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January 2017
Lion Paw "Wake Up" - [Lions Flow Productions] - Get it
Myguel "Burbujas" - [Celula Music] - Get it
Iya Terra "By My Side" - [Iya Terra] - Get it
Empress Norahs "I Spy" - [Skaz Records] - Get it
Empress Norahs "Love Higher Heights" - [Skaz Records] - Get it
Singing U "Jealousy" - [Freetime Records] - Get it
Yvonne Curtis "Far Away" - [Digital Jukebox Records] - Get it
Mighty Lion "Loosing my way" - [Poungavanon Gregory] - Get it
Nature "Pass Mi The Kutchie" - [Stone Love Music] - Get it
Sophia Brown "Only Jamaica" - [Music Mecka Records] - Get it
Dax Lion feat. Black Am I "Knocking on Doors" - [Dax Vernon] - Get it
Hornsman Coyote "Modern Age Slavery" - [Hornsman Coyote] - Get it
Flloyd Nation "All Life Matters" - [Flloyd Nation] - Get it
Ralion "Just Because" - [Rahm Sharpe-Bebe] - Get it
The Misty Morning "Unity" - [The Misty Morning] - Get it
David Madden "True Love" - [David Madden/ LMS Music] - Get it
Eek-A-Mouse "Prison" - [Stampede Music] - Get it
Ras Kuko "Jah Love" - [Bass Kulcha] - Get it
Wailing Souls "Island Girl" - [Nathan Kipp] - Get it
Talisman "Relijan" - [Sugar Shack Records] - Get it
DJ Plucky "Se Muere de Amor" - [Luis Carlos] - Get it

Keevin Jackson "The Remnant" - [Andrew Clarke/Kevin Jackson] - Get it
Bitty McLean/Bunny Rugs "War Is Over/Rumours EP" - [Funky Gemini] - Get it
V.A. "Money Maker Riddim" - [Grammazone Music/21st Hapilos Digital] - Get it
Filiband "Préface" - [Art et Media (Musicam)/Keyzit] - Get it

Sly & Robbie "Revisit Bob Marley" - [Funky Gemini] - Get it
Jemere Morgan "Transition" - [Dada Son Entertainment] - Get it
Kaya na Real "Sinta a Outra Realidade" - [Kaya na Real] - Get it
Sylford Walker & Welton Irie "Lamb's Bread" (Reissue) - [VP Music Group] - Get it
Tad's Logic Dub Band "Chapter 1 Dub Mix" (Reissue) - [Tad's Record] - Get it
Christafari "Dub Worship: Echoes of Mercy" - [Lion of Zion Entertainment] - Get it

February 2017
Chronixx "Likes" - [Soul Circle Music] - Get it
King Mas "Suga An Wata" - [Royal Order Music] - Get it
Neville Lindo "I'm Not The Only One" - [Triple L Records] - Get it
Norris Man "Stand up with Faith" - [House Of Riddim Productions] - Get it
Jojo Mac "Pretender" - [Joan Solomon Winston Solomon] - Get it
Gerald Coolie Bwoy Rampersad "I Wish I Wasn't" - [Alwyn Roberts] - Get it
Colwyn Mitchell "Tell Laura I Love Her" - [Alwyn Roberts] - Get it
Jah Mike Anthony "The Reggae Den" - [Jah Mike Anthony Music] - Get it
Taffari "Free at Last" - [World A Reggae Records] - Get it
Oriel "People Say" - [Afar Music Group] - Get it
Ras Fraser Jr. "Fire Man" - [Rebel Sound Records] - Get it
Protoje "Blood Money" - [In.Digg.Nation Collective] - Get it
Mamakaffe - "Crazy World" - [Tuff Mind and Tender Heart/619 Entertainment Group] - Get it
Timmi Burrell "Where Is The Love" - [MacLes Music Factory/New Sound Records] - Get it
Mystikal Man & Perfect Giddimani "Change tes habitudes" - [Mystikal Man Rec] - Get it
Damas "So Much More" - [MacLes Music Factory] - Get it
Anthony Seeker "When She Call" - [Anthony Seeker] - Get it
Mike Brooks & Mighty Prophet "Jah Wipe Away the Tears" - [Mighty Prophet] - Get it
Dan Corn "Don't Cry" - [Cool Ruler] - Get it

Wendy Walker "Best Love" - [Roombeatz Muzik] - Get it
True Zion "Feel Your Love EP" - [Face First Records] - Get it

