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One Love


January 2014
Jah-Torius "Mama You Bear Di Pain" - [Falmouth Dinesty Records] - Get it
Maverik "She Likes It" - [MondoTunes] - Get it
Masicka "Crazy Money" - [Inspired Music Concepts] - Get it
Da Professor meets the Flyin' Arrows "Call On Jah" - [Soundloom Records] - Get it
Craiggis "Lock Off Mi TV" - [Spit Fiyah Records] - Get it
Posh "Take What's Mine" - [DJ Frankco Productionz] - Get it
The Uplifters & Block Ice Horn Section "Morning Flies" - [Block Ice Records] - Get it
Johnney Culture "Feelings" - Get it
Takia "Bean Peanut" - Get it
Bassamuka "Kikassosso" - [3Gmuzik] - Get it
Mike Rose "Fly Away" - Get it
Tiana "Guh Dung" - [Fox Fuse] - Get it
Influential "Suffer" - Get it
Dax Lion "Sleepless Nights" - Get it
Beenie Man "Easier" - [One Jam Music] - Get it
Macka B feat. Aravak "Mr. Politician" - [Sardinia Reggae Records] - Get it
Mad Cobra "Worst Way" - [Brixton Music Group] - Get it
Jah Izrehl "Burn Babylon" - [Falmouth Dinesty Records] - Get it
Second Avenue "Rude" - Get it
Major Mackerel "Mark of the Beast" - Get it
iROC Music Group "Best Day Ever" - Get it
Kolohe Kai feat. Kimi "Good Morning Hawaii" - Get it
Fhiyahshua "Rise to the Top" - Get it
I Nesta feat. Muose "Ella Busca" - Get it
Jah Lyght Shyne Bryght "Can't Hold" - [Jah Lighthouse Empire] - Get it
Erup "Missing You" - Get it
Shamir "On Your Case" - [Majestic Trends] - Get it
Dizzo "Naija Girl" - [Rebel Liberation Sounds] - Get it
Craig Ed East "Sad Story" - [Deano deann records] - Get it
David Shafty "Aimes ton frere, aimes ta sœur" - [3Gmuzik] - Get it
Idominant feat. Skullhead "Give Thanks"- Get it
Rankin Cobra "The Legacy of Nelson Mandela" - [Sugar Apple Records] - Get it
Robert Burchell "Never Judge a Book" - Get it
Csavi "Your Love Is Like a Whisper" - Get it
Maria Lindsay feat. Elton Brow "Wish" - Get it
Ilai "Jah Love" - Get it
Jabesh "This a Nuh Hate" - [Urban Karma Productions] - Get it
Mr Vegas, Lukie D "Nice Up! vs Maximum Sound: Jungle Soundclash" - Get it
Rian, Jigsy King "Truly" - [Typhoon Music Productions/VPAL Music] - Get it
Ed Robinson "Hard To Get" - [Music 4 Life] - Get it
Black Pearl "Too Much War" - [Spit Fiyah Records] - Get it
Diego Flex "Benefit Street" - Get it
Masta Link "Best Friend" - [Terrible Link Records] - Get it
Caldhino "Practice What You Preach" - [SartOut Records] - Get it
Fantan Mojah "Friend Enemy Them" - Get it
Deablo "Holding On" - [Biggs Productions] - Get it
Chalart58 feat. Tunelon Iration "Holland Trip" - [New Beats] - Get it
Inner Circle "Good Girls -N- Bad Girls" - [DubShot/Sound Bwoy Entertainment] - Get it
Ding Dong feat. Baby Chris, Ravers "Ready to Rave" - [Randy Rich/VPAL Music] - Get it
Sudden Rush "Ready for Party" - Get it
ORieL "Sticks & Stones" - Get it

El Bombasin "Aria Pura" - [] - Get it
Omar Douglas "Jehovah Nah Sleep EP" - [O.D Records] - Get it
RDX "Kotch EP" - [Tad's Record] - Get it
Everyday Prophets "EP" - [Everyday Prophets] - Get it
Moici "Evolution" - [Moïci] - Get it
Sio "E.P. Beautiful" - Get it
Permanent "Ain't No Love Like Your Love" - [Kingstonian Records] - Get it
Sophia Squire "Reggae Life" - [149 Records] - Get it
Synrgy "Summertime EP" - [Synrgy] - Get it
Kiprich "No Man Banana" - [Star Music] - Get it
KBong "Rising EP" - Get it
Markus "Jah Never Fail" - [Markus Records] - Get it
Andrae Carter "In This World" - [T.h.o.c] - Get it
Captain-Suiwe feat. Singer "Pretty-Hous" - Get it
Yellow Bone "Roots Rock Reggae" - [Dc Production] - Get it
Iya Terra "Iya Terra EP" - [Iya Terra] - Get it
Alexander Star "Badd Habitz EP" - [Nicko Rebel Music] - Get It
Javi High "Easy Life" - [Upskinllz Records] - Get it
Danny English "To the World" - [ Category 5 Jamaica/VPAL Music] - Get it
Beenie Man "Girls in Every Angle (EP)" - [McWarren Music] - Get it

