"From Then 'Til Now" by Roots Architects

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quotes of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 2)

Last updated: October  2014

A collection of related quotes and comments from Mightyful13

251] Some ppl are like smoking, you never take notice of their behavior until it become cancerous and life treating.(FRF)

252] Many will reap and eat the fruits of the great works while those that nutured, watered and increased the roots are often times forgotten.(FRF)

253] Be it, Yes it, Kind it, Accept it, Receive it, Appropriate it, Bless it because Jah ordain it.(FRF)

254] The Spiritual Ivine Mind is the door which has no lock on the outside but from within, knock and it will be open to help who is let in.(FRF)

255] Always share the blessings, the one whom you bless becomes receptive and all negativity and frailties of the flesh will be overcome wt your blessings.(FRF)

256] Share goodness to your fellowones as you would love they do unto you, and in doing that good expect no kindness from your fellowones because for that which you seek comes forth from the womb.(FRF)

257] Many a good brethren/sisthren change and forget their true self whenever they finds themselves around strange ppl, having money and become disrespectful, blasphemous and illremember to who is always there.(FRF)

258] To act, speak, think, and live in the mental and spiritual atmosphere of limitation is taking Jah name in vain, because in all desperation we all shout or cries out ”O God help me!” (FRF)

259] Look not for the beauty of a woman through her physical but her spiritual essence.(FRF)

260] On the ”Table of Life” lies the ”Bread of Life” in the midst of the glowing light of purity, they that eat of it shall remain satisfied to grope not in the darkness of illusion. (FRF)

261] Music of the spheres is joyous, sweet, soft and euphonious; it soothed the mind, body and give peace to the soul.(FRF)

262] Not ever quote I post goes out for you, some will make you happy,others make you screw, but it's all in the comprehension of the mission that Jah has ordain I to do. (FRF)

263] Why tell lies just for fame when the truth will always remain the same, pretending to be what you're not, and Jah already knows where it's at. (FRF)

264] Home is where one lay their head wt the ultimate peace of mind and a clear conscience. (FRF)

265] Only a fool steal from their own household and boast about the things they have.(FRF)

266] Don't remember me when i die if you never celebrate my works alive, don't honor me when I'm not around and think I'm Heaven bound. Some don't play my music and never listen to my songs, even though they know the message ain't wrong. (MIGHTYFUL13)

267] The truth can never be hidden, it's the inner voice which speak within time and dispensation, it's indestructible,ageless,deathless, birthless and will reveals through formulation.(FRF)

268] Some will deny or discredit the good works you do while elevating those who has done nothing but taking a riding on the bandwagon.(FRF)

269] Only a fool will separate them self from the truth and historical fact of life. {FRF}

270] Colourless love is priceless and will destroy desecration.(FRF)

271] From the warmest of desire and coolest of tolerance comes forth life's richest blessings. (FRF)

272] Finding the highest pinnacle of life's polarity is like finding the rainbow where the GREEN is the center of the spectrum.(FRF)

273] The pleasantries of good weather and a good day is when there are no storm clouds in the sky, and no fearfulness of committing error.(FRF)

274] To avoid stock confrontation and the foofaraw of daily living, is the surest remedy to be @ peace wt mind, heart and soul.(FRF)

275] The grok of iscious music is not only about the message, but the diffluence of the rythmic progression to how it makes One dance and be happy.(FRF)

276] If you know not of the Emperor of Ethiopia, then there is no way you can know of Ras Tafari. If you dont love I as a Ras you will never appreci-love I works and mission. (Mightyful13)

277] Life can never be like a rope, because there are some ppl with whom you will never cope.(FRF)

278] When some find themselves wt nothing to do they will run to the best of the worst just to keep them busy.(FRF)

279] Never put trust or confident in ppl because the same ones that say yes will say no, and the same ones that say don't will do just for recognition and fame.(FRF)

280] Never fail to previse the hidden agenda of why so many of us surrender and you will always conquer.(FRF)

281] Hold naught against each other because in times of sorrow, hardship, pain,death and strife we all need care of love.(FRF)

