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Saturday, June 27, 2015


Last updated: June 2017
Dillgin & Riddim Rockers


Singer: Dillgin
Job: Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Arranger
Location: Kingston, Jamaican & Los Angeles, California
Genre: Reggae, Dancehall, World Beat, Pop
Influences: Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Beres Hammond, Ernest Wilson, Garnett Silk

Robert Bailey, aka Dillgin, was born and raised in Jamaica. Throughout the years, he has pursued his career as a singer, DJ, songwriter, and producer on his own label, Wall Streetz Records. As a producer, he produced many artists including Capelton "Never Get Down” and “Dutty Life", Beenie Man "Power and Shower", Sizzla "Buzz Rock Warrior", Anthony B. & The Mighty Diamonds "Pass The Kutchie”, and Luciano "Mystery Babylon", among many others. Dillgin's 2001 self-produced breakout single “Cuss Cuss”- featuring Mark Ice- was featured on VP Records Strictly The Best 27, and has taken him on tours throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Canada and across the USA.

Dillgin is the consummate performer and artiste. Dillgin’s music speaks to his goal of being an agent of change, using his music to spread a message of LOVE, TOLERANCE, PEACE, INSPIRATION and THE SUPPORT OF OTHERS. With a repertoire of original songs unparalleled only by few of the greats, he is also comfortable doing cover versions of songs that speak to him on a spiritual and emotional level adding his own unique flavor his experiences have wrought to whatever song he decides to draw from. Dillgin is constantly, tirelessly pushing himself to evolve as a person and as a musician. Dillgin can be found almost always in rehearsals or in the studio, when he isn’t off writing or performing.

Relocating to California in 2010, Dillgin started over with a renewed focus on his music. He has opened for and collaborated with California Rock band, Urban Classics; consulted and worked with renowned musician Derrick Barnett, from Sagittarius and Statement Band; He also recorded with guitarist Aurelien Metsch of Wadada Music; and Producer Prynze of Paran Sounds, to complete his new album, New Day, that showcases his musical and spiritual evolution, as he give a very personal and uplifting insight into his struggles, determination, redemption, and commitment to the Most High, his family, his music, and his fans.

Dillgin is poised to be a force to be reckoned with within the Reggae Music Industry. With a more mature, honed and sharpened sound, filled with emotion and notes from his life experiences, his authenticity and his unique ability to draw people in, to captivate audiences with his dynamism, emotion and talent, it is extremely hard to deny that Dillgin is about to take the world of Reggae Music by storm. Dillgin hopes his music will remove boundaries and build bridges regardless of race, color or religion, for people throughout the world delivering a message of LOVE and HOPE.
Jah Bless


1) Albums:
.2004 - Cuss Cuss (Mark Ice & Dillgin)
.2014 - Be Wise
.2017 - Million Miles

2) Singles:
.1999 - Come Nuh (Dillgin & Tanya Stephens) - [Wall Streetz Records]
.2000 - Cus Cus (Mark Ice & Dillgin) - ‎[Wall Streetz Records]
.2001 - Cus Cus (Hip Hop Remix) (Mark Ice & Dillgin) - [Fast Car Music]
.2001 - It's Too Late (Mark Ice & Dillgin) - ‎[Wall Streetz Records]
.2001 - Healing Of The Nation (Ganja) (Mark Ice & Dillgin) - [Wall Streetz Records]
.2002 - New Slang (Hip Hop Remix) (Mark Ice & Dillgin) - [Fast Car Music]
.2002 - Praise Jah - ‎[Wall Streetz Records]
.2003 - Girls Fun (Mark Ice & Dillgin) - ‎[Wall Streetz Records]
.2003 - Can't Stop Us - [Wall Streetz Records]
.2004 - Hooligan (Steve Machete & Dillgin) - [Wall Streetz Records]
.2006 - I Know - [Wall Streetz Records]
.2006 - No Love - [Wall Streetz Records]
.2006 - Ed Robinson "Two Roads" / Dillgin "Meditation" - [OZ One]
.2011 - I See Jah Light - [Wadada]
.2012 - Weed & Wheat (Inspired by Matthew 13: 24-40 and James 1: 1-4) - [Wall Streetz Records]
.2012 - New Day (Urban Classics Feat. Jezennia Cortez & Dillgin) - [Urban Classics]
.2013 - Caribbean Boy (Silena Murrell & Dillgin) - [StarMakersGlobal Ent]
.2014 - Be Wise [Wall Streetz Records]
.2015 - Blessings - [Troyton Music]
.2015 - Shining - [Wall Streetz Records]
.2015 - A Million Miles - [Dillgin]
.2017 - Still A Work - [Wallstreetz Records/Inside Records]
.2017 - Heart of Mine - [Wallstreetz Records/Inside Records]