Lord Kemy "Artillerie" - [LegDef Produkt/Kleancut ent.] - Get it
AR "Don't Be Deceived" - [Benar Production] - Get it
Roots of Creation "Live At Bella Terra Festival" - [Bombshelter Records] - Get it
The Gideon "Divine Intervention" - Get it
Rampa Lion "Songs 'Bout Love and Fight" - [Petit Indie] - Get it
Dan Martin & the Noma Rocksteady Band "Dan Martin & the Noma Rocksteady Band" Get it
Valley Green "Northwest Rootz" - [Valley Green] - Get it
Mr. Lee G "Undeniable Soul" - [Oon Lah records] - Get it
Alla "Babylon A Fight Rastaman" - [Twinkle] - Get it
Finley Quaye "Royal Rasses" - [Twinkle] - Get it
Ras Donovan-I "Save Di Ghetto" - [Jahmek Production] - Get it
Los Aggrotones "10 Reggae Shots" - [Interrogator Records] - Get it
Peter Goodwin "More Love" - [Devada Records] - Get it
Pacific Vibrations "Irie Feeling" - [Pacific Vibrations] - Get it
A.V. "Penthouse Records 25 Years: The Journey Continues" - [VP Records] - Get it
Tony Greene "Tribute To The Duke" - [Keeling Records] - Get it
Voicemail "Let's Dance Now" - [21st Hapilos Digital Coalition] - Get it
African Emperor "Freetown Raga Swagga" - [African Emperor] - Get it
Alioune K "Akindub Vol. 1" - [Alioune K] - Get it
Dimomib "Dubplate" - [Deepindub] - Get it
Togbe Ghana "Go to School" - [CD Run] - Get it
Phila "Faith Walks" - [Underloc] - Get it
Tee-N-Tee "I Just Want to Relax" - [Tee-N-Tee Enterprises] - Get it
Naftaly "Best of Naftaly" - [3Gmuzik] - Get it
Naná Roots Luz "Adoradores" - [Nana Roots] - Get it
Wayne Marshall "Tru Colors" - [Ghetto Youths International] - Get it
Eugene Paul "The Early Years" - [Spirit of 69 Records] - Get it
Alika "Mi Palabra Mi Alma" - [Irie Sudamerica Producciones] - Get it
Shane Brown "Juke Boxx Dub" - [VP Records] - Get it
Skullmystic "Etheric 9" - [Skullmystic] - Get it
Two Friends Crew "Voyage Into Dub" - [VP Records] - Get it
Papa San "One Blood" - [Beloved Records] - Get it
The Simmertones "Something for the Weekend?" - [Music Mill Records] - Get it
Mystic Lion "Conscious Dub" - [Mystic Lion Music] - Get it
Reggae light "Gomboiste yako" - [3Gmuzik] - Get it
The Mighty Mystics "Mother's Tears" - [Shakaross] - Get it
Nereus Joseph "Yah so Mi Deh" - [Cannawi] - Get it
The Big Takeover "Children Of The Rhythm" - [The Big Takeover] - Get it
Yoko Ota "Heavy Metal Dub" - [TARTOWN] - Get it
Shakalab "Tutto sbagliato" - [Shakalab Prod] - Get it
World Of Free "Touching Ground" - [Thomas Leithoff] - Get it
Lady Shan "Girl On the Rise" - [BarakaProduction] - Get it
Mc Norman "Jah" - [CD Run] - Get it
Niney the Observer "Niney's Delta Dub Basket" - [Observer Music] - Get it
House Of Shem "Harmony" - [House Of Shem/VPAL Music] - Get it
Mesajah "Jestem Stad" - [Popular Station Studio] - Get it
Tom Frager, Gwayav' "Bloom Inside" - [Gwayav' Records] - Get it
Joe Gee Henry "Love and Understanding" - [Home Town Records] - Get it
Mighty Mystic "Concrete World" - [Mighty Mystic Music/VPAL Music] - Get it
Ward 21 "Still Disturbed" - [Germaica] - Get it
Jamie Irie & IDavid "Nah Give Up" - [Saysell Music] - Get it
Stan & the Earth Force "Easy Rock Steady" - [Mangrove Productions] - Get it

Album Reissues:
Alborosie "Dub Clash" - 2010/2014 - (Digital Release)  -  [VP Records] - Get it
Black Roots "All Day All Night" 1987/2014 - (Digital Release) - [Nubian Records]

February 2014
The Viceroys & Zvuloon Dub System "Love Is Stronger" - [Med.Tone Records] - Get It
Busy Signal "Real Talk" - Get it
The Steppas "If We Try" - [2econd Street] - Get it
Gyptian & Hyah Slyce "Tun It Up Loud" - [Randy Rich Productions/VPAL Music] - Get it
Sylford Walker "The Love of Jah" - Get it
3 Canal "Grimeee" - [ Fox Fuse] - Get it
PeniDean "When You Love Somebody" - Get it
Fyakin "Something for You" - [Nyle Banks Music] - Get it
Curtisay "Love Come My Way" - [Bessout ENT] - Get it
Navino & Craiggis "Deadly Road" - [Spit Fiyah Records] - Get it
Denno "Live My Life" - [DJ Frankco Productionz] - Get It
Dapper "The Introduction" - [Firstdub] - Get it
Konu "I See Stars" - Get it
Stylex "Is This Love" - [Move Up Records] - Get it
Jermaine Edwards "Heart Like Yours" - [island worship] - Get it
Sunny Kalama "All I Wanted" - [Sunny Kalama] - Get it
Captain-Suiwe "Smart-Song" - [JahYouth] - Get it
A-Me-Jah Prophet "Human Systematic Struggle" - [N.U.M.L.I.G] - Get it
A-Me-Jah Prophet "Where Is the Love" - [N.U.M.L.I.G] - Get it
Blizzard feat Toots & the Maytals "Jah See and Know" - Get it
Roy Ellis "Can You Feel It/Get Up" - [Liquidator Music] - Get it
Ossie Dellimore "Love You With Music" - [Massagana Music] - Get it
Clinton Fearon "Blame Game" - [Wagram Music/Chapter Two Records] - Get it
I-Resolution "Stopped in the Streets" - [MondoTunes] - Get it
Leroy Mafia "Gwaan Gyal" - [Leroy Mafia] - Get it
Jermaine Edwards "Won't Stop Me" - Get it
Tenna Star "Jammin in the Name of Love" - [Tenna Star] - Get it
Chezidek "Pressure Wi Hard" - Get it
Trey Smoov "Here I Am" - Get it