282] There is nothing that we can add to life, it offers us happiness, peace of mind, health of body,and goodwill once we comprehend it's principles. (FRF)

283] The physical vessel is limited, the spiritual is infinite and Ivine, put them both together and it will composite the desire of good sense.(FRF)

284] A wise mind can never go wanting unless one become disobedient to Jah and forget from whence all of everything has come.(FRF)

285] Jah is our counsel and guidance, be bold, speak of life's love and go for the blessings thereof.(FRF)

286] Do all the good you can and surely you will see what the good can do for you when the good time comes.(FRF)

287] The worn out past can be retarded to one forward progress, so don't look back.(FRF)

288] The wellspring of life is justice and peace, it's like the never ceasing water which flows.(FRF)

289] Be as one wt Jah and error will be nonexistent. It can only be in existent when one accept it. (FRF)

290] Writhen thoughts comes from writhen roots will put you limbo. (FRF)

291] Never search for the gift inside of you outside when its always present wt you. (FRF)

292] The light of Jah lives within, nought of moral tongue guide you from sin.(FRF)

293] Walk the love light to guide you on the pathway of the soul.(FRF)

294] Express love in as great a measure as you can and there will be no separation in the eternal king/kween-cipile.(FRF)

295] Hold naught against each other because in times of sorrow, hardship, pain,death and strife we all need care of love.(FRF)

296] Honest work let your day become brighter, dishonesty will darken and limit your pay.(FRF)

297] Expansion and growth are necessary, they are like seeking the water of life. (FRF)

298] Change your manner of thinking and eschew from the things which make you stray, give all to the Most High Jah, whenever you pray.(FRF)

299] Let Jah be the banker of your deposit , your negotiator of all written drafts, your creditor of all your claims, so that when you're ready for a withdrawal you will have all your gains. (FRF)

300] Be in perfect accord wt the perfect icept, of the perfect iniverse, wt the perfect Jah and that perfect being will be apart of your perfect soul.(FRF)

301] The savor of good favor will let anyone speak wt great ardor.(FRF)

302] Wherever negative lies failure lives, and wherever positive sky, progress fly.(FRF)

303] To ascertain what's spiritually yours, one has to abstain from the illicit pleasures of life or you will be a recipient of daily failure.(FRF)

304] Some will make the news, some propagate the news, while some will listen, watch or read the news, just for your information, we are the NEWS so don't be confuse.(Mightyful13)

305] Use a spoon to build the Castle, but don't give it away in a shovel.(FRF)

306] True friends are not the ones who you think they are, they are ones who are unconditional wt unforseen love from the heart.(FRF)

307] Life's music is not for ages or specifics, it's for the spirit, soul and mind.(FRF)

308] Rever they that possess the reticence against adversity.(FRF)

309] Never depend on that which you don't possess, else you will stumble over your own rock of deception.(FRF)

310] Never let the mistake or err you make define who you are, remove the mask of deception and shine as the stars.(FRF)

311] Don't be envyous and jealous of a person who is kind, be more concern of utilizing your time, to create the best of mind.(FRF)

312] The positivity of one's thinking can open doors and create miracle. (FRF)

313] Living in another one's dream can be illusive, hoping for a Utiopia is euthenics and real.(FRF)

314] We all dream of hope, need waves of faith but it will never be wt/out the ocean of action.(FRF)

315] Time and tide are for the busy who made there present felt.(FRF)

316] Good sense, good feelings and good nature must not just link, they must ever connect and join wt each other.(FRF)

317] You can see a person yet never foresee their journey; You can hear their execuse, elocution, lamentation; but know not what in their heart, so when they are progressing, never envy their thoughts. (FRF)

318] They preach love and unity and they can't love their self, much less to unite amongst others.(FRF)

319] Some have most of what they don't want, others have less of what they do want, yet to have Jah blessings is all that I want.(FRF)

320] If Jah is not in it, there is now way you can win it and then you will know without HIM, there are limit.(FRF)

321] The ambiance which one created, will give them solace and solidity.(FRF)

322] Indulgence is consumerism, careful about what you absord. (FRF)

