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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Quotes of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 6)

Last updated: December, 4, 2015
A collection of related quotes and comments from Mightyful13

Congratulations to Fitzroy Francis for reached 1000 quotes today! 
That is great. And hopefully you will keep going that fast!

901) Life, Time, Memories and Creation are imperishable. Birth, Age, Pain and Death are inevitable. The Wisemind of Jah is invincible, infallible, indispensable and immortal.{FRF}

902) Behold the beauty of Creation wherever you are. The Sun, Moon, Stars, Snow, Rain, Dew, Clouds, Fogs and Mist, Hail, Tides, Rainbow, Mountain, Hills, Valleys, Plains, Winds both Land and Sea, the Eclipse, the Salt of the Sea, the freshness of the River. Behold the tempestuous Hurricane, Tornadoes, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Lighting, Thunder, Glacier, Iceberg, Waterfall, the composition of the Earth's crust and the Galaxy of the Iniverse. In all things give praises unto the Most High for the "Breath of Life" which can never be bought nor sold. Animals, plants and all living things.
For lovingkindness and mercy show to Humanity by giving Us a living Soul. Jah Live! {FRF}

903) Undiluted truth can never be refute like a tree roots. You can kill the leaves, branches, and trunks, but it will re-sprout and shoot.{FRF}

904) Never generalized the ill behaviour of the few just to victimize the many. Most, if not all us wish the best of ourselves.{FRF}

905) Some will be beside you, around you and when it come to be with or there for you, they will flee and become an absentee.{FRF}

906) Do we realized the damning effect our lifestyles have on nature and do we see the annihilation of the earth's resource.
Air,land and sea pollution,climate changes, deforestation, waste incineration plant,minerals mining, landfills becoming filled,genocide,raging fire,droughts,poachers/hunters killing animals,nonvalue of human life,etc.
Can you imagine if the last of everything are used, eaten and nothing left but money.{FRF}

907) Sexiness is good, but don't be forced into sexploitation due to sexplicity because it will change your natural living depending on sexcripition.{FRF}

908) Stimulation or an erection that can only be easy by through sexpression.{FRF}

909) Cause and effect come with actions and reject. Carefree and neglect have a consequential reflection.{FRF}

910) Don't invite social media into your family life, it will change the private settings to public.{FRF}

911) Sometimes it's best to keep silent for couple to have a good relation, the wrong dialogue may sink the ship.{FRF}

912) Never pretend to give what you don't have nor happy to receive that which is not yours. Embarrassment, shame and disgrace are not great virtues to live with, so be real and life will be alright.{FRF}

913) Jah yessage must be share and report to those who attitude will import spiritual changes and belief in genuine support without acting like some immigration laws that can get you deport.{FRF}

914) Most of our minds and opinions are guided by preconceptions that blind us from the truth, deceive by normality and limits ourselves from natural naturality. Never dehumanize one self and strayed from earthly reality.{FRF}

915) They may evoke your bitter past, but they will never revoke the progress of your present, or take it for a joke, just to have you provoke as if you're smoking coke and treated like a yoke. {FRF}

916) Recycled riddims and renditions of old time songs are being more acceptable today than original tunes while the dance-fall artists are saturating the musical airwave with derogatory lyrics yet many complains about foreigners taking over the business. Notwithstanding, creative music will prevail just like good over evil.{FRF}

917) Some will be unhappy over one's happiness and depress over their success, then find their self with a regressive thinking.{FRF}

918) Winning is not just to cross the line first, but to complete the race. It's the other side silence or a fountain that quench the thirsty souls by helping those who are struggling with what you are victorious from.{FRF}

919) Many try to dictate how others should live their life when their own is like a run away train going down a steep hill.{FRF}

920) Man shall not live by bread alone, so with all the hard work and sacrifice made, make sure you preserve your health and don't let the money only goes into hospital bills, pharmaceutical and burying you without fuljoy the pleasures of life.{FRF}

921) As life in man/woman is perfect, he/she see his/her imperfections through the teachings of daily living and as such, his/her education, fulvironnent and plusperience inspires the self revolution within to accept that the Creator is the Almighty.{FRF}

922) People of the world, do you realize that the biggest investment are in Arms, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Prison, Taxation,the Morgue and the cemetery.
They created war to sell arms, food to get you sick so they can prescribe drugs, laws to make you a criminal so you can get into trouble and go to prison, tax your hard working money and the morgue for preparing that when you die, you get a funeral and the cemetery for your burial. Genocide in the first degree.{FRF}

923) Complacency in fame and fortune can be like an aeroplane fallen into an air pocket. Sudden decline of altitude and rapidly decrease to a crash.{FRF}

924) It's most important to read the signs that leads to the destination of your journey. It gives avoidance from failure to keep focus on the mission and purpose which lies ahead.{FRF}

