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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Thanks Music Thanks (395)" - Song Credit (translator)

"Thanks Music Thanks (395)" by Antony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Tradeswoman" - Cd (5/1/2014)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band:
Paul "GrooveGalore" Kastick - (Drums & Percussions)
Richard "Richie" Barr - (Bass)
Eugene Gray - (Guitars)

Recording Engineer:
Paul "Virgo" Bent

Mixing Engineer
Gary "Woungie" Woung

Edited by:
Jason S. Pierre for Ital Corner Productions
Music video by (P) (C) 2014 Anthony Leonard Pierre / Ital Corner.

"Thanks Music Thanks (395) " - Song lyrics (translator):

Music - Music thanks
thanks Music thanks
  as I’man sustained the marathon of a’ uphill climb
on You I’ve strummed the Tunes
to lean a shoulder upon
and note by note I took notes as to
the timing of these times - where t’ing an’ t’ing
has to be stored to the pickin’-up of the pen and paper
as in Your silence
I’ve learned when, not to be voiceless.

It’s only You who knows the differences of

accepts the importance why
and stood along and by
through the Wait verses the Weight
somebody had to carry Mine Head
if it weren’t You - who then would have
it is the vibrations that kept It
from imploding.

Way in the back of My Mouth

they’ve spiked planked needles
this - to prevent the power of My Voice
as they weren’t aware of the additional strength
in My left Hand swigging weapons in Mind defense
and as it was only a matter of time
I again warn of their disguise
flanked in token gifts - to camouflage I intent of moral.

Music - Music thanks

thanks Music thanks
A’ going to sit by Myself and
search for to find closure
and then We will go for ...
to a long Self-assuring walk and in Our loneliness
secure courage and talk to Ourselves
I want a reason why -- and because off
they didn’t play My Tune
that’s why You have decided to teach
how to listen in the “Rivers”
whilst they sing … in the timing - ‘Cs’.

Music - Music thanks

thanks Music thanks
You take I to - the plains of Self-righteousness
despite their inquisitions
no man’s religion can
although they have covertly tried ALL tactics
they can’t and ever to go There to deceive
much less destroy I’man’s Determinations
they hold the scales -- a-high
but still drop the hammer on Mine Defense.

Music - with You … the sexuality of the Experience

is a perseverance in the Mind
thus, My Head hurts only when
there is exotic in the tonality of the Noise
and if I should respond a shiver
they might mistook the smile and think
they titled the next Tune
thus, I remain stained in anger
and they uncertain - “dumbfoundedly”
continues to ask -- why
thanks Music thanks
thanks for the Silence
where purity holds imagination
given Time - in time to appreciate
the un-played Notes ... of untold Stories
it is they who continually
take it for granted that
one needs a PhD in - the ah of silent listening
to appreciate the smarts of - I’man’s Music.

Music - Music thanks - thanks Music thanks

You are a controlled range of Emotions
Mine is of the Experiences that I feel
as I stride the terrains that I “care-freedidly” Live
so that’s why I’m Tone deaf
and blinded in Mine Ignorance
knowing: a Man’s Voice is in the Silence
of the Music He Plays
where courage is never swayed …
I’m too fuckin’ smart - to
to dance by My enemies scales.

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