323] Some ppl are so problematic that the closer they come to you the nearer you see Jah commandment. (FRF)

324]  Jah may seem slow in his judgement toward mankind, but it's sure and on time as his merciful kindness. (FRF)

325] When the truth reveal it can instigate the mind to hate, and only a clear Iscience and love of humanity will clear such thought.(FRF)

326] In all things discipline yourself properly because the manner in which you think is the manner in which you shall be responding to your physical self and others.(FRF)

327] Be a conqueror of circumstances and situations, know your birthright in Jah; let your heart be the Mind and be ever aware that Jah is the Architect of Iration.(FRF)

328] The sun rises beyond the horizon of the sky and dispels the darkness of the night, so is the moral darkness of the mind, been dispels by the Isciousness of Jah.(FRF)

329] Be happy and recognize all of Jah's benediction of Love in the midst of pain, suffering, tribulation, desolation. Live by the Power and be glorious for the breath of Life.(FRF)

330] The glory of Jah is Heavenly, exalt Him/Her and you will be exalted in all dimension of Iration wt majesty. (Mightyful13)

331] Distance is a crime when a woman need her wants, distance is crime when a man don't have time to give the wants of her need.(FRF)

332] Whether its Kinetic enegry, Potential energy, Electrical energy, Chemical energy, Mechanical energy, Spiritual energy, Mental energy, Physical energy; once they are Positive energy, keep accelerating. (FRF)

333] One of the greatest error is that of self-deception, it will lead one to crave for power over others for the purpose of depriving them of their natural liberties of Life.(FRF)

334] Natural Naturality; Life, Love, Livity, and the Legator of Imanity.(FRF)

335] There are topics need not to speak about and a waste of time's energy, because it will only end up in a culdesac.(FRF)

336] Complexity of one emotion can make one believe in love @ first sight when it's just sexual attraction. Without good communication a relation love will never find the foundation to grow much less to become perfect. (FRF)

337] Are you single? yes I'm, when you're not, can give a person the wrong impression and choice that when they accept in their space the skulduggery begins. Be truthful, it will work out best in the long run. (FRF)

338] The aesthetic beauty of a woman can conquer and befall the strongest of men once their mind is on the vagina. It has much pleasure in destruction as in joy.(FRF)

339] Allow no one to take advantage of your vulnerability, be responsible for your own action. The past is a story, now is the present reality of the moreture. Live on! (FRF)

340] Be as the rays of the sun, the glow of the moon, the twinkle of the stars, the silver line of the fluffy clouds, the wet of the rain, the heat of the fire, the limit of the sky, the colours of the rainbow, as free as the winds, as faithful as the earth, as natural as creation, then you will know all that Jah is worth. (Mightyful13)

341] When one pass on there is nothing negative should be said because dead tell no tales, notwithindstanding anyone who deliberately take their own life is in serious judgement wt the Most High and liable to face condemnation amongst humanity.(Mightyful13)

342] To share the comfort of life, one has to bring love wt each step in the path of progress.(FRF)

343] Life's span is unpredictable wt wearisome burden so never wait until the body lie cold and dormant b4 you accept Jah in your soul.(FRF)

344] I'm like unto a pen, Jah words is I ink, I'll write on the scroll of life and in the language of action until I transmigrate.(FRF)

345] The impelling power of Iration in which we all lives, only love is the undeniable.(FRF)

346] Life or death, we all wish to live. We are as a weaver standing in the loom of life, thinking of today which was yesterday looking forward to tomorrow, that will become today. Through your choice, weave the pattern of life.(FRF)

347] When Jah Ivinity is in you, live wt you, talk wt you, walk wt you, cares for you, guide you, protect you, in all you do, then you will see most things going well.(FRF)

348] Wiseness is as pure running water, it quench the foolish thirst, yet if become contaminated it will ruining the purity and the sanity of the soul.(FRF)

349] Some will love you for what you aren't, accept you for what you can't and hate you for what you are.(FRF)

350] Don't work hard all day only to buy food, clothes and shelter and when you become Ill there is no saving to buy health.(FRF)

