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Anthony Leonard Pierre "Opportunity Is (477)" - Song Credit (translator)

"Opportunity Is (477)" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "Tradeswoman" - Cd: (5/1/2014)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"Opportunity Is (477)" - Song lyrics (translator):

Opportunity is a Clown
don’t make It cry
be always ready
for Its laughter
and for your sanity’s sake
wear the Clown’s nose for curiosity
as in the company of yourself
the laughter is to sooth
Lonely’s skepticism.

Opportunity is a Clown
don’t make Its masquerade lament
stunning your sojourn
be always ready
for Its laughter
placing one foot forward
whilst you drudge
as in those trying times - a
handkerchief thrown/drawn from a hidden pocket
It ... will find
smudging a smile - whilst
your snort is wiped to your satisfaction.

Looking though
not to step - clumsily
on your reoccurring corn-toe
Opportunity has a hard time at times
seeing over the shine
of Its big-nose
the attention to assure others smile
and holding-up and not to make unwanted frowns
Clowns sometimes fail to see the pebbles
had grown into a stumbling block
so as the peel assures Their slip
don’t join in ... to the giggling
least you are next
you want for the Clown’s enticement
not Its displacement
companionship of/or even a total stranger
does boost laughter on its selfishness.

The sadness is
when Opportunity falls
the laughter is loudest
and no-one ever to unseat self
to come ... at the Clown’s side
so as the circus master
reprimands Clown for Its broken nose
the cheers are widening/widened
they appreciate the fact and applauding the act
that allows and hides them
from their lackadaisical dispositions
note how we think
it’s the circus master to whom our ticket pays
the Clown is only there
for a free meal and to endure the abuse
ha, ha, ha ... is self-inflicting
so it medicines the eternal-internal sore
undiagnosed as Lonely.

The age of the Clown is no-one’s business
be careful then not to be preoccupied with time
as the promise that comforts the fool
is the good that comes
to those who wait
so ... take a shortsighted stride
and kick the next pebble
on a lone side-street
you might ouch ... Opportunity
as a neighbour assist
a one legged cry
the Opportunity to converse outside yourself
is the “God” - then
you will find that heals unseen hurts.

Like an analyzed illness in remission
so Opportunity must be kept in check and
and Its timing not be Clowned around with
as regret has no face - to form a smile
no matter how long and hard
the Clown cries in nonsensical laughter
then - will Opportunity be selfish
and move Clown along
to ... to … to

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