Duane Stephenson "Nature Boy EP" - [Kingston Songs] - Get it
Janet Kay "All Woman (EP)" - [Kingston Songs] - Get it
Carroll Thompson "Love Me Like This" - [Kingston Songs] - Get it
Kaly Live Dub "Light" - [Jarring Effects Label] - Get it
I-Octane "Special Edition EP" - [Kingston Songs] - Get it
Easi B "Straight Talk" - [Yumojah Records] - Get it
The Beatdown "Let's Go" - [Liquidator Music] - Get it
Jason Asher "Africa Is Calling" - [CD Run] - Get it
Blak Kof-I "Go to School" - [CD Run] - Get it
Reality "It's Reality" - [Murphy Productions] - Get it

Sista Maria & Dubass Family Band "More Love" - [Dubass Musically Creation] - Get it
Street Pharmacy "Free Delivery" - [Independent] - Get it
Censi Rock "First Delivery" - [Area 026 Music] - Get it
Sister Carol "Live No Evil" - [Black Cinderella Music/VP Records] - Get it
Mr Williamz "Set The Standard" - [Necessary Mayhem] - Get it
The I-Foundation "Lovers Renaissance" - [Krafted Riddim Records] - Get it
Radio Babylon "Babyloneria" - [Latlantide] - Get it
Yvonne Curtis "Let's Unite in Love" - [Yvonne Curtis Music/VPAL Music] - Get it
Benja Rutabana "Amnesia (Rwanda, Twenty Years Later)" - [Ndh Music] - Get it
Van de Ramah "Nuestra Arma" - [New Beats] - Get it
Rampalion "Lost Tapes Vol 1 "Life Tings"" - [Petit Indie] - Get it
Jay Crazie "I Am JayCrazie (Instrumentals)" - [JayCrazie Records] - Get it
Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti "XL Dub Sessions" - [La Tempesta Dischi] - Get it
Captain Sinbad "Reggae Music Will Mad Unu! (Deluxe Edition)" - [Maximum Sound] - Get it
Ed Robinson "On Covers" - [Push Broom Productions] - Get it
Babylon Burning "Silence Rains" - Get it
Da Ghama "Baixafrica Brasil" - [Sound System Brazil/Reggae Brasil] - Get it
Talisman "I-Surrection (Oldwah Deconstruction Dub)" - [Sugar Shack Records] - Get it
Third World "40th Anniversary Hits Collection" - [Essential Media Group] - Get it
Johnny Clarke "12" Collection" - [Alexander Music Group] - Get it
Terry Linen "Welcome To My World" - [VP Records] - Get it
Ruffi-Ann "Save the Juvenile" - [Cannon Production/VPAL Music] - Get it
Ras Jimmy Opetekwei "Fill Me" - [CD Run] - Get it
Tarrus Riley "Love Situation" - [Zojak World Wide] - Get it
Faya Dub "On the Road" - [Faya Dub] - Get it
Black Symbol "Journey" - [Sugar Shack Records] - Get it
Michael Gordon "Rootz Luvvaz" - [Room beatz musik] - Get it
AC Harrison "AC Harrison" - [Hasie Harrison Music/VP Records] - Get it
Express "Mogura No Album" - [Burn&Grow Music] - Get it
Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley "Bonnaroo Live ‘06" - [Bonnaroo Music] - Get it
Païaka and The Dub Shepherds "Redder than Red" - [Flower Coast] - Get it
Zagastic "Zagastic" - [Author's Edition] - Get it
Killo Killo Banda "Amongst the people" - [Nautilus Records] - Get it
The Gladiators feat. Droop Lion "Back On Tracks" - [Mediacom] - Get it
Kanka "Watch Your Step" - [Dubalistik] - Get it
Sean Paul "Full Frequency" - [VP/Atlantic Records] - Get It
Giuliano Palma "Olsd Boy" - [Universal Music] - Get it
Danakil "Entre les lignes" - [Baco Records] - Get it
Midnite "Beauty For Ashes" - [I Grade Records] - Get it
Farmer Nappy "Big People Party" - [Fox Fuse] - Get it
The Vitalites "Anthropological Findings: Roots Relic" - [The Vitalites] - Get it
Addis Pablo "In My Father's House (Augustus Pablo's son)" - [Continental Record] - Get it
Gyptian "Gyptian and Friends" - [Kingston Songs/ McWarren Music] - Get it
Lutan Fyah "Gangsta Living (Deluxe Version)" - [ Kingston Songs/McWarren Music] - Get it
Bethel "Dobrze, że Jesteś" - [Lou & Rocked Boys] - Get it
Souljah "Mestakung" - [Offbeat Music] - Get it
Rob Symeonn "Indigenous" - [Jah Youth Productions/Goldheart Music] - Get it
SunriZe "In My Simplicity" - Get it
Biblical "Hold Firm Natty" - [Andrew Bassie Records/VPAL Music] - Get it
Chizzy Wailer "Reality" - [CD Run] - Get it
Willy Saintidor "Love, Life and Politics, Vol. 2" - [Willy S Music Publishing] - Get it
Kemar Flava McGregor & Duble Barrel "Urban Reggae Dubstep" - [Flava McGregor] - Get it
Kolohe Kai "Paradise" - [R K D Inc] - Get it
High Times "Fins Que Surti el Sol" - [Kasba Music] - Get it
A.V. "King Majesy (Rubba Dub)" - [Stainless Music/Capone MusicA] - Get it
Harold Davis "Something Special" - [Moonlighting Music] - Get it
A.V. "Total Reggae Dub Vol.3" - [Sound System Brazil] - Get it