351] Be as the etude of the industry and the ethos of the InIverse.(FRF)

352] Mightyful13 don't lead followers, and is not a follower of the leaders, I'm the epicentre of life, time and the entrophy of mankind.(FRF)

353] All the things you did, done and do may not be seen by the eyes that's watching you, but surely the critical eyes of your I-science see all that you does.(FRF)

354] Be as important as you are, because to others your importance may have no value.(FRF)

355] Today is the day, all individual's choice is given a portion of the pattern of life to live. (FRF)

356] Undeniable fame is gain from the way of living God life's pattern.(FRF)

357] Speak the truth so when it echo, it will be as sweet music returning to your ears and will cause no regret of tears. (FRF)

358] Never become a slave to your own purpose just to achieve the worldly fame.(FRF)

359] No matter how hard a person try to lie to their self, the truth always live in their soul.(FRF)

360] Some will never recognize or acknowledge your natural ability unless they can achieve from it.(FRF)

361] It's not the amount of words you can write or speak, or to be an eloquent orator, and an intellectual freak; it's the truth and the language in action that counts. (FRF)

362] What seem to be success can be the greatest of failure once there are no spiritual principle. (FRF)

363] The quote failure before success is blasphemous and inapporiate, because wt Jah nothing fails, it's life experience. Just imagine failure to absord oxygen! (FRF)

364] Some will talk about what they have and intend to do, while there are others who do what has to be done so they can do what they want to do.(FRF)

365] For the ones and things you love, distance is a myth.(FRF)

366] When Jah say yes, it doesn't matter who say no, when he hold you, and say come, there is no where to go.(FRF)

367] Pay not or give attention to those who unappreci-LOVE the magnitude of thy works, else you will be denying the ones who truly does. (FRF)

368] Broken home is a discordance to a person, but the good what is instill will guide their path.(FRF)

369] Family values is of high esteem, so make sure all you do is pure and clean, because life, time, and history will be your deem.(FRF)

370] A person can preach, teach or beseech one to believe in God through quoting and posting of scriptures, but if they can't exonerate themselves of all negative things, their works will be futile.(FRF)

371] Always remember whatever you possess through the desire to serve and praise Jah become wiseness,and wiseness is priceless and timeless.(FRF)

372] You can share education, guidance, overstanding, knowledge, and wiseness to some, and in the end when they think they are well learnt, they becomes your greatest enemy. Keep the formula just like the bees and you will never fall on your knees. (FRF)

373] Not all singers are good recording artists, and not all recording artists are good singers because they are in the music yet the music is not in them.(FRF)

374] Post about the positive of life and your likes will be of minimal effect, post of the negative and it will be of the maximum reflect.(FRF)

375] When your own race of ppl or next of kin give you no support, Jah will sent ones of divine yoke to strengthen thee.(FRF)

376] A good song can never become a great hit if the artist don't promote, market or support it.(FRF)

377] Anywhere life chemistry is not found or express, there will always be an imbalanced.(FRF)

378] Although We may not be agreed, we agreed to that which we learned is what time unfolds itself.(FRF)

379] After one's spiritual denial, betrayal and crucifixion, their can only be their ascension into the realm of higher experience.(FRF)

380] The sturdier one's growth is the more they unveiled in isciousness, and the greater their discoveries is the happier they will be because it open the door to the vastness and nearness of which they are a part.(FRF)

381] Space.Time.Age.Growth.Edification is the ultimate change of natural living. (FRF)

382] The silent condemnation by the hypocrites is trice as dangerous than the wisemind open rebuke.(FRF)

383] Never expected to be love by all because opposition is a virtue which give you strength.(FRF)

384] When everyone love what you do or say it simple mean you are a pleaser of ppl and not living right.(FRF)

385] Some ppl mind becomes so immune to plagiarism that they lose their sense of differentiating between originality and flasehood. (FRF)

386] Never be dishearten of what is been liked or disliked; each one opinion is like a free-market place wt various choices.(FRF)

387] It's not all about who help you to became what you is, but those who keep you going for what you are unconditionally.(FRF)