925) For thousands of years they have formed inequality, second-class status, marginalization, myth and keep lying about the women in the Bible. Eve, Delilah, Sheba, the virgin Mary and many more, yet no mention of the Creator Goddess of Earth, the Mother of Civilization, the Warrior Kweens and bearer of Humanity.
This was an intention to restrain women from pursuing Jah or to prevent them from fulfilling their divine destiny and keep them in spiritual bondage. Let acknowledges and celebrates the priceless value of our virtuous women and honor their worth to dispel the lies.{FRF}

926) Whatever you professed or live for and afraid to die for, is fake, denial and opprobrious.{FRF}

927) Don't wait to be deprived of something before you acknowledge and apprecilove the true value of it. The needs and wants of it will be devastating.{FRF}

928) Don't be envious over anyone success, because you never know the sacrifice or commitment they made in achieving it, That which you may never do.{FRF}

929) *Don't be overwhelmed by saviour complex, just be aware of what there is; and the reality of life misfortune. {FRF}

930) If you are not concern about the bad struggle thats happened to a person, you shouldn't care to be a part of their goodwill either.
Life have its manifold.{FRF}

931) The rev-i-lution of self is fundamentally colourful with boundless synergy of life. Being a part of the fulvironment fulable I to break apart from negative energy and to be more inclined with Nature. Jah live within the I-self and the self-I must live within Jah.{FRF}

932) As the day is good, do good and goodness flows. Stand up and be outstanding with standard.{FRF}

933) Jah Tafari love is like the Sun rising over the mountain top and I am thankful to behold this beautiful radiance of blessings. Ascending from the periphery of the galaxy to the centripetal of the sky with rays spreading wide and far in accordance with its cycle.{FRF}

934) Never let sadness be the reminder of the right you didn't do and because of happiness you forget about the wrong you are doing now. It's not a lovely feelings.{FRF}

935) Maths of life. The calculation method one used to solve life's problems maybe harder than you think, so it's not good to copy answers knowing not how get the correct results without explaining.{FRF}

936) Never hide or be afraid to share your gift of good artistry,it will inspire others to better their life of living and overstanding what is giving. {FRF}

937) Beauty has depths, silence and comes in various ways. However, true beauty is of the inner self that makes you valuable to Jah, your fellow ones and will always flow like a running river.{FRF}

938) Stop that which you do too much to cause less attention to those who cared. Life has a cycle and once it gone, there will be no return.{FRF}

939) Fulcept all that which is good, not everything goes around comes around. The sequence of life stages has birth, age, growth and death.{FRF}

940) Parents, understand the fulvironment your children faces and your role in helping them make choices toward career ventures. It make no sense spending money and time on that which is not essential for them to perform effectively.{FRF}

941) Use the little you have to do what you have to do, and in the end be pleased with the result of the product it brings. Honesty give comfort to the soul.{FRF}

942) A child will speak the truth, and because of age, and one's uncouth behaviour, we can deny ourselves from learning something great. {FRF}

943) Choose where to go, select with whom you trod, and the road you travel. Elect who you speak to and those with whom you communicate. Although we are all human beings, their are so many today living with diabolical spirituality.{FRF}

944) It's always a good feelings when you make others becomes disappointed for doing what's right.{FRF}

945) It's not good to a part of everything, and it's never good to apart from the real things.{FRF}

946) Mollification quicken the good spirit to be real with others in time of rage or wrath. It springs into life saving moment immediately.{FRF}

947) Keep focus on your path, and learn from others experience and make it your plusperience to substract danger in addition to your blessings. {FRF}

948) Nurture yourself from the lessons you learned, protect the treasures which you earned, and make negatively be of zero concern.{FRF}

949) Let nothing break your spiritual resilience or that which cannot resolve your financial situation.{FRF}

950) Deny not yourself from fulceptance of the truth.It will never change you into becoming less than who you are, but mightier than what you is.{FRF}

951) Words are like the wind, the wind is like music. It can be felt but never be seen yet will move every fibre of your being.
Jah is not moved by what a person have but by how they're feeling about what they don't have and need. He gave us feelings that could light the world like a burning alter of incense and its heartly desire. As like good music, he is moved by one's feelings of infirmity.{FRF}

952) Never apologize or think disrespectful about your feelings for loving others, because what's hidden inside will eventually be revealed. Evidence revere emotions.{FRF}

953) The eyes sees many colors, even the blind impaired. Yet some only do good because of eyeservice to be seen, but they of obedience and bless-cerity of the heart, mind and soul do it not to please men and ppl but Jah the Most High in all times.{FRF}

954) Irrespective of our political, religious and sexual preferences, there is only one common denominator and that is the Creator's love for humanity. It's like music speaking the language of all. {FRF}

955) Unfettered we will walk every step of the way. No pitfall, no stumbling block along the path which Jah has set forth for us. As we approach another day, never forget that the Christ light is the only way up.{FRF}

