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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Quotes of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 7)

Last updated: April, 13, 2016
A collection of related quotes and comments from Mightyful13

1001) Betterment of change comes with good sacrifice.{FRF}

1002) Seriousness becomes a crime whenever you finds yourself in the circle of clowns.{FRF}

1003) Not everyone can live the words they speak or write.{FRF}

1004) Assistance is never asked by the proud with pride, only the courage who need strength.{FRF}

1005) Assessing the pains of life is a rights, finding it is very rewarding.{FRF}

1006) Inequality, weakness and subordination is propagated in the minds from birth.To defeat it requires a great sense of wo/mancipation.{FRF}

1007) Fulcourage no one to owned or claimed that which is not theirs. {FRF}

1008) In death, some ppl ideology becomes more alive and a uncontrollable mentality.{FRF}

1009) Let the passion for your purpose, mission and the work you do, be like the undying breath of life that you breathe daily.{FRF}

1010) Of all the pains and grieves a person life brings, none can be compared to death.{FRF}

1011) Words can heal, reveal, and seal a deal. Use it wisely. {FRF}

1012) Music lives after all, so keep alive in music. {FRF}

1013) When Family becomes cohesive. Familyhood is productive.FRF}

1014) From creation Jah has painted the Earth with all the beautiful radiance, only to be discolored by ppl's actions.{FRF}

1015) We are not just citizens of a country, but citizens of the Earth and have all rights to live wherever we choose.{FRF}

1016) Never protect the wrongdoings with the code of silence nor by consent.{FRF}

1017) Defending what's right must not come with the compromise of others belief.{FRF}

1018) The ebb of evil can go back into the sea of hatred once the righteous are united.{FRF}

1019) Rise in reverence, thanksgiving and share the celebratory smile with happiness for all. {FRF}

1020) Actions, pictures and words are alike, they revealed truth in there own way.{FRF}

1021) We all assigned Jah to our own beliefs, denomination, faith and ideology, yet Jah only assigned Us life to live in love and Familyhood. {FRF}

1022) The ability climbing a tree is not the same as coming down. Going up takes more time than falling so be careful in your descending.{FRF}

1023) Cyber mind ppl only have cyberheart,cybertalk,cybervision,cyberfashion, and wish to live by cybernation in cyberspace to become cybernetics.{FRF}

1024) * A rigorous academically trained child will excel educationally.{FRF}

1025) *The things that ppl are chasing is not what Jah never provided for them.

1026) *The more they seek it, is the more they lose their way because it never exist. {FRF}

1027) *Fuel no fear with propaganda, instead defeat it by facts of fate. {FRF}

1028) *Dignity can be death if the mission is incomplete.{FRF}

1029) *Educational disinvestment or defunding will create poverty and ultimately crime.{FRF}

1030) If you want a person just for their cuteness buy a photograph.
If you want a companionship, find a person who will be there when the storms of life are raging. Find a person that will strengthen you, build you up and assist you as you will to them.
If you are going into marriage, find a person with divineness and Jah will do the rest.{FRF}

1031) * Honor a person for what they are and not for what you want them to be.{FRF}

1032)  * Don't fear the thing that will free your mind for the things which will put it mental slavery.{FRF}

1033) Being around negativity is a great test to ones character of resistance, and their resilience to do good. {FRF}

1034) When things around have fallen apart and all that you may tried seems like a failure, never give in or retreated,remember family is the surest assets there is to keep. {FRF}

1035) *Some encounter many things that others have being through and boasting as if it's new.{FRF}

1036) *Probity is priority for prosperity.{FRF}

1037) *An irenic approach towards life venture will fulable anyone to redintegrate their true value.{FRF}

1038) *All the good you do for others will be seen through your munificent grace and will.{FRF}

1039) When the flames in the passion of our dreams or desire seems to be fading because of disheartenment or doubt, remember that single being with the flicker of hope to ignite you and keep it burning.{FRF}

1040) *The emotions of love can bears many distrust. It's like the unshackle path that lead to destruction.{FRF}

1041) *Never defeat the divine purpose by wishing for more than what Jah has ordained.{FRF}

1042) *The seed of good and evil are both born, but by the taste of the fruits their revelation will be known.{FRF}

1043) *Sometimes happiness comes from knowing less, ignoring most and probing not.{FRF}

1044) *The value of money is lesser than that of human presence, because it takes human presence to give money it true value in spending.{FRF}

1045) *Not all doings of good have a divine blessings or benefit, especially when it is done for the wrong person.{FRF}

1046) *Whenever the axis of evil captivate the minds of the bread winner, the household will become

1047) *Never see a person as they are, but how great they can or could be if and when given the opportunity.