388] Sometime the best advising person can end up been the most discouraging, so it's always good to know what you want.. (FRF)

389] If you have nothing good to do or say be still and hold a positive vibes.(Mightyful13)

390] Never Entertain Weirdo Speech. (FRF)

391] Be not the perfect person in the sight of men, but let Jah perfection shine through your works so men can see wt their natural eyes.(FRF)

392] Jah is as a great fortress, that guide and shield us from all negative forces.(FRF)

393] Been Christ-centered is right in Jah sight and give one the might to fight and conquer evil.(FRF)

394] A self centered person can be beautiful, moral, amiable, religious, cultural, but still has no Ivine nature, lack spiritual life, and has no relationship wt Jah.(FRF)

395] Jah word is as precious flawless diamond, it's like consciousness of the mind. (FRF)

396] Why ppl want God fi come judge them after they was given the free will to do good or bad and know the conquenses thereof? Didn't they know their own actions will be the judgement of their own doings!!.(Migthyful13)

397] When one possess the energy-efficient, their works will be of great magnificence.(FRF)

398] Morning meditation. Let the good communications conquer the ill manners of evil. Remember we are not soothsayers, necromancers or anti God, but the children of the Most High wt the vast expanse to direct and educate each others. Remember quiescence is an open door to life's blessings which we all desire to pass through to express self worth. Be on good term wt all no matter the situation because in the end thy own doings and actions will be thy judge.(FRF)

399] Take the X out sexy and you will SE Y dem vex.(Mightyful13)

400] A spendthrift wealth will diminish through the slackness of their hands, but the diligent ones who earn and save will defy the law of poverty. (FRF)

401] On the highway of life and time, Jah is the Majesty.Authority.Power of all navigation.(FRF)

402] Never use a pericope of the Bible to define how one should live and praise God.(FRF)

403] Indagate all that is before you make mention or an announcement of a news, else it can lead to rumour.(FRF)

404] Not every thought is good to be shared.
Not all opinion should be express.
Not each one view need to be known.
Not all example must be shown.
We all have a conscience that dictates the truth and the total story is hardly been told.(FRF)

405] Don't be liable for anyone inability of not doing the right, else the judgment will be yours.(FRF)

406] Ppl can be so ungreatful and unscrupulous, that once they think they has reach where you assist them to be, they deny your effort and diligent works. (FRF)

407] The religious are uncomfortable in the presence of the spiritual Ivine, they are perturbed and fall in disaccordance. Hence creating clash and disagreement but they which are of the same Ivine frequency, vibration and overstanding will agree in accordance wt the immutable commandment of Life.(FRF)

408] The good advice of one wt impeccable integrity is much different from those of distorted qualities. Even thou it maybe right, you will think twice.(FRF)

409] Some seek for the Lord who dwell in them and not theirself who are not in the lord. Jah is the life, the light, the true and the way of humanity. (Mightyful13)

410] The voice of Jah has no sin, it cleanse all pollution that lives within, the voice of Jah never direct you wrong, it strengthens the weak and make them strong. Listen to the voice of Jah and all things will be right.(FRF)

411] Never delay or be hesitant to tell someone you have genuine love for that they err,it can cause their life and hurt their reputation.(FRF)

412] I Will be Sincere.Industrious.Natural.Generous.Liable.Enthusiastic, until the right one come my way. (FRF)

413] Even thou I write, and speak the words of Life, Love, Light and that of the Pure being to the physical temple to others, I myself is but human who also need peace, good living, and every portion of Jah's abundant divine blessings. I also requires the healing, the cleansing, the renewing of mind, body and the regenerating power of daily living. As the teaching say iron sharpen iron, so is divine intelligence sharpen the wisemind.(FRF)

414] Jah is our ight and salvation, he will never led us on the path of disappointment or deception, but let they who did is wrong walk in their own disappointment while we chosen the bright path and way.(FRF)

415] Sometime the best for living are seen as a rejectamenta by those who are flibbertigibbet to mislead one's true focus.(FRF)

416] There is nothing wrong with dreaming, but when you wake up make sure you are not in someone's world.(FRF)