Dub Divion "Wisdom" - [Planet Dread Records] - Get it
Meta and the Cornerstones "Hira" - [Metarize LLC] - Get it
Tad's Roots Band "African Roots Dub" - [Tad's Record] - Get it
Fortunate Youth "Fortunate Youth" - [Fortunate Entertainment] - Get it
Echo Roots "Dub for the Masses" - [Original Formula] - Get it
Spiritual "Awakening" - [VP Music] - Get it
Stephen Dajure "I'm Not a Criminal" - [Giddimani Records] - Get it
Pierpoljak "Chapeau de paille" - [Verycords] - Get it
V.A. "Irievibrations: Dub Station" - [Irievibrations Records] - Get it
Dreadzone "Dread Times" - [DMF Records] - Get it
Rorystonelove ft Kristine Alicia "Songs From Zion" - [Rorystonelove] - Get it
George Palmer "Dread Inna Babylon" - [La Panchita Records] - Get it
Lyricson "Revolution Time Again" - [Digital Cut/⁠Undisputed Records/Musicast] - Get it
Rebel Souljahz "4 the People" - [Ray Jr. LLC] - Get it
Augustus Pablo "King David's Melody - Classic Instrumentals & Dubs" - [VP Music] - Get it

March 2017
Tony Douglas "Where is the Love" - [Starrvybz Entertainment] - Get it
Denroy Morgan "Halleluyah" - [Asaph/VP Records] - Get it
Sharon Brooks "Sharin' Love" - [Sharon Brooks] - Get it
Jahmiel "Dem too Hype" - [DJ Frass Records/VPAL Music] - Get it
Martin Flodin "Shadow to the Tree" - [Martin Flodin] - Get it
FreAze "Rich Me Seh" - [Firmyard Records] - Get it
Ralion "Struggling" - [Rahm Sharpe-Bebe] - Get it
Micah G "Roots and Culture" - [Micah Keolanui] - Get it
Los Calypsos "Caminante" - [Los Calypsos] - Get it
Kashief Lindo "I Want Justice" - [Heavy Beat Records] - Get it
Mystykali "Star Moon Sun" - [One Nation Sounds] - Get it
Alaine "Blue Sea" - [DJ Frass Records] - Get it
Droop Lion "Have You Seen the Rain" - [Free People Entertainment/VPAL Music] - Get it
Ce'Cile "You Do Too" - [DZL Records - Jwonder 21] - Get it
Chezidek "Search The World" - [Kariang Records] - Get it
Chyna Nicole "Upload" - [Danks Entertainment Ltd] - Get it
Sadiki feat. Twiggi "With You I'm Born Again" - [Skinny Bwoy Records] - Get it
Papa Crook & Tippa Irie "Miss Wire Waist" - [Anthony Henry] - Get it
Ashwin Jaydee "Fly Away" - [Ashwin Jaydee] - Get it
Lloyd Willacy ft Oriel "TrendSetta" - [Afar Music Group] - Get it

Mike Ferrera "See You Smile" - [Mike Ferrera] - Get it
Smokefade "Digital Skanking" - [Copyright Control] - Get it
Michael Rose "Ceasefire E.P." - [Paul Fox] - Get it
Keishera "Body Language" - [Keishera Music] - Get it
Arrival Sound System "Earl Sixteen" - [Arrival Sound System] - Get it

Inna de Yard "The Soul of Jamaica" - [Wagram Music/Chapter Two Records] - Get it
Jackie Mittoo "Striker Showcase" (Reissue/2 Albums) - [VP Music] - Get it
Talisman "Don't Play with Fyah" - [Sugar Shack Records] - Get it
Erryl Attik "In Fine Style" - [Erryl Attik] - Get it
Kingston All Stars "Presenting Kingston All Stars" - [Roots & Wire Records] - Get it
Iya Terra "Sacred Sound" - [Iya Terra] - Get it
Da Fuchaman "From the Hills of Jamaica" - [Yam & Banana] - Get it
Ziggy Marley "Live at KCRW" - [Tuff Gong/V2 Records] - Get it

