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Anthony Leonard Pierre "May / Happy Birthday / Mother's Day (111) [Version 2]" - Song Credit (translator)

"May / Happy Birthday / Mother's Day (111) [Version 2]" by Anthony Leonard Pierre

Song taken from the album "The Black Fruit" - Cd: (5/15/2015)
Vocal performance by Anthony Leonard Pierre
Music by Obeah Akkompong band

"May / Happy Birthday / Mother's Day (111) [Version 2]" - Song lyrics (translator):

My parts are in green:
May You, My dearest Mother Dear
May You ever be happy
an’ the slate that records Your misdoings - be clean ...
May You always have dreams
and may they always come “true”
May You always be in the mood
so as to be always smiling
especially to the hypocrisy of friends You meet
May You choose the right path
through life’s journey
and if and when You stumble
Your courage straightens and carries You
May Your nights be restful
an’ Your days be cheerful
May the mid-day sun
perpetually be overhead
an’ a shadow
will always be ... at Your “sureful” footsteps.

DJ/singer starts here right after Ritchie Stephenson sings:
Happy Mother’s Day
to You Mamma
Mi wyan sey thank yuh
t’ank yuh Mamma
fe’de nine months yuh carry Mi
but more dan dat
inna de brought-ups-si
yuh henka sid’a Mi
likkle bit an’ som’ a’dis
whatever yuh get or seems fe ‘ave
closer dan God
a’ broke bread wid Mi
Mamma - may de’blessings a’ massa God
always shine all ov’a Yuh
yes Mamma - may the mid-day sun
perpetually be overhead
an’ a’ shadow
will always be ... at Your “sureful” footsteps.
My part:
May the shadow You cast
be for a person in need
and their spirit to show gratitude
of Your kinship
May those around You
see and appreciate
the good You have to offer
and the Children know
and call Your name
May You rest Your head
on a strong an’ caring shoulder
to make Your Inner Soul -- glad
May the fruits of Your doings
be always bountiful, strong and rewarding
that Your lips know not thirst
May You be truthful, to friend an’ foe
and they, likewise unto You
but most important --
May You always be truthful
to You and Your experiences
that Your Children and Theirs
will inherit the blessings
of good health and prosperity.

DJ/singer comes back in here after Ritchie sings:
Trust Mi - Mamma
anyt’ing and whatever Mi ‘ave
in Yuh golden age - it a’fe Yuh
fa’ Mi want Yuh fe always be inna de’mood
to always be contented - rockin’
like young-gyal wid sweet memories
Mi wan’ Yuh fe’be healthy
and fe‘ave nice-nice dreams
dressin’-up inna pretty-pretty an’ gwan irie
an’ You an’ Yuh grand Pickney dem
sid-doung playing an’ laughing
yes - dis a’fe Yuh month
an’is time fe ‘ave another big t’ing
celebrating Yuh a’ healthy birthday sinting
pon a’ prosperous Mothers Day celebrating.

My part:
May Your memories be talked about
in the amazements - Your presence brings
and May You have the companionship of laughing Children
in them golden years - yeah … May You …
Yes - May is Your birth month
an’ in this time of celebration
have a
very happy - well lived
healthy and prosperous Birthday
with wishes, for ... many more happy Birthdays
with wishes, for ... many more happy Birthdays
Your ever loving ... first born son happy Birthday.

DJ/singer comes back in right after Me.
oh - Happy Mother’s Day
to You sweet Mamma
yes - Happy Birthday Day
to You dear Mamma
happy Mother’s Birthday, Birthday day … yeah!

My part:
May You, My dearest Mother Dear
realize the fruits of Your blessings
on this a ...
happy Mother’s Birthday, Birthday, day ...

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