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Saturday, February 1, 2014

MIGHTYFUL13 - POETRY: (February 2014)

MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


February 2014


We live in space and time
Our doings are Ivine
We travel through the atmosphere;
And all dimension of earth's hemisphere
We are birthless
We are ageless
We are nameless
We are envyless
We are continual
We transcend all boundaries
We move all barriers
We teaches in all language
Our translation remain the same
We are the reservoir
Which store the water of life
We are not who they want us to be
We can never change
Whom We were created to be {FRF}


Use assertiveness to conqueror aggression
Take a deep breath
And think trice
Saying nothing
You'll realize
It takes information to clarify
The misunderstood situation of life
And the main reason to be polite
Find the equilibrium
Ask yourself
What,When,Where,Which,and How
But never why
It's demanding
And could lead to lie
Then you'll never be satisfy. {FRF}


I'm the man so many hate
For nothing they underrate
I live my life
And do Jah's will
Write his words
Wt all my skill
From the depths of the valley
To the top of the hill
Work for mine
So I can pay my bill
Never forget the daily drill
To avoid all evil
And don't get ill Keep good health
Wt/out taking pill
No feeble temple can have it fulfill
I never be foolish
Or act like Jill
Because I know
I might get kill. {FRF}


Look not backward
Keeping moving forward
There is nothing greater than the feelings of being alive
Assign your mind
To the vision of life
It has an abundant of blessings
Triple your value for what it worth
Nothing is surer than to assist other on earth
When it's given, received and accepted
From the consciousness of the soul's
And appropriation of your love. {FRF}


Don't make yourself in a uniform clown
Just to look good and hang around
The clothes, shoes and jewelry you wear
Take it all off
And nakedness appears The fabric of life is more than flesh
Is to procure the majestic zest
Attire and be who you are
Captivating appeal
So never let anyone look @ you
To see their dreams coming through
Wt self-esteem and self-image
That will give you the ultimate courage. {FRF}

The Path Way of Life - [Tribute to Bunny Rugs of Third World]

We all pass through this road but once
To walk the path from life began
Fulfilling the mission
Of the Creator's plan
Spreading love to your fellow ones
With glad tidings
And all its worth
We are ancient sage
Visiting this earth
To cleanse the rage
And write a new page
The blind can't see
The dumb don't speak
The deaf can't hear
And their is no despair
The songs you sing is mind repair
Humble heart, and so sincere
We'll never forget those tunes
From sun rise, shinning stars and glowing moon
Some may say, gone too soon
But in a holy place is your room
No fleshly temple
Or ill physical to bear
Experience death
Is life appear
On life's road it can't disappear
It's not of flesh
It's not of soul
It's the gift of JAH for us to behold. {FRF}


I don't smoke weed
I commune wt herbs
It's not the healing of the Nation
We are not sick
It's the Lifeline
That create the money time
It's the sacrament of the Nyah-binghi ones
Who has been telling the Government
From b4 the day began
Now we sees everyone
Saying legalization
How can this be
It's from the advent of Creation
Facing discrimination
Rejection from Babylon
The most used among'st the population
Psychologist called it drugs
Pharmacist say it's medicinal
No denying, it's recreational
The Rastas Man vibration
For religious & spiritual communication
Now we see agricultural union
With all these legislation
To cause limitation of possession. {FRF}

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  1. Fitzroy Francis,
    Thank you so much for acknowledging my existence in the amazing development of Mightyful13's music, poetry, and entity. You are also such a major influence on my life. Thank you for building the blocks to unknown pieces of my rich Jamaican heritage. I'm humble and overjoyed that you are pursuing what was already inside of you! I'm only here to let you unveil your talents!
    Your sis.
    One love,
    Chyna Nicole