1048) When the voice of silence breaks and started to sing
The heavens unfurled like birds on flying wings
And when the battle of hearts becomes unbroken
It's a sybaritic sign of a great token {FRF}

1049) Not everything that is done should necessarily be done because there are many things that must never be done, so in all you do, let the right things be done and be proud of what you did.{FRF}

1050) *Never see a person as they are, but how great they can or could be if and when given the opportunity.

1051) When the voice of silence breaks and started to sing
The heavens unfurled like birds on flying wings
And when the battle of hearts becomes unbroken
It's a sybaritic sign of a great token {FRF}

1052) Not everything that is done should necessarily be done because there are many things that must never be done, so in all you do, let the right things be done and be proud of what you did.{FRF}

1053) Religious laws will send your sexuality into early redundancy; spirituality keep it alive and active.{FRF}

1054) Business innovation is like a light bulb with the components of various colors cohesiveness and a mindset to create a brighter moreture.{FRF}

1055) *Don't be seduced or become manipulated by beauty. It comes with vain imaginations.{FRF}

1056) *The luxury of choice is granted to everyone, some of us just choose wrongfully.{FRF}

1057) *When fame diminish, you can easily being forgotten. The essence of character will keep your demands.{FRF}

1058) *When you kept healthy by upfulness, it's hard to be a consumer of negativity.{FRF}

1059) *Let fill the air with love so We can inhale divine inspiration and exhale the pollution of hatred. {FRF}

1060) *The magnification of great artistry,lies within the divinity of human experience.{FRF}

1061) No need for speeding just to create a sin,
Nothing to lose when you have the formula to win,
Be patient in all you do because bad and good lives within,
All said and done, Master Time defined every living things. {FRF}

1062) *Some ppl only see things in their perspective, and in the perspective of the things they see.{FRF}

1063) *One can never escape their fate; and once they discovered it, the revelation is imminent.{FRF}

1064) *Ppl transmute into doing evil then blame money and material things which have no brains or minds.{FRF}

1065) *Dynamical changes will occur from the turning of tides.{FRF}

1066) If one live in the cradle of lies, they can never be comfortable unless truth becomes their blanket.{FRF}

1067) Some prayed for the Rain and then curse the mud. Prayed for the Sun and curse the heat. Be careful of what you cursed because it have great consequences.{FRF}

1068) Don't be among the none, or just thinking to make a difference.
Be the nonce and be the difference.{FRF}

1069) What I think may not be of any one concern; but why does the insolence of evil seem to reign and the goodness of Jah the Most High being despised?
If I may asked, where are the ppl of good faith, divine justice and the renown of wisness which spread like the wing of the winds to fight the battle of good over evil?{FRF}

1070) Some only complained when their intellectual incorrectness fails. Once they are materializing; immoral rhetorics, quotes, and expression will fulfill that great desire.{FRF}

1071) Giving praises is not like a yearly resolution, it's a daily commitment and thanksgiving unto Jah during the course of life. {FRF}

1072) While some make ppl business theirs, and can't take care of their own business, others are independently doing what it takes to keep their business in business without focusing on ppl business because it's none of their business to be mixed up in non earnings business.{FRF}

1073) The nugatory thoughts of many have no provenance in the divinity of life's history. Truth will dispel fears and doubt from the minds.{FRF}

1074) Sometime it's better to learn from the bitter mistake of others rather than your own, because you might not have the fuldurance to survive the catastrophic reality it brings.{FRF}

1075) An obstructionist is far worst than an opportunist, One will block their own progress while the other take it to progress for their own means.{FRF}

1076) While you are musing, keep the fire burning, apprecilove yourself through bad or good times and remember you're valuable to Jah.{FRF}

1077) *We close our door not because we hate who will enter, we do it because we have to protect the love ones on the inside.{FRF}

1078) *Don't be a victim of circumstances or conditions, create your own way of living by raising your standard through actions.{FRF}

1079) The mental apparatus of many has defined ego as "Everything God Own" is theirs, and there is nothing anyone can do to deny them of this rights.{FRF}

1080) Some ppl minds are infested with evil, no matter what the amount of goodness they see or hear, it remains incurable.{FRF}

1081) We close the door sometime not because we hate who will come in, but to protect the love ones on the inside.{FRF}

1082) A woman vagina is like an ocean, and a man penis is like the ship.Many ships will sail and sink along this voyage but the ocean will never be filled to avoid others.{FRF}

1083) Do it on your own sometimes come with limitation, doing it in unity break the divided front.{FRF}