417] Fatherhood is the Creator, the masculine and Motherhood is the bearer, the feminine, the love and sustainer of life. The principle of copulation, reproduction, addition and multiplication, anything else is division and subtraction. (FRF)

418) Life is the Creator of Creation and mankind, mankind invented the concept of God, God is the self proclamation of the unseen force of one's natural abilities, one's natural abilities is the source of daily living, daily living provide the well being of a comfortable life style.(FRF)

419) Impatience is egregious and a major stumbling block in one's way to succeed.(FRF)

420) I am not govern by the idealogy or philosophy or opinions or belief or concept or chronology of no one, because none has the genealogy of life and time. Each and every succeeding generation has created a path which allowed us to journey along if we choose to wt/out dictation.I live by the mytaphysical principle becasuse in I lives an undefine universe which is like the winds that blows to and fro and can't be told from whence it came or where it goes, yet can be felt @ all ends of the earth. (FRF)

421) Long ago the Sound Systems use to play most of the music that would or could never be heard on the radio so it was called the dance-hall, then wt the lewd explicit lyrics it transform into the dance-fall but now a days it change for the worst into a sodomy-ball. (Mightyful13)

422) Some will cheat because they want to eat, sellout the moral of getting oral, lose their self and become a fish, leave from home due to phobia and if they get sick from pneumonia, some will blame it on obeah. (Mightyful13)

423) Good music has no where going but to the ppl, keep succeeding and one day you will be successful. (FRF)

424) Ppl will say this and that, but @ the end of the day if your bills don't get paid, your daily living will be in disarray.(FRF)

425) Never limit your intelligence or interest in knowing, because one of little knowledge are unaware of the importance of been misled by ignorance.(FRF)

426) The evil will use the ones closest to weaken the strength of the strong, but they will be conquer by the power of the mighty.(FRF)

427) They who have a learnt experience of the truth will react arrogant against those who don't, whilst they that live the truth experience will keep a wise tongue, knowing a fool can destroy them wt/out a cause.(FRF)

428) Life is not what you make it all the time, it's what you make out of the opportunity of life, you will become most of the time..(FRF)

429) Never get caught up in the political divide of the Music business else you will never be able to accomplish your goal no matter how talented you are. (Mightyful13 Records)

430) A bibliophobe may be view as an erratic character, but the illusion which are stored to misled the minds make it more comfortable been an autodidact in some instance.(FRF)

431) The light of a successful day can be so bright, it will blind those with an ungreatful eyes, dim their mind and let them stray from the emitting light which leads the way.(FRF)

432) It doesn't matter the beautiful looks or amazing voice and songs an artists sing, if they don't have an element of night surround them, there is no way one will see the galaxy of their twinkling stars. (FRF)

433) I'm a man, traveling all alone,
I'm a traveling man with no woman to call my own.
This traveling man, only the earth is his home...
But don't worry, don't fret!!
I'm the Mightyful13;
With an aura that presents a magnificent scene;
Of triumph, victory, guided by Jah...seen! (FRF)

434) Don't ask for my opinion if you don't love the truth,because I won't tell you the things you want hear. (Mightyful13)

435) The wait can never be too long once you have the virtue to, because the moment you get fed up, that's the time when the progress start coming.(FRF)

436) One's life need no changes to get better, it's the mind, heart, attitude and environment that they are around that will create the best of living.(FRF)

437) Never be disappointed in what one will do to you, but your reaction in making them bringing you to their level who know what's best.(FRF)

438) Where a person is defeated by weakness and failures, another can discover the strength and might of their progress. (FRF)

439) Love life look listen learn live long lasting loyalty.(Mightyful13)

440] Nothing can defeat the power of the mind once you obey the diction of your Iscience.(FRF)

441] An obedient mind is the objective thinking that honour Jah command while the subjective absorb and related that which is factual demanding to erase confusion. (FRF)

442] Anything that which is remain hidden in the mind of man is not Ivinely overstand and will be kept buried in the recesses of that which they refer to as religion to hinders spiritual growth.(FRF)

443] Place moral intellect in the light and presence of Jah and it can deceive you, but never tarnishes or disintegrates the wiseness of the mind. (FRF)