Album Reissues:
The Heptones "Good Life" 1979/2014  (Cd) - [Greensleeves] - Get it
Derrick Morgan "Shake a Leg" (Digital) - Get It
Capital Letters "Reality" 1985/2014 (Lp/Cd/Dig) - [Reggae Archive Records] - Get it
Marcia Griffiths & Bob Andy "Really Together" 1977/2014 (Digital) - [I-Anka] - Get it
Club Gong "Club Gong" 1987/2014 (Digital) - [Ariola] - Get it
Sly & Robbie "Syncopation" - [Greensleeves] - Get it
Observer All Stars & King Tubby "Dubbing With the Observer" - [Greensleeves] - Get it
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals "State of Emergency" - [Greensleeves] - Get it
Joe Gibbs and The Professionals "Majestic Dub" - [Greensleeves] - Get it
Joe Gibbs and The Professionals "African Dub Chapter 5" - [Greensleeves] - Get it
The Revolutionaries "Green Bay Dub" - [Greensleeves] - Get it
The Revolutionaries "Outlaw Dub" - [Greensleeves] - Get it
Linval Thompson "Negrea Love Dub" - [Greensleeves] - Get it
Niney The Observer "Sledgehammer Dub" - [Greensleeves] - Get it
Jo Jo Bennett & Mudies Allstars "Groovy Joe" - [Spirit of 69 Records] - Get it

March 2014
Lasai & Novato "Crystalline Love" - [Chronic Ting Records] - Get It
Mason "Soulz on Fire" - [Rebel Soulz] - Get it
Destra feat. Peetah Morgan "Real Love" - [J-Vibe Productions] - Get it
New Kidz "Banks of the Nile" - [Free Willy Records] - Get it
Sandra Cross "Richmond Avenue" - [PCJ Recordings] - Get it
Meta & The Cornerstones "Zion Stereo" - [Metarize/VPAL Music] - Get it
Putus Roots "Africa" - [Duke Production] - Get it
Sanchez "Hustle in the Streets" - [Jabari C.G. Productions] - Get it
Shaka Pow feat. Joe Lick Shot "Ol' Skool Vibes" - [Nicko Rebel Music] - Get it
Delly Ranx "Nuh More Than You" - [Riva Nile Productions] - Get it
Konshens "I've Got to Go" - [Konshens] - Get it
Enos McLeod "Money Worries" - [Orbit records] - Get it
Sean "As Long" - Get it
Tanya Stephens "Dirty Thoughts" - [Donsome Records] - Get it
Stacious "Too Hot to Handle" - [Mula Music876] - Get it
Ras Brando "Nation To Lead" - [Jabari C.G. Productions LLC] - Get it

Marquis Melody "Roots Party" - [Skank So/VPAL Music] - Get it
I Noah "The Journey" - [Unique Supermix Productions] - Get it
Memo "Fortfarande Omogen EP" - Get it
Peter Nax "Aliwa" - [CD Run] - Get it
A.V. "Mungo's Hi Fi - Don't Let Them Riddim" - [Scotch Bonnet Records] - Get it
A.V. "Mungo's Hi Fi - Ruff Mi Tuff Riddim" - [Scotch Bonnet Records] - Get it
A.V. "Mungo's Hi Fi - Under Arrest Riddim" - [Scotch Bonnet Records] - Get it
Dubkasm meets Solo Banton "My Music EP" - [Sufferah's Choice Recordings] - Get it
Rhyming King "Hello Money" - [CD Run] - Get it
Ro Hempel "Two Shots EP" - [Ro Hempel] - Get it
Tydal "Journey of a Young Warrior EP" - [Master One Ent/VPAL Music] - Get it
Solution "Solution EP" - Get it

