{FRF}

1246) Illiteracy was a criminal act perpetrated to suppress the mind, now to be educated becomes a punishment through loan and debt by those who are critical of our empowerment.{FRF}

1247) An attractive personality is for the eyes, and an attractive characteristics is for the mind. The physically blind only see from the soul.{FRF}

1248) *A factual lie is as powerful as a factual truth. Just like the power of knowledge used to do bad things. But whatsoever is infused can be defused by the righteous force.{FRF}

1249) The duressor is the son of the aggressor and the suppressor is his mother. A child who comes to reign with dictatorship.{FRF}

1250) Haphazard decision without consultation cause chaos and confusion.{FRF}

1251) Be aware, it's Fabrication, Failure, Falsehood and Fiction versus Facts.{FRF}

1252) Dissolve all confusion with Jah love. All things that which you beholds in your I-sciousness you will become and be a part of. Be as one with the Most I, His idea is Perfect and True.{FRF}

1253) As man, there are certain subject we must not address. Women choice is a rights and rights is life.{FRF}

1254) Even when it's wrong, people think of a conspiracy theory yet have no facts.{FRF}

1255) Don't full up your space with negative energy. It will suffocate you.{FRF}

1256) The mechanism of simplicity is a natural process of daily living. Stress less over resets.{FRF}

1257) You don't have to follow the leaders, run your own race but don't break the rules.{FRF}

1258) Our religious and political belief may be different, but the conception of our will to win must never change, because what's right for you is there to retrieve the way you perceived.{FRF}

1259) Life goes on no matter what changes. And even when the clouds are dark, no one can stop the Sun from shining.{FRF}

1260) Life asked us many kwestions, but copying the answers from someone else book can be dangerous, because the way they get to their resolved, could be a death situation to another.{FRF}

1261) Public outcry and opinion will fail without the "Rules of Law." Social Media have no jurisdiction.{FRF}

1262) *We as human beings are rooted (our brain cells) in the divine and spiritual forces of the Universe just as the roots of plants are extended down to the Earth. The feminine lifergy is the reproductive source of Iration from which the semen flow.{FRF}

1263) Children are as yesledge, plusperience and wiseness are their parents. Perfection is an expectation only reached by few. Learning is a treasure, the greatest of your illumination and the overstanding of life's story.{FRF}

1264) Perpetrators of chaos will legalize the fear of the people then exploit it for the purpose of attaining power.{FRF}

1265) The musical Art is an influential force which bond and impact all life irresistible of its genre. Life create music and music amplify life of living.{FRF}

1266) The undiscovered values of life evade us and go undetected secondly. We shield the open mind into closure that transperancy to factual information become an argument.{FRF}

1267) *Greatness begins at birth, because no one can become great without life and to be alive is the greatest.{FRF}

1268) *Arguments without premises leads to disagreement and confusion, those with, will have reasoning and conclusion.{FRF}

1269) *Purveyors fabricate fiction for fortune.{FRF}

1270) The Sun have no special friends or depend on no one to shine. I'm as the Sun, so be likewise and shine brightly.{FRF}

1271) One's greatest responsibility is to be responsible for their actions and duty to do good.{FRF}

1272) Let it all out just like the wind. Don't be feeling guilty of what is done.
The logic of life and experience comes with tolerance.{FRF}

1273) This is not a referendum, it's the ultimatum of life, and it is to be alive. Living is good.{FRF}

1274) Some show more slavish devotion to their material gains than they do to Jah.{FRF}

1275) Blessings have no special choice, it is bestowed upon those who deserves it and not who think they are self righteously entitled to it.{FRF}

1276) Too much is not enough for the want-it-all. But is a great cry for the unfortunate who have nothing.{FRF}

1277) All boasey slave, find the Ave of Jah and get save or end up like a commodity on sale.{FRF}

1278) Keep focus on your strongest source and acknowledge their support. The new ones might never be born.{FRF}

1279) Some only remember you whenever they need assistance, if you are successful and ultimately when you die. Jah Almighty remember you every second of the clock so give HIM all the Thanks and Praises.{FRF}

1280) Churchianity and European Christianity have failed the African race and forced many of Us into mental and Religious slavery. Divine and Spiritual acceptance of one's own self is the only redemption else We will continue to be running after things that are running away from Us.{FRF}