1084) Poetic notions is a great attraction, just like the vagina stimulate an erection.{FRF}

1085) Out of the fabric of individualism comes self reforms and from the fabric of collectivism comes centralisation and intellectual rebirth.{FRF}

1086) Seductive melodies transport sensitive lyrics and gives sensational feelings that put you in a sexual mood so semen flows freely from the satisfactory savour of life's plusperience just like a beautiful love song you sing.{FRF}

1087) Nobody can meet the needs, play the role or fill up the gaps you are born to do. Only you can do what Jah has ordained for you individually and nobody else will be qualified to do it.{FRF}

1088) The dark clouds of negative can shadow the sunshine of positiveness. Even though it cannot be seen, the rays of hope is certainly not beyond measure once it dissipate.{FRF}

1089) Disinformation creates the lack of self-actualization and self-Ifidence in one's qualify ability and identity.{FRF}

1090) *It doesn't matter, if it's a student or scholar engaging in a natter, once the narratives are not informative, it will mislead without a flatter.{FRF}

1091) *It's not good to denounce a person to fall because they rise through your introduction.{FRF}

1092) Distance of one's goals may seems unreachable or unattainable when travelling alone, but once they coexistence in a tolerable manner, the journey becomes a lifeline to their progress.{FRF}

1093) *Marriage should be a sacrosanct between a male and female in love for the reproductive source of humanity.{FRF}

1094) When one is born to be who they are, there is nothing to choose, only need to nurture and fulfill their true ability and potential.{FRF}

1095) No need to be braggadocous over vanity, disrespectful or exalt yourselves above ppl. One thing I know for sure, someone will have to bury Us all because that is one thing We can't and will never do for ourselves.{FRF}

1096) The good in mind and heart knows what goodness brings, so they never look to those who will pull them down, put them in despair, limited their vision for dreams, bury their thoughts, deceive their reality and make them wrong.{FRF}

1097) Hell is the ill state of mind of one's with no conscience and that of the evildoers. Good is the divine mind of the righteous and that of the Godly.{FRF}

1098) If you are not putting in the work, why worry about being successful and have no money?
And if you are not trying, never think of the failure by doing nothing?
The earth holds all things therein, go and retrieve it, else you will never received it. {FRF}

1099) Whenever love reverberate throughout the hemisphere, its waves and force will be deafening to the ears of haters and blow the negative mind.{FRF}

1100) If you didn't care, care won't either.
If you don't love, love remained the same.
If you never share,from you sharing will disappear.
And for the ones who does, all the beautiful things are there.{FRF}

1101) Ideology is meaningless without Jah.
Philosophy is dead by being silent.
Religion becomes a myth if disconnected from divine spirituality.
Wo/manity is the source of reproduction.
Metaphysical, we are the life's force of Iration. {FRF}

1102) Don't find yourself wanted that when the right reasons come along you mistrust and make the opportunity presented slip away.{FRF}

1103) I see them all becoming nervous and rattled by the atrocities implemented by their ancestors predecessors while not adhering to fulfillment of prophecy. As Ras Tafari has told them in literature, Art and Music, that the fire which they started and lighted in Africa and Ethiopia will one day burned and spread like wildfire throughout Europe and the rest of the World.
So much millions of African loose their life daily and it never make the International News!{FRF}

1104) In your sexcitement be cautious when sexercising your sexual desire because the pleasure of sex are so sexsational you can be deceive by thinking it's love.{FRF}

1105) I love you unconditionally as a person, definitely not everything you choose to do or say. So do likewise.{FRF}

1106) Let the notion of confidence be the winds that propel you toward your objective in the race for progress. And remember, finishing first doesn't mean complete victory, unless you compete fairly or honestly. {FRF}

1107) We all say We love God, We love ourselves and We love one another.Tell me when is the last time you call or talk to an elderly person including your blood family to find out how they are doing or even invite them to dinner so they can wear one of their best suit which haven't been worn in a long time and give them a treat?
Think about it!!!{FRF}

1108) *To desecrate the ignoble and honorable character of self,it is dafamation of the image of the living Jah.{FRF}

1109) *Disunity has been an epidemic among us that can only be cure by death.{FRF}

1110) *Let no one treat you like ninnyhammer, else they use you as a sledgehammer.{FRF}

1111) *One's namby-pamby way of living is more of a destruction to them than prosperity.{FRF}

1112) *Music and Poetry with brevity will help palliate the suffering minds.{FRF}

1113) *To indulge in idle reasoning can be a demise to the uplifting thoughts.{FRF}

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