I-Octane "My Journey" - [Tad's Records] - Get it
A.V. "Village Riddim Selection" - [Irievibration Records] - Get it
Fatman Riddim Section,Don Corleone "Maroon 5 in Dub" - [DubShot/Sound Bwoy] - Get it
Chuck Fenda "Choices (I Am for the Poor)" - [Flava McGregor Records] - Get it
A.V. "Bang Bang" - [Gyasi Records] - Get it
Tafari "Rud3 Lov3" - [RUD3 Music/VP Records] - Get it
Xtr3me "Vintage 21: Ancient Traditon" - [Fox Fuse] - Get it
Resonators "The Constant: Deluxe Edition" - [Wah Wah 45s] - Get it
Deadbeat and Paul St Hilaire "The Infinity Dub Sessions" - [BLKRTZ] - Get it
William S. Burroughs "In Dub (Selected by Dub Spencer & Trance Hill)" - Echo Beach - Get it
Essay "The Blind Must Be Led & the Hungry Fed" - Get it
Famara "Karibu" - [N-Gage Productions] - Get it
Nello B "Vibes Overdue" - [Addis Record] - Get it
Sly & Robbie & Black Uhuru "Dub Riot (Live) 2006" - [HighLine Play] - Get it
Negro Sambo "Fuera del Area" - [Art Ma Prod] - Get it
Iration "Iration - MixTape" - [Step Out Production] - Get it
Mykal Rose "Crucial World" - [John John Records] - Get it
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars "Libation" - [Cumbancha] - Get it
Prince Fatty, Mungo's Hi Fi "Prince Fatty Versus Mungo's Hi Fi" - [Mr Bongo] - Get it
The Steppas "To You from We" - [2econd Street] - Get it
Green Valley "Hijos de la Tierra" - [Green Valley] - Get it
Ki Sap "Keep Skankin'" - [Mésdemil] - Get it
Macka B, Mad Professor & The Robotics "Live in Bilboa" - [Ariwa] - Get it
Yabby You, Mad Professor & The Robotics"Live in Bilboa" - [Ariwa] - Get it
Keith & Tex "Redux" - [Soulbeats Records] - Get it
Clinton Fearon "Goodness" - [Wagram Music/Chapter Two Records] - Get it
Young Warrior "Young Warrior Presents Dub Box" - [Jah Shaka Music] - Get It
Young Warrior Presents Sista Beloved "Woman of Virtue" - [Jah Shaka Music] - Get it
Alpha & Omega "The Half That's Never Been Told" - [Steppas Records] - Get it
Young Warrior Presents Principal "Know H.I.M" - [Jah Shaka Music] - Get it
Luciano "Deliverance: Mad Professor Dub Showcase" - [Ariwa] - Get it
Stephen Souza "The Reggae Gentleman" - [Request It Again Music] - Get it

Album Reissues:
Dennis Brown & Superstar Friends - Reggae Legends: 4CD Box Set - [VP Records]
Gregory Isaacs - Reggae Legends Vol. 2: 4CD Box Set - [VP Records]
Horace Andy "Get Wise" 1974/2014 - (Lp/Cd) -  [Pressure Sounds] - Get it
Pierpoljak "Cheper" 2006/2014 - [Pierpoljak] - Get it
Bob Andy ‎"Bob Andy's Dub Book - As Revealed To Mad Professor" - [Ariwa] - Get it
Ranking Dread "Girls Fiesta" (Cd/Digital)- [Hot Milk] - Get it

April 2014
Jah Turban "Fi Wi Time Now" - [S.J.P. Records/VPAL Music] - Get it
I Octane "Hot Spot" - [Markus Records] - Get it
Franchizze "When You Smile" - [RumHouse Records Entertainment] - Get it
Alborosie "Rise" - [Liv Up Records/VPAL Music] - Get it
Daddy X feat. Rymzo "Pride of a Woman" - Get it
Bugle "Now Until the End" - [Randy Rich Productions] - Get it
Don Yute "Monkey Off My Back" - [SteamWorldWide] - Get it
I Righteous "Love Letter" - [Fams House Music] - Get it
Big Mountain feat. Beniton the Menace "Reggae Got Soul" - [White Sage Ent] - Get it
Jah Vinci "Money Meditation" - [Shyboy Production/VPAL Music] - Get it
Thrive feat. Hirie "Broken" - [Roots Musician Records] - Get it
King Ali Baba "Thank You" - [Mek Money Records] - Get it
Jah Melik "Jahpan/Dangerous" - [attylife YAMAGUCHI] - Get it
Denyque "Loyal Girl" - [Di Genius/21st-Hapilos] - Get it
T'Nez "Lost Love" - [Shastri Music] - Get it
Chaka Demus & Pliers "Forever Young" - [24x7 Records/Keyzer Soze II/ VPAL] - Get it
Spice "Likkle Bit" - [Ballaz Productions] - Get it
Shane O feat. Propally "Ghetto Youth Fi Have Things" - [Goldmind] - Get it
Layne Tadesse "Ghetto Corner" - [ieM Entertainment/LRT] - Get it
Knii Lante feat. Queen Ifrica "Baby Take Good Care (The Remix)" - Get it
Azul "Black Rose" - [Wackies] - Get it
Baba B "Patiently" - [Rebel Records] - Get it
Soja "I Believe" - [ATO Records] - Get it
Tommy Cct "Only Woman" [Cd Thomas] - Get it
Celia Heavenly feat. Eye to Eye "The First Time" - [Eye To Eye] - Get it

Jay.Keyz "The EP" - [Afflatus Entertainment] - Get it
Kore Ionz "Feels Good EP" - Get it
Natanja "Reggae Provider" - [Natanja] - Get it
David Madden "4 Good Measure EP" - [LMS Music] - Get it
Mamakaffee "Natural Girl Ep" - [Tuff Mind Tender Heart/VPAL] - Get it
Jegz "Irie" - [Black 90 Records] - Get it
Walker John "Hearts Unconquered" - [Autograph Recording] - Get it
Exco Levi "Words of the Wise EP" - [VP Records] - Get it

