Sunday, February 5, 2017

Talisman's new song "Relijan"

Talisman's new song "Relijan"

Talisman's new album “Don’t Play with Fyah” is a revelation. Most bands with a history that stretches back four decades are content to go through the motions, their creative peak somewhere in the past, not Talisman. Their new album includes some of the strongest material they've ever recorded, with seven brand new songs and the corresponding dub counter parts; this is their finest album to date.

The first single taken from this album is “Relijan”, a roots anthem with lyrics that resonate with contemporary relevance whilst the music has the timeless feel of the best seventies roots. This track raises the game for Talisman and puts them on par with such British greats as Aswad, Steel Pulse and Misty in Roots at their best; without doubt destined to be seen as a classic of the genre.

The single is released as an introduction to the album in the digital format on January 20th 2017. The video has been shot by Michael Jenkins of 8th Sense Media. With such strong material we knew we had to pull out all the stops when it came to the final mix and who better than legendary musician, producer, engineer and all round British reggae genius Dennis Bovell (Matumbi, Steel Pulse, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Aswad, Madness, Orange Juice, The Slits, The Pop Group, Arcade Fire, Joss Stone).
It's hard to overstate Dennis Bovell's contribution to British music, reggae in particular and we can't think of anyone more qualified to mix this track.

The album includes 14 tracks on the CD and digital download version, there is also a limited edition vinyl LP featuring four of the vocals and their corresponding dub versions. Talisman's “Don't Play with Fyah” is released by Sugar Shack Records on March 17th 2017. Distribution is by Shellshock/ The Orchard and available from all good digital retailers worldwide.

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Talisman - Relijan (Official Video)



Talisman - Relijan (Lyrics)

Relijan - Killing in the name of the lord

Verse 1
I don’t want your denomination
I stand Rastafari ina this iration
So much relijan still we hate one another
But not enough to one love your brother
So much relijan separating our children
But not enough to love up the sistren

Relijan - Killing in the name of the lord

Verse 2
The world goes on till we meet in mount zion
So I don’t want your denomination
Liberation we say we want
Versus redemption is what we need
Equals confusion ah wha we breed y’all

Relijan - Killing in the name of the lord

Verse 3
You got me looking to the sky
Knowing Jah resides within I yan I
How long can you
Keep up this deception
Lying lips is an abomination

Relijan - Killing in the name of the lord

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