April 2017
ReggaeDiscography "Official Tune!" - [Djamar Records] - Get it
Guidance TW ft Etana "Planning Again" - [Guidance TW] - Get it
Elvis D Preacher "Spark for World Peace" - [Elvis D Preacher] - Get it
Shotone "Muero por Ti" - [Muero por ti] - Get it
Asha B Feat. Alien Dread "Terrorist" - [Iron Sound Records] - Get it
Etana "My Man" - [DJ Frass Records] - Get it
Serani "Kneel & Pray" - [Black Street Music/21st Hapilos Digital] - Get it
Macka B "70's Legendary Reggae Icons" - [Eye To Eye] - Get it
Jah Sun "Guess Who" - [Jason Standiford] - Get it
JahDore "Free" - [jdmprecords/markusrecords] - Get it
Ashaala Shanae feat. Papa San & Perpetual Sounds of Praise "Big God" - [indie] - Get it
Empress Minott feat. Loyal Flames "You Can" - [Empress Minott] - Get it
Mr. Wallace "Honey, Won't You Buy Me Flowers" - [Ring Of Fire Records] - Get it
Earl Zero "Please Officer" - [Opa Muzik] - Get it
Rubera Roots Band "Graças A Jahovia" - [Rubera Records] - Get it
Promise No Promises "Real Friends" - [MacLes Music Factory] - Get it
Junior Reid "Badman Dance" - [UPT Records/21st Hapilos Digital] - Get it
Turbulance "Criminal of Love" - [Silver Birds Records/21st Hapilos Digital] - Get it
Danglin "This Lifetime" - [DMHE/Afrykan Pryde Music] - Get it
Alborosie "Strolling" - [VP Music] - Get it
Black Star Band "One In A Million" - [B4Muzik Records SA de CV] - Get it
Papa Agyingo "Reggae Nice" - [Green Herb Production] - Get it
Papa Agyingo "Don't Try to Deceive Me" - [Green Herb Production] - Get it
Churchill King & Guardian Angel "No More" - [independent] - Get it
Luciano "Love of Jah" - [Real Betta Life Records/VPAL Music] - Get it

Williams Brutus "Williams Brutus - EP" - [Garvey Drive Records/Musicast] - Get it
Conkarah "Timeless Love" - [Troublemekka Music] - Get it
Abijah Lioness "Abijah Lioness EP" - [Abijah Lioness] - Get it

Ras Teo "Timeless" - [Rebel Sound Records/Forward Bound Records] - Get it
Wailing Souls "Island Girl" - [Natan Kipp] - Get it
Christafari "Hearts of Fire" - [Lion of Zion Entertainment] - Get it
Gentleman's Dub Club "Dubtopia" - [Easy Star Records] - Get it
Roger Robinson "Dog Heart City" - [Jahtari] - Get it
V.A: "Help Educate the Youth: Palas Riddim, Vol. 1" - [Palas Inc] - Get it
Ras Denroy Morgan "Muzical Unity" - [ASAPH/VP Records] - Get it
Keznamdi "Skyline Levels, Vol. 1" - [Keznamdi Music] - Get it
Nicodemus "Jack Ruby High-Power VS.Gemini Discotheque" - [Tad's] - Get it
Frankie Paul "Frankie Paul Sings Dennis Brown" - [Boom Shot Records/VPAL Music] - Get it
V.A. "Silly Walks Discotheque Presents Onward Riddim" - [Silly Walks Discotheque] - Get it

May 2017
Zanadu "Reaching Out For Your Love" - [Mightyful 13 Records/VPAL Music] - Get it
Dan Corn "Africa" - [Cool Ruler] - Get it
Ziggy Recado feat. Gappy Ranks "A Level" - [Nayamari Music] - Get it
Yasus Afari "Who Put The Pressure" - [Senyacum Records] - Get it
Lutan Fyah "Babylon Bun Up" - [Royal Order Music] - Get it
Jimmy Cliff "Life" - [Jimmy Cliff] - Get it
Zyanigh "See You Cry" - [Jazhyah Music Group] - Get it
KC White "Hope This Day Is Good" - [Carmor Productions] - Get it
Christopher Ellis "Good Good Lov'n" - [Omari/Skinny Bwoy Records] - Get it
The Lambsbread FT. Morgan Heritage "Feel The Vibes" - [Next Generation Productions] - Get it
Jah Cure "Save Your Love" - [UIM Records - Jwonder 21] - Get it
Unitone "Roots Music" - [Akashic Records] - Get it
Natanja "Sweet Like Sugar" - [Natanja] - Get it
Press Fyah "Road Users" - [Rennis Records] - Get it
Irie G "Love Songs" - [Roots Musician Records] - Get it
Jubba White "You Got Me Going On" - [White Stone Productions] - Get it
Etana feat. Dan Aceda "Look to You" - [The African Bonfire] - Get it
Igor Vince "Zaboravili smo da zivimo" - [Binta Sound] - Get it
Talisman "She Look Like Reggae" - [Sugar Shack Records] - Get it
Venomus "Complicated" - [Dejavu Lifestyle Music] - Get it
William White "Speed Don't Matter" - [William White] - Get it
Denzel Martin "Love Song" - [Lafayette Concepts Records] - Get it
Bryan Art "Miss You Bad" - [G-Block Records] - Get it