Mikey Spice "I Am I Said" - [Joe Fraser Records/VPAL Music] - Get it
Train To Roots "Growing" - [Inri] - Get it
Reality Souljahs meets The Rockers Disciples "Blackboard Jungle Showcase vol.1" - Get it
Roberto Sánchez & The Rockers Disciples "Blackboard Jungle Showcase vol.2" - Get it
Barry Issac "Roses and Flowers" - [Reggae On Top] - Get it
Brain Holidays "Save Peace Babylon Delete" - [Dallas Records] - Get it
Akasha "Joy Song" - [All Connected Records] - Get it
Rymzo "My Jungle" - [Dubplate] - Get it
Cynthia Schloss "Ready and Waiting in Memory" - [Merritone Music/VPAL Music] - Get it
Cynthia Schloss "Songbook: Voice of an Angel" - [Merritone Music/VPAL Music] - Get it
Monty Alexander "Harlem Kingston Express Vol. 2: The River Rolls On" - [Motema] - Get it
Sun-Dried Vibes "Back2square1" - [Sun-Dried Vibes] - Get it
Ziggy Marley "Fly Rasta" - [V2 Records] - Get it
Watty Burnett & Starkee "Recharge" - [Damp Music] - Get it
Timmi Burrell "A Small Town Boy Story" - [New Sound Records/Macles Music Factory] - Get It
A.V. "Hi Grade Ganja Anthems 4" - [Greensleeves/VP Records] - Get it
A.V. "Love U Riddim" - [May B Unity] - Get it
Sizzla "Radical" - [VP Records] - Get it
Big Sugar "Yardstyle" - [Bread And Butter Productions] - Get it
Glen Ras King "Never Back up" - [Ophiura Studio] - Get it
Ginjah "Urge To Love" - [Funky Dividends] - Get it
Jehvauri "Life Knowledge" - [Shak Wave Productions] - Get it
Afrikan Simba "Born Ithyopian" - [Afrikan Simba] - Get it
Perfect Giddimani "Better Off Dread" - [Jah Youth Productions] - Get it
Pampi Judah "Jah Be Praised" - [Pampi Judah] - Get it
Cassafaya "My Insparation (A Jamaican Tribute to Pop and Soul Hits)" - [CD Run] - Get it
Black Slate "World Citizen" - [Unit 8 Records] - Get it
Mike Love "Jah Will Never Leave I Alone" - Get it
Pressure "The Sound" - [I Grade Records] - Get it
Christos DC "Long Road" - [Honest Music] - Get it
A.V. "Penthouse Riddim Selection" - [Jugglerz Records] - Get it
Sly & Robbie "Underwater Dub" - [Groove Attack] - Get it
Dubmatix "In Dub" - [Echo Beach] - Get it
The Senior Allstars "Verbalized and Dubbed" - [Skycap] - Get it
Augustus Pablo "Greek Theater - Berkeley 1984" - [Cleopatra Records] - Get it
Qshan Deya "Love Govern Us All" - [Diamond Rush Productions] - Get it
Valère Sainte Rose "Racines dub" - [Valère production] - Get it
Les Guetteurs "Guerriers pacifiques (Soul Revolution)" - [Joy to the world/Rejoyce] - Get it
Ntoni Montano "'Nta Sta Ruga" - [La Grande Onda] - Get it
Mad Cobra "My God Is The Greatest" - [GMC Jamaica] - Get it
Dennis Walks "Meet Dennis Walks" - [Moodisc Records] - Get it
Derrick Lara "Reality" - [Lara Music Productions] - Get it
The Penguins Band "Shuffle, Cut & Deal" - [Buenritmo Producciones] - Get it
Ras Sheehama "Watch Over Us" - [Kalanami & Ras Shee & Ouragan Production] - Get it
Lali "Eostik" - [Ouragan Production & Studio] - Get it
Alpheus "Good Prevails" - [Liquidator Music] - Get it

May 2014
Harry Toddler "Lovin You" - [Downsound Records] - Get it
Lost Boys "Working Man" - [Blessed Sounds] - Get it
Obie Won "Forever" - [Fireball Edutainment] - Get it
Nesbeth "Taste Victory" - [Entertainment Soul] - Get it
Masia One "X Boyfriend" - [Whitestone/VPAL Music] - Get it
JoJo Mac "I Won't Surrender" - [Mightyful13 Records/VP Records] - Get it
Nicko Rebel & Voicemail "First Class" - [Nicko Rebel Music] - Get it
Twiggy ""Kiss Me One More Time" - [Skinny Bwoy Records] - Get it
Xyclone feat. Shiye Jones "Summer Time" - [RSQTHP Music Group/VPAL Music] - Get it
Sonex "Father's Love" - [Features Entertainment] - Get it
SHA "Good President" - [Lex Records Ltd] - Get it
JayQ "Take You There" - Get it
Aysha Loren "Keep It Like It Is" - [Aysha Loren] - Get it
Choosen "Ghetto Cry" - [Fox Fuse] - Get it
Lion D feat Alborosie "Heartical Luv" - [Bizzari Records] - Get it
Amaro "Ella" - [Orange Juice Music] - Get it
Ishawna "Murderer" - [Downsound Records] - Get it
Demarco "Nice Nuh Bomboclaat" - [Social Yaad Records] - Get it
G Star ft. Kranium "Summer Chill" - [Armzhouse Records] - Get it
I Wayne "Love & Honour For Mama" - [Brick Fence Production/VPAL Music] - Get it
Lukie D "Down on My Knees" - [Black Music Work] -  Get it
Joggo "Keep It Burning" - [Joggo Music Prod.] -  Get it
Chrisinti "Why Must This War Be" - [Rebel Liberation Sounds] - Get it
Busy Signal "Tek Cover" - [Biggy Music] - Get it
Paul Martin "Not Maybe - [Paul Martin] - Get it
Tune Crew "All of Me" - [Aquagem Records/VPAL Music] - Get It