444] Life is Ivine substance which manifest through the expression of our thinking. Our thinking is the channel through which Jah expresses, while our evil thinking against one's self and humanity retard the fulness of the perfect being.(FRF)

445] Don't be too desirous of temporary gains or that which may never come, but aquire the requisition of the knowledge that will make all things into being. (FRF)

446] In looking at others I see only you, the beauty of your smile makes me realize, your are not just a reflection but the picture of my eyes. (FRF)

447] Let not the person that say they can't resist you be the one to disrespect you, stay as the winner. (FRF)

448] Into nothingness will evil becomes dissolve and annihilated it the presence of Jah love.(FRF)

449] A teacher ability is to sell the concept of learning that the students will buy into the knowledge been taught without hesitation.(FRF)

450] Clairvoyance will give us the confidence to perceive all that we must attain through diligent work notwithstanding the human obstacles which may confront us daily on the path of life's travel.(FRF)

451] Stability will attain from the lows to the highs and the downs to the ups.(FRF)

452] A great man always need an inspirational and motivating woman in his life for him to be successful and have a sustainable life style.(FRF)

453] The problems that exist today wasn't created by the great God which the religious believers say is in the sky, and will be solve by miracle when they keep doing the wrong things day in day out. Why do they give the great God all the damage control why they keep disobeying the commandments of Creation? (FRF)

454] I say Reggaespec' to all and now I say Chillax strong to all the decent diligent working ppl. (FRF)

455] Use not your exerting energy professing hatred, it cost trice less to love.(FRF)

456] Of all the fear of diseases taking over the land from a human perspective, it is all but emptiness of one's soul and nothing but the void in our's life which cannot be fill unless we accept wt faith the true and living JAH himself. Eat, drink, rejoice, live right, do good, be joyful and keep the commandments of fearing the Creator in all you do wt Majesty, Authority and Power. (FRF)

457] Know your values, exercise your worth.
Utilize your ivine gift here on earth.
No one can stop but yourselves,
So don't be like a stock on the shelf.(FRF)

458] The Government, the Center of Dieases Control and the Pharmaceutical Department once again (allegedly) invented another genocide (Ebola) to depopulate the African Nation and the Race just as they been doing for centuries. They only denominate and modernize the implementation to drive fear in the heart of innocent minds ppl while they exploit, rod and rape the wealth of Creation.
These are occurrence which was foreseen by Our beloved and has been despised due to Idealogy, Religions and Political division. Now the sparks has ignite the fuse there is no interest to ameliorate the state of mankind but to annihilate as much as possible of which the struggling ppl will suffer most.
The great nations has lost fate in their own hands, and is now face with self delusion, confusion and know not where to turn because their own doing is now invading their own space. As a strong believer in the Creator, I know there is nothing surer than to give reverence because no matter what they do they can't and will never destroy the foundation of civilization.
I hail H.I.M Haile Selassie I Jah Ras Tafari for the clairvoyance to see and know the plan of Babylon.(FRF)

459] The difference between a Millionaire and Nillionaire is the M comes before the N. (Mightyful13)

460] Not all opportunities are grand, some will lead you into subordination just to achieve what is yours.(FRF)

461] Lose not the characterestic of being a mythomane, or you will be deceive by fantasy, lies and illusion.(FRF)

462] Some has addiction to hate, some has addiction to lust, some has addiction to berate, be addictive to justice, charity, hope, love and keep Jah faith.(FRF)

463] What Jah has is the things we need, the things we need, can't be gain by greed, it take diligent works like planting a seed, of which goodness grows into a prefect breed so the present and coming generation will get feed.(FRF)

464] The Ivinity of Life is Father, Mother and Children, anything else is infertility and irreproducible. (FRF)

465] In the sanctum of the Most High, Jah will keep us safe, the only utopia with peace for all the Race.(FRF)

466] In Jah's love all are fulcome, accept it in your thinking and be readily prepare to receive it.(FRF)

467] The mundane sphere of life is nothing to be afraid, good over evil in the fraction of a second giving Jah all the praise.(FRF)