1281) Free the convicted minds through the tools of learning so they can apply it in helping themselves and others.{FRF}

1282) *Life is time and expenses, so whenever you can find the funds to have fun, balance before you act as a spendrift.{FRF}

Brand New Thoughts

1283) The open agenda for the people always presented to look good, but there are hidden agenda to put them into debt and enslavement.{FRF}

1284) While most people argues about who is God, or of the existence of God, or the origin of God, this great omnipotent God don't even remember or know one single thing about most of them because of their self denial.{FRF}

1285) Tolerance is the bridge that takes you over the road to understanding of the difference in people and love is the highway leads to good living.{FRF}

1286) Most of us worked so hard to achieve material gains and never enjoy the best of it.{FRF}

1287) High seat is not for the unwise, they will be expose the higher they sit and eventually fall.{FRF}

1287) Never run towards everything that's glittering just to be in the limelight, fame and hype can be costly.{FRF}

1288) Eyes see I, I see eyes looking on I on the high sea giving thanks unto the Most High Jah Ras Tafari.{FRF}

1289) Disagreeable conversation can bear a unify cooperation and common sense.{FRF}

1290) Through the eons of time We have lost track of the spiritual self, the sacred places of the Most High and the ultimate love of humanity. Let erase moral contamination and the superstitious belief with the Light of Jah and brighten the carnal minds.{FRF}

1291) "Dispensation of the Information Age." The News feed us with disinformation so we will share misinformation which lead to misinterpretation, division and ultimately confusion. We are all consumers.{FRF}

1292) *Don't become lazy that you straw from your path and start to get weak on the journey.{FRF}

1293) *Waiting can feel so good when you know that the essence of it is worthwhile.{FRF}

1294) I was born from the 'Mother of Resistance' and the 'Abba of Longevity', a son and a militant of Jah Ras Tafari defending the true majesty of the African existence and our human Civilization.{FRF}

1295) All of us are good, we just make bad choices and suffer from bad reflexion where goodness exist.{FRF}

1296) Don't sentence yourself to disappointment not please others. Self judgment is worse than the people's.{FRF}

1297) *They criticized the dead who knows nothing and can't defend themselves, much less the living. Don't be disrespectful to please the ego, or you will be just like the hypocritical critic.{FRF}

1298) Love will amplify the goodness of your being, the positivity of the mind, the compassion of the heart and the radiance of the soul.{FRF}

1299) *Preparation for the bad times is just the same as you would do for the good because there come situation when both will happen simultaneously so don't be found wanting.{FRF}

1300) Be careful of the role you're playing, the main actor and the stars are the ones who are fictitious character.{FRF}

1301) The reinterpretation of the laws of the Universe, the Earth, Life, Nature and God is the greatest misinterpretation ever because they all lead to logics without coclusion. It's like listening to hear a one handed person clap, then you realise that there will never be a sound.{FRF}

1302) Once we reject the source of enslavement and cohere to the source of freedom, we will find out that the solutions we seek, there are no answers to them but ourself.{FRF}

1304) Some answers leave no kwestions to be asked and some kwestions will never reveal their answers so everyone interpretation of life and time will be different.{FRF}

1305) Never go to church or the mosque looking for God, take God with you and let his light shine bright from within.{FRF}

1306) Assist them even if they fail, then they will never blame you for failing to assist them in not succeeding.{FRF}

1307) *We don't have to listen the counseling of the fool or the wise, neither were there when we were born, but for human intelligence and communication we do.{FRF}

1308) *Whenever you discover the chemistry to keep a relation together, the formula  must be written in love because it's doesn't have a ready guide or a map, it takes livity.{FRF}

1309) *A person can lie about the facts but the facts will never lie for them telling lie about the facts.{ FRF}

1310) *You can be viewed as wrong because you are not certified to speak or act even though the fact deem you right.{FRF}

1311) *Conformity comes with imbalance. A person will agree publicly and then disagree to their agreement privately and vise versa.{FRF}

1312) Learning is attain from lectures, teaching, telling, listening and the ability to interpret their iverstanding because all have differences.{FRF}

1313) Life venture is an exam or a test, it's better you failed by your own try rather than copying the bitter success of others.{FRF}

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