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Friday, January 30, 2015

E.N Young’s sophomore album 'Live Love Stay Up'

E.N Young’s sophomore album 'Live Love Stay Up'

E.N Young is a roots musician born and raised on the USA/Mexico border in San Diego, California. His sophomore album ‘Live Love Stay Up’ consists of three separate versions; an original, acoustic and dub. Each stands on its own and highlights a different strength within E.N Young’s wealth of talent as both an artist and producer.

Uplifting messages of love, hope and perseverance are expressed by the lyrics and strengthened by the reassuring tone of his calm voice. A vast knowledge of reggae’s Jamaican roots is demonstrated within the original version by its upbeat rhythm section, pulsing bubble organ, fierce horn section, staccatoed electric guitar and catchy melodica.

Intricate layers of piano, muted acoustic guitar and rich vocal harmonies create the foundation of the acoustic version and bring E.N Young’s classical music upbringing to the forefront. His bass-heavy, reverb drenched signature sound is featured on the dub version and showcases his mastery of phased out delays and percussive synths. ‘Live Love Stay Up’ will only help to solidify E.N Young’s presence as a solo artist and standing as one of reggae’s most sought after producers.

E.N Young "Live Love Stay Up" - New Album 2015
Full length
01) Inspiration (feat. Maad T-Ray)
02) Eye of the Storm
03) Be Back Real Soon
04) Never Leave Your Side (feat. Gonzo)
05) Overpowering Blessed Love (feat. Tribal Seeds & Steven Jacobo)
06) Creation Rebel
07) Live (feat. Ooklah the Moc, Kali Navales & Father Psalms)
08) Love Love Love
09) Stay Up
10) Inspiration DuB
11) Eye of the DuB
12) Be Back DuB
13) Never Leave DuB
14) Overpowering Blessed DuB
15) Creation DuB
16) Live DuB
17) Love Love Love DuB
18) Stay up DuB
19) Inspiration (feat. Maad T-Ray) [Acoustic]
20) Eye of the Storm [Acoustic]
21) Be Back Real Soon [Acoustic]
22) Never Leave Your Side (feat. Gonzo) [Acoustic]
23) Overpowering Blessed Love [Acoustic]
24) Creation Rebel [Acoustic]
25) Live (feat. Kali Navales of Ooklah the Moc) [Acoustic]
26) Love Love Love [Acoustic]
27) Stay Up [Acoustic]

Label: Roots Musician Records (Digital Release: 2015)

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E.N Young - 'Making of Live Love Stay Up' - Album Sampler 2015

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