956) Have nothing good to say, don't speak.Nothing truthful for others to read, don't write. Never take doubt with you in the reverie of silence and its awe. All doubt exist in the moral thinking so be careful when you travel on the avenue of silence.
The silence chamber has no reflection of problem or confusion so in your silent mediation, fear not because all there is, is the presence of pure being.{FRF}

957) Everyone have their great moment in time. Some just don't acknowledge their because they keep focusing on others own.{FRF}

958) Let Jah love be our strength, guide and protection against all odds.
Let his blessings fill up our soul and erase all negative energy.{FRF}

959) Whenever one can be veridical, it will wipe away illusory thinking.{FRF}

960) A penitent person is always seeking redemption from the wrong they did. Be merciful and forgiving in all your judgement.{FRF}

961) Let no one enervate you from being lifted up by power of Jah blessings.{FRF}

962) Limit not your mind because of age. Life grows younger each time you learn, and it strengthen what is inside.{FRF}

963) Feed of Jah words, and be filled with knowledge so you can have the ability to work, achieve and provide.{FRF}

964) Giving to the unfortunate is a blessings, and unto the fortunate it's a lesson taught, to who never know how it felt to say thanks in receiving.{FRF}

965) Take the battle as it come. No one can be too prepared for the unexpected.{FRF}

966) People's heart is not like their experience. They always meant doing good but sometime the action do the opposite.{FRF}

967) * Don't go around looking for a fight, but if it comes to you, never lose, win.{FRF}

968) *Braving the dangers on life's journey will reap great blessons and rewards once Jah is the key used to open all doors.{FRF}

969) *A single moment spent with love ones are more precious than a sack of diamond.{FRF}

970) *Honesty and truth is not synonymous all time, yet they are simultaneous in many ways.{FRF}

971) The courage of the fool can be as effective as that of the wise. It only takes simple implementation.{FRF}

972) There will always be competitors, but the best victory is when you compete fairly no matter what the results are.{FRF}

973) *Somethings can never be done unless you do it.{FRF}

974) The Devil lived where evil live so be careful.Show love to others.{FRF}

975) Nothing that anyone said really matter, it's the something you take of yourself to make a life of it.{FRF}

976) Use your mental ability and acuity to be academically agile in preparation for the advancement of your mind and vision.{FRF}

977) To all things there is a purpose, a reason and a season. The glory of Jah Tafari is only wo/manifested when there is an equilibrium of grace, honesty and truth. Legalism, Spirituality and Ivinity never transform.{FRF}

978) Family is not just the biological, it's those who share loving care at all odds and added happiness in your life. {FRF}

979) Be all or everything a person should want of you but never the person they all had from you.{FRF}

980) To all my family, acquaintance and love ones. I may not have a picture of you, see you in person, or speak to you directly, but you sure live in my thoughts. I love you all as life! {FRF}

981) *Who can re-enter into their mother's womb? Dismiss the lies, accept the truth and live as life unfolds.{FRF}

982) *Embrace one another as Jah protect us from all evil doings.{FRF}

983) *Adore with praises and thanksgivings that of the Most High, it's the pinnacle of good feelings.{FRF} 

984) *Nurture and harness Jah works, nothing can give you a vision to see and reject negativity.{FRF}

985) *Giving up all the habits and relations you thought is good or secure may seems hard, but when the profitable becomes useless, all things will decline.{FRF}

986) *Many are so impoverished and possess material things because they are lacking the spiritual blessings that fulrich life.{FRF}

987) *Be careful of scutterbutt, they will misguide you into danger.{FRF}

988) *If you what you do are not being imitated, copy or duplicated it simple means that what you do is not original and has no motivation.{FRF}

989) *Accepting difference is not disunity. Harmony is a universal character of Jah.{FRF}

990) *Out of your own experience you can guide others,strengthen them in major disappointment.{FRF}

991) After it's all said and done, the remembrance of what have happened remains throughout life.{FRF}

992) The changing winds of life is simple and clear, live as who you are; and not as they who don't care. {FRF}

993) Make your living as comfortable as the mattress you sleep on and your home as peaceful as simile with a smile bright as the Sun FRF}

994) Force not yourself in becoming a social media star, it faded quicker than a starlight. {FRF}

995) Some will see what you don't, and you will saw what they can't. Overstanding both is what really matters.{FRF}

996) Doing what's right; generously giving and sharing your goodness have no price tag or come with a cost but with integrity.{FRF}

997) Prayers without power and authority have no cleansing or healing effect.{FRF}

998) Relativity is a theory which comes before the truth. It's like an ejaculation of semen into the vagina via the fallopian tubes thus forming pregnancy. Life fusion is no illusion, it's the source of reproduction. {FRF}

999) *One of life's greatest attribute growing up is personal hygiene.{FRF}

1000) Some things ppl do, if they were to be place into a scale that measure self worth, many would find their results fallen below zero. {FRF}

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