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Singer: Wendy Walker
Job: Singer & Songwriter
Location: UK
Genre: Reggae

Inspiring singer Wendy Walker is making a striking comeback with her upcoming single ‘Hurt Again’. Her enticing story brings us back to 2001 when Wendy received the devastating news of c ancer and due to this she had to painfully take a step back from her flourishing music career.

She is an example to all those with the debilitating disease which after a gruelling two year constant battle she has now fully overcome and is finally back on track in the studio recording, writing and doing what she loves most. Before this misfortune Wendy Walker made strides in the RnB music scene having had a string of top tens in the 90’s collaborating with the likes of L loyd Brown a nd S pider Johnson who had previously worked with Lee Scratch Perry a nd M adness. Not to mention previously touring with some of the biggest names in UK Reggae and RnB acts such as L ouisa Marks, M ike Anthony and P eter Spence .

‘Hurt Again’ picks up where she left off, showcasing once again how her syrupy, seductive vocals can transform a classic RnB backing into a sensual and provocative sound. Wendy grew up singing, using every chance she got, whether it was the lead in all her school musicals or skipping classes to sing right up to touring through europe with the likes of T he Wailers and G regory Isaac p lus more.

This helped cement her as a recognised and established Lover’s Rock / RnB artist, setting the tone for her career as she continually got spotted singing in clubs, releasing single with labels such as ‘ Sir George Records’ and winning awards such as ‘B est Female Newcomer ’ at the ‘British Reggae Awards’. Wendy has big plans for 2015, having already made an appearance at the O 2 f or ‘ Queens of Lover’s Rock’ , working with a Dennis Bovell s ong who recently finished an album with J oss Stone and appearing on I TV’ s “Get Your Act Together” earlier in the year.

Wendy is clearly set on the high road and has a truly inspirational story to tell. Inspirational to all, submitting to none, not even cancer. Wendy Walker is an example to everyone as her career unfolds exponentially this year.


1) EP:
.2017 - Best Love

2) Singles:
.1990 - Gone he's Gone (Wendy Walker & T. W. Crew) - [Sir George]
.1991 - Make My Dream a Reality (Pure Silk & Wendy Walker) - [Charm]
.1991 - Stop Playing Around With Me - [Sir George]
.1993 - Your Love - [Jet Star]
.1993 - Leave It Till Tomorrow (Pure Silk Ft. Wendy Walker) - [Sir George]
.1993 - Feel The Need (Pure Silk Ft. Wendy Walker) - [Sir George]
.1994 - Baby I'm for Real - [Ariwa Sound]
.1994 - Make My Dream A Reality (Pure Silk Ft. Wendy Walker) - [Sir George]
.1994 - Oh Me Oh My (Pure Silk & Legal Assault Ft. Wendy Walker) - [Sir George]
.1994 - Got To Be Mellow - [Swing Into Reggae]
.1996 - Sad Girl - [Ariwa Sound]
.2000 - The First Cut - [Charm]
.2012 - We've Got One - [Soul Jazz Records]
.2015 - Hurt Again - [C Mcneish]

Wendy Walker's Discography:

1) EP:

.2017 - Best Love
(Original Press):
"Best Love - EP" 2017
1) Honey. 2) Lose Myself. 3) Best Love. 4) Keep on Coming Back. 5) Bahamas.
[Label: Roombeatz Muzik (Digital Release: 2017)]

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New Single:

.2015 - Hurt Again
(Original Press):
Singer: Wendy Walker
Song: Hurt Again
Format: Digital Release
Label: C Mcneish

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Wendy Walker "Best Love" - [Official Video]

Wendy Walker "Hurt Again" - [Official Video]


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