3) Compilation produced by Dillgin:
.2005 - Perseverance (Various Artists)

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Dillgin's Discography:


.2004 - Cuss Cuss (Mark Ice & Dillgin)
(Original Press):
"Cuss Cuss" (Mark Ice & Dillgin) 2004
1) Intro [Mark Ice & Dillgin]. 2) Can\'t Stop Us [Mark Ice & Dillgin]. 3) Praise Jah [Dillgin] 4) Cuss Cuss [Mark Ice & Dillgin]. 5) It\'s Too Late [Mark Ice & Dillgin]. 6) Look At Her [Mark Ice & Dillgin]. 7) Girls Fun [Mark Ice & Dillgin]. 8) Miss You so Much [Mark Ice]. 9) Crazy [Mark Ice & Dillgin]. 10) Be Wise [Dillgin]. 11) Healing of the Nation (Ganja)[Mark Ice & Dillgin]. 12) Girls Fun (Remix)[Mark Ice & Dillgin). 13) Sledgie [Mark Ice]. 14) Without You [Mark Ice & Dillgin].
[Label: Wall Streetz Records (Lp/Cd: 2004)(Digital Release: 2005)]

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.2014 - Be Wise
(Original Press):
"Be Wise" 2014
1) Intro. 2) I See Jah Light. 3) Hungry and Dead. 4) Weed and the Wheat. 5) Traveling. 6) Shining. 7) New Day. 8) Meditation. 9) No Love. 10) World Crisis. 11) I Know. 12) Dead Beat Daddy. 13) Mama and Papa. 14) Sex Tonight. 15) Touch You Baby. 16) Be Wise. 17) Be What You Want to Be.
[Label: Wall Streetz Records (Cd: 2014)(Digital Release: 2014)]

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.2017 - Million Miles
(Original Press):
"Million Miles" 2017
1) Shining. 2) Basket. 3) Million Miles. 4) Love DI Ghetto Youth Dem. 5) Blessing. 6) Overcomer. 7) While Wickedness Die. 8) I Know. 9) I See the Light. 10) Wey Dem Feel Like. 11) Dead Beat Daddy. 12) Forgive Dem Jah. 13) Anything for You.
[Label: Wall Streetz Records (Digital Release: 2017)]

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Compilation produced by Dillgin

.2005 - Perseverance (Various Artists)
(Original Press):
"Perseverance" (Various Artists) 2005
1) Deep Within Your Eyes [Beenie Man & Kris Kelly]. 2) All Night [T.O.K]. 3) Drive By Jah Mason]. 4) Ready Yah Now [Capleton & Uplifter]. 5) Perseverance [Turbulence]. 6) Herb Fi Bun [Anthony B]. 7) Where It's Coming From [Dillgin & Gatlin]. 8) Bruise Up [Cobra]. 9) Dutty Life (Never Get Down) [Capleton]. 10) Shower and Power Youths [Beenie Man]. 11) Entertainer Peggy [Burru Banton]. 12) You Are Too Much [Thriller U]. 13) Devil in Disguie [Jah Mason]. 14) Hooligan [Dillgin & Steve Machete]. 15) Pass The Kutchie [Anthony B & The Mighty Diamonds]. 16) Mystery Babylon [Luciano]. 17) Be Wise [Dillgin]. 18) Free [Steve Machete]. 19) Born To Survive [Turbulence]. 20) She Is [Tanto Metro & Devonte].
[Label: Wall Streetz Records (Lp/Cd: 2005)(Digital Release: 2014)]

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For bookings and information please contact:
Name: Sherman Escoffery
Email: Dillgin1@gmail.com

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Name: Sherman Escoffery
Email: Dillgin1@gmail.com

Dillgin "Still A Work" (Official Video)

Dillgin, Mr. Khool, Konfydence, and I Shane ft. Pink Boss "Ja Riddim" (Official Video)

Dillgin "A Million Miles" (Official Video)

Dillgin "Shining" (Official Video)

Dillgin "Blessings" (Official Video 2015)

Dillgin feat. Mark Ice "Cuss Cuss" (Official Video)

Dillgin "I Know" (Official Video)

Dillgin "Meditation" (Official Video)

Dillgin "Jah Love Is Shinning" Live Performance At Club M15 in California


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