468] Jah is true and perfect so I behold no evil or malice within whom there's love. Hatred begats hatred and love begats love, I see no confusion in declaring Jah infinite love.(FRF)

469] It doesn't matter who hates or think negative of you, it's all good because they don't have the power of itrolling nitrogen and oxygen.(FRF)

470] Age is a growing number so keep your mind and heart juvenescent.(FRF)

471] Can't be bought and can never be sold, an open mind is good for one soul. Can't be shy, one has to be bold or else you will lose self control. Life is a book, a scripture and a scroll, give Jah all praises and the beauty to behold.(FRF)

472] With the support of the unfaithful most you can lose it all, while with the support of the elected few you can achieve the most.(FRF)

473] The jealousy of the jealousers is like a venom to the jealousees. (FRF)

474] It's not good to associated or be apart of an Organization that gives none members all support and not to those who are.(FRF)

475] Contemplation and procrastination is a great deterrence that limit the positive actions of one going forward. (FRF)

476] One's greatest enemy is their own mind and present negative thinking.(FRF)

477] BADMIND is a mental virus that can be replicated and modify it self into an epidemic than can never be contain.(FRF)

478] This world can never be in one love when so much ppl are suffering from hate. It can only finds harmony when all love is our fate. (FRF)

479] Industry and invention are the children of necessity and want. One dire you to work to achieve while the other persuade your creativity in getting things done.(FRF)

480] Never let the incompetence of others deny you from earning what you has labor for.(FRF)

481] Like a bridge some use others to get across and total forget when they reach about the path they travel getting there.(FRF)

482] What is yours can go away from you, but like a boomerang it will return.(FRF)

483] Even when the great failure and disappointment come thy way through the medium of money, death and none material gain, the love for Life is there to restore them all.(FRF)

484] There is nothing more gracious than to share the Jah given gift inside of you to the world at large.(FRF)

485] Using every fibre of thy being and the power of thy voice to shew reverence unto the Most High is the greatest feeling there is.(FRF)

486] Give not the eyes of love to others who cares not, because if they have the visual to see what you saw, maybe they will desert your kindness.(FRF)

487] Music is synchronization! An artist's tone of voice, when cleverly blended with sweet, rhythmic and melodious expressions that caress a listeners' senses through images and lyrics which conjure and stimulate the emotions, will synchronize to arouse an audience's appreciation for the music and transform it into a song hit.(FRF)

488] I don't need praise to exist, I know my worth and purpose is priceless and infinite.(FRF)

489] Disease Weaponization is a medium and methodology use to implement the diminishing of the race in the most sophisticated way possible so the pharmaceutical industry can make billions from vaccines they will invent. This is another way of stabilizing the economic so the rich can stay richer while the struggling ppl die slowly.
This is the battle of Armageddon, principality and power, the war where evil trying to overcome good.(FRF)

490] It was said, the children must not be heard in the presence of the parent, but how can the truth remains silent when it all set us free and dispel lies? (FRF)

491] A man is the child of a woman, and the child is the father of a man. By the character of his growth, you can determine the outcome of what he may become.(FRF)

492] Some of the greatest songs came out of the simplest studio, and it's not the prettiest voice that will create the best of hits when given the right promotions.(FRF)

493] Don't ruin your reputation by introducing the wrong ppl in your circle.(FRF)

494] Reasoning someone doesn't mean you are getting news to share to the world unless It's factual and need to be known or you can become an informant. (FRF)

495] Let them hate you for being real and who you are, rather than to be love for faking and fabricating who you are not. (FRF)

496] Have you ever come to think of it, that no matter how negative a person may want to be, they always want to be loved! (FRF)

497] It's best to allow a person to be what they want to be nd go through their changes, instead of letting them change trying to be what they cannot be.(FRF)

498] Revere your fellow ones as thy parents, it's the manners of one's character that will make them of great importance. (FRF)

499] All that will elevate a person is the goodness of their heart and the positiveness their taught.(FRF)

500] Never let anyone incompetence cause you to deny earning what is due of thy labour.(FRF)

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