Ameera "Teriyaki" - [Ameera] - Get it
Kirk Diamond "Greater" - [Hype & Partner] - Get it

Mystic Roots Band "Change" - [Roots Musician Records] - Get it
Wailing Trees "Change We Need" - [Label 440/Jaspir Prod] - Get it
Passafire "Longshot" - [(Red Essential) Easy Star Records] - Get it
Almamegretta "Ennenne Dub" - [Sanacore Records/Aldebaran Records] - Get it
Candela ROOTS "Humanité" - [Mésdemil] - Get it
Gondwana "Carpe Diem" - [FYN S.A. (Pop Art)] - Get it
Yaniss Odua "Nouvelle donne" - [Caan Dun Music/Musicast] - Get it
Morgan Heritage "Avrakedabra" - [Cool To Be Conscious Music Group] - Get it
Teddy Afro "Ethiopia" - [Teddy Afro] - Get it
LYn "Debut" - [Jet Star Music] - Get it
Sophia Brown "Change" - [Music Mecka Records] - Get it
Richie Stephens "Luv-A-Dub Style" - [Steely & Clevie/Pot of Gold/VPAL Music] - Get it
Soul Sugar "Chase the Light" - [Gee Recordings] - Get it
Straika D "Cœur de feu" - [Tell them production] - Get it
Mystical Steppa "Dub Vibrations" - [Conscious Sounds] - Get it
Original Sicilian Style "Triskele" - [Altipiani] - Get it

June 2017
The Itals "Curious" - [Ital Music] - Get it
Mortimer "This Feeling" - [Royal Order Music] - Get it
Jimmy Luv Feat. Jeff Boto "Não Vou Deixar" - [Dubatak Records] - Get it
Onesty feat. Bugle "Way to Life" - [Ajang Music Productions] - Get it
Ellie Marie "Second Chances" - [J Small Records - jWonder 21] - Get it
Bobby Crystal "Say Something" - [Boot Camp Records] - Get it
Mr. Vegas "Terrorist In A England" - [MV Music] - Get it
Jah Mason "It's Your Life" - [New Creation Records] - Get it
Soul Majestic "Right Kinda Vibe" - [Soul Majestic Music] - Get it
Jimmy Rivas Ft Big Mountain "Back Home" - [EstudiosJR] - Get it
Luciano "Shame On You" - [Freshas Music Production] - Get it
Natiruts "Sol do Meu Amanhecer" - [Sony Music] - Get it
Romain Virgo "Now" - [VP Music] - Get it
Torch "Real To The King" - [Riddim Wise] - Get it
Gyptian "Belong To You" - [Nuff A Dat Records] - Get it
Jahmiel "Blessings" - [Legend Celebrity Records] - Get it
George Nooks "Nuh Bother Worry" - [Total Records & Chase Mills Records] - Get it
Lea Love ft. Jemere Morgan "Say It" - [Island Empire Records] - Get it

Galawasp Arcus "Kingston 14 EP" - [J.A Most Wanted Music] - Get it
Marla Brown "Survivor - EP" - [Golden Brown Music] - Get it
ZiGGi Recado "The Commission - EP" - [Nayamari Music] - Get it

Rod Anton "Ubatuba" - [Flower Coast/Soul Nurse Records] - Get it
Nayaroots "Gardons le sourire" - [Autoproduction] - Get it
Courtney John "Ecosystem" - [Soul Man Records/FiWi Music/Musicast] - Get it
Hal Anthony "Sings The Gladiators Greatest Hits" - [Hal Anthony] - Get it
Pablo Raster & AntZoni Rubio "Sound Na Kanji" - [P. Raster & AntZoni Rubio] - Get it
Mark Batson "Music Without Borders" - [Vizion Sounds] - Get it
Biga Rankx "1988" - [Wagram] - Get it
Gentleman "The Selection" - [Gentleman] - Get it
Pablo Moses "The Itinuation" - [Editer A Paris] - Get it
Indubious "From Zero" - [Righteous Sound Productions] - Get it
Sud Sound System "Eternal Vibes" - [Salento Sound System ] - Get it
Luciano "Embrace Your Failures" - [Treasure Chest Productions] - Get it
Aisha "The First Lady of Dub" - [Ariwa Sounds] - Get it
Razoof "Kiwafu" - [Poets Club Records] - Get it
Mykal Rose "Strategy Of Rome" - [Icedrop Records] - Get it

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