Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Mightyful13 Records speaks his mind

The Mightyful13 Records speaks his mind

As another year comes to an end, we must all be willing to create a new beginning. We complained, critized, cursed, contradicted, and most times fell in stock confrontations. We often times cleaved more to the problems whilst distancing ourselves from immediate solutions.

We all exercise favoritism because of growing up, knowing or been associated with a person or people. Neoptisim is the order of the day, and have become rampant amongst us. It transformed professionalism into mediocrity yet it has it's advantage.

This ultimatum came about because of the insecurity and mistrust over the abusing of one's rights by people in positions and possessions. Knowing this, focus on the problem is of less important than the apprecilovetion for life.

Why do we have a Reggae Sector and not an Industry? It's an unanswered question for years!!! We see most of the creators, authors, and performers died while others are living an impoverished lifestyle; due to misinformation and in some cases, a deliberate exploitation by academism and intellectuals through written and verbal contracts or the absence of the same.

We see the lack of support for each other because of the crab in a barrel mentality and indiscipline. We all are not fools, so let us stop acting like we are.

I see great changes appearing upon the horizon and a brighter path to retrieve what's rightfully ours. In this Information Age, we must stop blaming the system. Instead, the continuous arrogance that some of our most brilliant minds exercise daily is more venous.

We should and must have learned from the failures and mistakes of the past and be able to apply that learning in today's reality. For me, and the others who work assiduously to bring awareness and fullightenment, we say, if you are not a contributor to the problems, then we welcome your solutions.

New money and things are made every day. Therefore, let 2017 be a year of building an economically viable "Music Industry".

                                                                                                      written by Fitzroy Francis

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