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Band: Oriel & The Revoluters
Location: Dominica
Genre: Reggae/fusion sound
Influences: Bob Marley, James Brown and Gregory Isaacs

Band Members:
Oriel - (Vocal)
Dell -  (Drums)
Bongo Asher, formerly of the Twinkle Brothers - (Percussions)
Greg - (Bass)
Cookie - (Lead Guitar)

Oriel Barry was born on January 6, 1984 in Wesley, Dominica a small island in the Caribbean. Growing up, he was part of a drum band and was an active member of his school and church choir. Undoubtedly that was where he discovered and started to develop his passion for the art of music. Having experimented with the sounds of music his first serious involvement occurred when he migrated to Pittsburg Pa and formed the sound system vybz Machine with friends in 2005.

Oriel quickly settled in and earned his right as a popular club Dj, talented Studio Engineer and is among the best Graphic Designer in the region. His eclectic style fuses musical sounds from all genres. This shy, yet unreserved thrilling recording artist has no musical precincts.
Oriel always seen with his acoustic guitar, started dabbling with making beats and started Lamar Clan with co-vybz machine DJ Fudgie Springer where he released the vybz Riddim, which was LC’s first project that garnered a lot of attention in the underground dancehall circuit.

This was a stepping stone towards his goal of writing, recording and producing his own music. Having mastered the art of production, he has worked with local and international recording artists such as Bugle, Raine Seville, RDX, Voicemail, Jahmeil, Anthony Cruz , Fudgie Springer, Ricman, Konshens, Wayne Wonder and Chris Martin to name a few. Oriel lends his voice to collaborate with Bugle on the hit single ‘My Love’ a Caribbean fan favourite in radio and TV land.
He also collaborated with Rain Seville, Fudgie Springer and Ricman and looks forward to working with many more recording artists.
Oriel has tracks on the three latest released Lamar Clan compilation, The Soy Sauce Riddim, The Heavy Metal Riddim, Jailhouse Rock Riddim and recently release a happy single titled Felling Good featuring fellow Lamar Clan All Stars.

Oriel’s recent single “Confidence” sits well in top ten on the Jamaican culture charts and is a fan favourite. On September 2013 his fans witnessed the release of his first EP in all digital outlets which features four tracks: Confidence, All By Myself, Crazy Love and Down Where I Live, all of which have elevated his career to another level. The singles are doing extremely well on the local and international scene gaining heavy radio and television rotation.
In July 2015, Oriel released his debut album "Confidence 2.0/Love SouLJah".

Join the REVOLUTERS and be a part of this musical voyage.


1) Album:
.2015 - Confidence 2.0/Love SouLJah

2) EPs:
.2013 - Confidence EP

3) Singles:
.2012 - Confidence - [Afar Music Group]
.2012 - Crazy Love - [Afar Music Group]
.2012 - Down Where I Live - [Afar Music Group]
.2013 - All By Myself - [Afar Music Group]
.2014 - Sticks & Stones - [Afar Music Group]
.2014 - Reason (Oriel feat. Richie Stephens) - [Afar Music Group]
.2014 - Serious - [Afar Music Group]
.2015 - Cruise - [Afar Music Group]
.2015 - Get Me High (Feat. Raine Seville) - [Afar Music Group]
.2016 - Medicated - [Afar Music Group]
.2016 - Confidence (Tremma Remix) - [Afar Music Group]
.2017 - People Say - [Afar Music Group]
.2017 - TrendSetta (Lloyd Willacy feat. ORieL)  - [Afar Music Group]
.2017 - She Loves the Green - [Afar Music Group]
.2018 - Murda - [Afar Music Group]

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Oriel & The Revoluters - Discography


.2015 - Confidence 2.0/Love SouLJah
(Original Press):
"Confidence 2.0/Love SouLJah" 2015
1) Confidence. 2) Wake Up. 3) Down Where I Live. 4) Give Thanks. 5) Confidence (Dub Stye Mix). 6) Cruise. 7) Special. 8) Get Me High (feat. Raine Seville). 9) Leaving (Interlude). 10) Love SoulJah. 11) Those Days.
[Label: Afar Music Group (Digital Release: 2015)]

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.2013 - Confidence EP
(Original Press):
"Confidence EP" 2013
1) Confidence. 2) All By Myself. 3) Crazy Love. 4) Down Where I Live
[Label: Afar Music Group (Ep Digital: 2013)]


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Phone: 1.724.289.0755

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ORieL "People Say"

Oriel "Cruise" 2015

Oriel "Wonderful Tonight" - [Official Acoustic Video]

Oriel "Serious" - (Official Video)


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