Subajah "Voice of Freedom" - [Subajah/Tamal Riddim] - Get it
Natanja "Reggae Provider EP" - [Juh Sound] - Get it
Kousi and the Rising Band "Jah Is My Life EP" - [Ini Vibration Asso] - Get it
Rootical Foundation "Reload" - [Rootical Foundation] - Get it
Long Joha' "Demi-Lune EP (Long Joha' Meets RockRadioHermes)" - [RockRadioHermes] - Get it

A.V. "Dutty Money" - [Gyasi Records] - Get it
Jaka "Invincible Soul" - [Jaka Lion Records] - Get it
Randy Valentine "Break the Chain" - [Hemp Higher Productions] - Get it
Dubiterian meets The Scientist "Tribute to Augustus Pablo" - [Dubiterian] - Get it
Bugle "Anointed" - [Daseca Productions/Zojak World Wide] - Get it
Michael Fabulous "Still on the Mission" - [Japeth Music] - Get it
A.V. "4x4 Riddim Driven" by Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor - [BCR International] - Get it
Tasha T "Real Talk" - [RasVibe Records/VPAL Music] - Get it
Lee 'Scratch' Perry "Back On The Controls" - [Upsetter] - Get it
Tribal Seeds "Representing" - [Tribal Seeds Music] - Get it
Hollie Cook "Twice" - [Mr Bongo] - Get it
Dillinger "Reparation Now" - [Scandal Bag Production/VPAL Music] - Get it
Soul Majestic "Setting The Tone" - [Soul Majestic Music] - Get it
Lymie Murray and Stamina Allstars "Good Things Forward" - [Actual Music Company] - Get it
Sizzla "Born a King" - [Muti Music] - Get it
Governor Andy "Steget" - [Mad Viking] - Get it
The I-Twins "The Way for We" - [I-Twins Records] - Get it
Zoro "Roots'n Soul" - [Spliff Int] - Get it
Moon Invaders "The Fine Line" - [Grover Records] - Get it
Joss Kezo "Mon testament" - [ONG Stop Polio International] - Get it
Ziggi Recado "Therapeutic" - [Zion High Productions] - Get it
Rod Anton & The Ligerians "Wevolution" - Get it
Skarra Mucci "Greater than Great" - [Undisputed Records/Rawkaz Clan] - Get it
Ernest Ranglin "Bless Up" - [Avila Street Records] - Get it
Fred Locks "What Life Has Taught Me" - [Black Redemption] - Get it
Peter Man "Jam Down" - [Space Shower Music/Bush Hunter Music] - Get it
Krys "Dancehall Is Back" - [Step Out Productions] - Get it
D-Major "It's Major" - [Penthouse/VP Records] - Get it
I Jahson "Guidance" - [Richvibes Records] - Get it
Laurel Aitken "The Singles Collection 1960-1962" - [Not Bad Records] - Get it
Derrick Morgan "The Singles Collection 1960-1962" - [Not Bad Records] - Get it
Barry Brown "The Thompson Sound 1979-1982" - [Hot Milk] - Get it
Biga Ranx "Live in Paris" - [Wagram Music] - Get it
Hezron "The Life I Live (D)" - [Tad's Records] - Get it
See-I "Knowledge Shine Bright" - [Fort Knox Recordings] - Get it
Junior Cony and Shanti D "The End" - [Hammerbass] - Get it
Anthony Leonard Pierre & Gary Woungie Woung "Trades... In Dub" - [Ital Corner] - Get it
Anthony Leonard Pierre "Tradeswoman" - [Ital Corner] - Get it
Peter Tosh "Live At My Father's Place 1978" - [RockBeat Records] - Get it
R.Esistence in Dub & Mad Professor "R.EChONSTRUCTION" - [R.esistence Records] - Get it
Norris Man "My Time" - [Blaqk Sheep Music/Loud Disturbance] - Get it
A.V. "Monterey or Bust" - [Rebel Sound Records/VPAL Music] - Get it
Strawl "Rasta Warrior" - [Bushweedmusic] - Get it

Album Reissues:
Black Slate "Now and Then" (Aka:"Sirens In The City + Bonus)"- [TCD Records] - Get it

June 2014
Chuck Turner "Dream Of Me" - [Crucial Force/Vpal] - Get it
Michelle 'Songbird' Gordon "A Woman Called Moses" - [Mightyful13 Records/VP Records] - Get it
Teri "Bring It On Home To Me" - [Mightyful13 Records/VP Records] - Get it
Ed Robinson "Glory and Praise" - Get it
Kay-Jay "Life for the King" - Get it
Robert Sutherland "Can't Get You Of My Head" - [Robert Sutherland/VP Records] - Get it
Richie Kanary "Groovin" - [Robert Sutherland Music/VP Records] - Get it
Irie Love "Step Up" - [Irie Love] - Get it
Piotta "Bbw" - [La Grande Onda] - Get it
Asfa "500 Miles" - [Jecoliah Entertainment Production] - Get it
Gyptian & Beenie Man "Soul Mate" - [JK4 Music Group / VPAL Music] - Get it

