Thursday, March 16, 2017

Album Free Download: 'My Sides' by Azzurra

Album Free Download: 'My Sides' by Azzurra

MY SIDES is the new album of the singer AZURRA
The album includes various music genres as Soul, R&B and Reggae, that alternating in the tracklist of ten songs.
Another milestone for this artist who for several years she is working on the black music scene.

Among the songs there are various collaborations, the one with the producer St. Luke Spenish, well known on the underground Hip Hop music. The other two featuring  'Black Soul Gospel Choir' and 'Sanchez', with their soul / jazz sound.

If you want to know her music, listen to the album; each song will reveal every detail hidden of this great artist and singer.

Download Album for FREE at the follow link:

AZZURRA Feat. Black Soul Gospel Choir "The Only Reason" - (Official Video)



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