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"Let's Talk New York" Single and Music Video by Yasus Afari

"Let's Talk New York"  Single and Music Video by Yasus Afari

The fast rising, colourful stimulating and intriguingly mind blowing, 'Let's Talk New York' music video and digital single from Yasus Afari's Public Secret album has turned on international spotlight on Jamaica's elusive national treasure and international Jewel, Jamaica's best kept secret, Yasus Afari - The Ancient Youth.

The year 2014 has been declared The Year of the Dub Poets and Poetree World Wide and this has been resonating with great potency right across the international community. One of the poets energizing this development is Yasus Afari who released his 8th studio album, Public Secret. in June 2013 to much critical acclaim in Jamaica and internationally. The much heralded Public Secret is being distributed digitally and physically by Fox Fuse Digital and Marketing company of New York.

The first digital single from Public Secret was the stimulating and intriguing 'Wine Pon Paper' which was followed by Yasus' personal testimonial 'Poetree Caan Nyam'. On the heels of these two very remarkable and success singles came to chart hit 'Let's Talk New York' which is currently at number 14 in the top 30 of the New York Foundation Radio Network (FRN) Charts. It entered at number 30, climbed to number 9 and was #70 for the 2013 top 100 chart and has been on the chart for over twelve weeks.

On Friday January 17th the exciting Public Secret album entered the FRN top 20 album chart at number 18, then move to number 16 and became the first Dub Poetry album to have done so in 2014 and for quite a very long time.

Dub Smith / Boom One Record Remixes and Videos

Based on the impact and success of Public Secret and the three singles, DubSmith of Boom One Records which is based in USA, has signed on to remix several tracks from the Public Secret album, the first of which is 'Let's Talk New York' for which a very colourful and exciting music video was shot in New York and Jamaica. Let's Talk New York' music video, which was directed and edited by Dub Smith, was released on January 16 and has since become a fast rising video hit on social media as well as online and some traditional media outlets and this has further propelled the mystique of the 'Let's Talk New York ' phenomenon.

Message in the Music

'Let's Talk New York' speaks for itself, with Jamaican wit and humour, as only the lyrical Yasus Afari and his crafty 'Let's Talk New York' could have possibly achieved.
The music is loaded with exciting parables, cultural knowledge and 'public secret' information about reggae music, Jamaica, life in New York, Ethiopia and the Global Community. What makes 'Let's Talk New York' so extraordinarily special is the way in which Yasus Afari skillfully blends a very serious and urgent message with comedy, remarkable story telling and rib tickling humour. The brilliant music video totally captures all these amazing elements to create a master piece called 'Let;s Talk New York'

Watch out for the 'Let's Talk New York' DubSmith / Boom One remixes with their accompanying videos and make sure you grab Yasus Afari's Public Secret which is rapidly becoming a Public Knowledge right before our very eyes .....

Yasus Afari "Let's Talk New York" 2014 - [Official Video]

"Let's Talk New York" is taken from the album "Public Secret" by Yasus Afari
(Original Press):
1) Poetree Caan Nyam
2) Wine Pon Paper
3) Let’s Talk New York
4) Isus
5) Ring Pon Comedy
6) Guidance
7) Four Eyes Mek Two
8) Woman To Love
9) Yu Gud Enoh
10) Do Good
11) Guidance Dub
12) Dub Wine
13) Woman Dub
14) Dub New York
15) The Isus Dub
Label: Senyacum / MMG / Fox Fuse (Cd: 2013)(Digital Release: 2013)]

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