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Band: Christophe Rigaud & The High Reeds
Location: Lyon, France
Genre: Reggae Blue Reggae Blues Roots Rock Soul Lyon

Band members:
Christophe Rigaud - Chant/Guitare/Percussions
Yao Kan - Basse/Chant
Djô Toussaint - Batterie/Percussions
Yvan Boucheras - Claviers Studio

Both lown across the ocean from and firmly grounded in its Afro-Caribbean roots, Christophe Rigaud & the High Reeds'Band have now succeeded in breathing their rock'n roll energy into and onto the French reggae scene.
2014 : Back to the roots of reggae. Over there in Jamaica, between the heat of Trenchtown valleys and the mysticism ot Nine Miles'Hills, Christophe Rigaud nurtured and brought to completeness the fruit being delivered today, namely the band's 1st album after the See The River LP, which had been shortlisted for the 2013 Reggae Awards.

Sounds of Life, the eponymous single of the album, was composed by Christophe Rigaud & the High Reeds no sooner had Christophe's returned from his Jamaïcan tour. In this piece you can hear the four musicians celebrate life and communal sharing in it through music, singing and dancing, far beyond class, cultural or religious barriers.
Indeed, this very emphasis on their refusal to dismiss and forget what is essential in life, is meant to be the guideline of their opus, in their own particular musical style, that is to say « blue reggae » : roots reggae, rich with soul and blues.

In Sounds of Life , Jamaican conflicts, whether military (« How many lives », « All day »), religious (« Behind the wall »), or ideological (« Jailers of Mandela ») are also depicted and exposed poetically, in a style that raises metaphors above the groove.
On this album, Yao Kan, the Ivory coast native bass-player of the band, Mister Djo, their drummer and also leader of the Pawolka band, as well as Joe Pilgrim, the lead -singer of Dub Addict, have joined Christophe Rigaud, thereby bringing vocal diversity into three of the songs, « Bé koû mi », « Mouvman la vi », and « Forward ».

The album was recorded at the Innacity Studio with Pierrick Arnaud and the general complete mastering job was achieved by no less than Samuel Clayton (Steel Pulse) who came over so as to perfect the typical Sounds of life's touch, only a few months after auditioning and recording Christophe Rigaud in the legendary Harry J Studio in Kingston.

Eventually, the Argentine artist Sil Cunningham flew over to sign the sleeve with her fine talented brush, the final stroke to the album.
The March is on for The high Reeds, for indeed, if they are fabled to be strong enough to resist all mighty winds, they do not know any borders either.

In la Fontaine's fable The High reeds are said to be able to resist all mighty winds, and they may well be « marching ahead « and « marching on » across all borders too. (« marching on » in "John Brown's Song"1861).

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1) Album:
.2015 - Sounds Of Life

2) EP:
.2012 - See The River EP - (Free Download)

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Christophe Rigaud & The High Reeds -  Discography:

1) Album:

.2015 - Sounds Of Life
(Original Press):
"Sounds Of Life" 2015
1) Sounds of Life. 2) Truth Will Arise. 3) On This Way. 4) All Day. 5) Bé Koû Mi. 6) Jailers of Mandela. 7) Alright. 8) Mouvman La Vi. 9) How Many Lives. 10) Behind The Wall. 11) Forward [Feat. Joe Pilgrim]. 12) Gaïa. 13) Winding Road. 14) I Know.
[Label: Blue Mountain/Musicast (Lp/Cd: 2015)(Digital Release: 2015)]

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2) EPs:

.2012 - See The River EP - (Free Download)
(Original Press):
"See The River EP" 2012 - (Free Download)
1) My Boat. 2) All Day. 3) See The Tiver. 4) Juste Un Pas.
[Label: Indie (EP Free Download: 2012)]

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Christophe Rigaud & The High Reeds "Sounds of Life" - (Official Video 2015)

Christophe Rigaud & The High Reeds "Live radio Capsao 99.3 FM"

Christophe Rigaud & The High Reeds "I Know - live Acoustic" 2015

Christophe Rigaud & The High Reeds at Harry J studio - First step in Jamaica


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