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Friday, January 23, 2015

DR. BOOST's new music video 'ALLONGA'

DR. BOOST's new music video 'ALLONGA'

Dr Boost drops his new video "Allonga", the latest single of his new studio album" B-POWA'. The video was filmed by Giovanni Saturno and produced by Bandhuleri Productions & Sardinia Reggae.

The album has received several positive reviews in Italy. It was created as an album that finds its shape in the inspiration and in the accuracy. It contains thirteen songs very different from each other giving the impression of being together to build a well-balanced album.

Rap, Reggae and Dub are the strength and the energy of this record. Enjoy Dr Boost’s latest music video “Allonga” and please remember to share it in your social networks.

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Dr Boost "Allonga" - (Official Video)

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