Malakhi "World Crisis" - [Famous Records] - Get it
Cali P "Three the Hard Way" - [Inspired Music] - Get it
Fikir Amlak "Kings of Kings EP" - [Jah Youth Productions/Black Lion Sounds] - Get it
Animo "Morning Light" - [Roots Musician Records/VPAL Music] - Get it
Songjah "Songjah EP" - [Songjah] - Get it

Mad Professor "The Samba Dub Experience" - [Ariwa] - Get it
Yabby You & The Prophets "Deeper Roots Part 2 (More Dubs...)" [Pressure Sounds] - Get it
Tiken Jah Fakoly "Dernier Appel" - [Universal Music] - Get it
Nicodrum & Friends "Back To Fundehchan" - [RFI/Tamtam production] - Get it
Mungo's Hi Fi "Serious Time" - [Scotch Bonnet Records] - Get it
Jahmali "We I Open" - [Reggaeland] - Get it
Christafari "Greatest Hits, Vol. 1" [Lion Of Judas] - Get it
Christafari "Greatest Hits, Vol. 2" [Lion Of Judas] - Get it
IandI Nyabinghi "Inna Maoré" - [IandI Nyabinghi] - Get it
Swé "Danjérèz" - [PMX Muzik] - Get it
The Upsessions & Lee "Scratch" Perry "Shake It!" - [Grover Records] - Get it
Lloyd Brown "50" - [PMI Reggae] - Get it
Ashanti Roy, Pablo Moses, Winston Jarrett "Natty Will Fly Again" - [Soulbeats Records] - Get it
Mellow Mood "Twinz" - [La Tempesta International] - Get it
Gonzo "Red" - [Roots Musician Records/Vpal] - Get it
Matisyahu "Akeda" - [ELM CITY (ECI)] - Get it
Ras Mc Bean "Inlightment" - [Union World Music/Irievibrations] - Get it
Dub Colossus "Addis to Omega" - [IRL] - Get it
King "No Colour Bar (Reggae Music)" - [RSR Records] - Get it
Dennis Brown "Live In London" - [Rapier Music] - Get it
Marty Dread "Upcountry Boy" - [Five Corners Records] - Get it
Rebelution "Count Me In" - [Easy Star] - Get it
Sud Sound System "Sta Tornu" - [ThisPlay Urban] - Get it
Lutan Fyah "Get Rid a di Wicked" - [Bread Back Productions/VPAL Music] - Get it
Third World "Under the Magic Sun" - [Cleopatra Records] - Get it
Jah Wobble presents PJ Higgins "Inspiration" - [Sonar Kollektiv] - Get it
The Lions "This Generation In Dub" - [Stones Throw] - Get it
Bad Brains "In Dub – Arranged by Kein Hass Da" - [Echo Beach] - Get it
Shandy Will & Grruff "Island Time" - [One Noteb Records] - Get it
Tribo de Jah "Refazendo" - [Radar (LGK Music)] - Get it
Speed Faya "Koud Roche" - [Manimal] - Get it
Maxi Priest "Easy to Love" - [VP Records] - Get it
Raging Fyah "Destiny" - [Soulbeats Records] - Get it
Lone Ark "Oil & Water in Dub" - [A-Lone Production] - Get it
Citizen Sound "Myrtle Forest Sessions" - [Renegade Recordings] - Get it
Congo Ashanti Roy & Pura Vida "Step By Step" - [Lost Ark Music] - Get it
Mediterranean Roots "Fluye" - [MAD91 Familia] - Get it
Alborosie "Specialist Presents Alborosie & Friends" - [VP Records] - Get it
Carroll Thompson "Feels so Good" - [Carroll Thompson] - Get it
Sasha Dias "Break Free" - [Fox Fuse] - Get it
K Vibes "Rose Among Thorns" - [Flynn and Flynn Music] - Get it
Blueskank "A Thin Line" - [Youkali Music] - Get it
Sista Miriam "Praising Jah" - [Roughcut Productions] - Get it
Session Rockers "Lion Within" - [Session Rockers ] - Get it
Ras Billy "Mi Reggae" - [Ras Billy] - Get it
Jahnetix "Fireburning" - [Tangare Studio's] - Get it
KBong "Hopes and Dreams" - [KBong] - Get it
Giraffe Aftermath "Space Echo Beach Scene" - [Giraffe Aftermath] - Get it
Bantustan Corporation "Tecomates" - [Bantustan Corporation] - Get it
Roots Love "Pela Vida Inteira" - [Surforeggae] - Get it
Stan & the Earth Force "Jah Love Is Evermore" - [Mangrove Productions] - Get it
Pure Fruit Orchestra "Riddim 'N' Juice" - [WampoSounds] - Get it
Six Nation "Visa Global" - [Six Nation] - Get it
Adjale "Abletchi" - [Root'zik Production] - Get it
General Levy "Live at the Chiemsee Festival, Germany" - [Boombam Muzik] - Get it
Goldmaster Allstars "Narcolepsy" - [Goldmaster Allstars] - Get it
Eugene Paul "Reflection" - [Old Road Village Records] - Get it
A.V. "Gussie Presenting The Right Tracks" - [VP Records] - Get it
Jahvisst "At King Solomon Studios" - [King Solomon] - Get it

Album Reissues:
June Lodge "Someone Loves You Honey" 1982 - [VP Records] - Get it
Ruddy Thomas "The Song Bird of Reggae - First Time Around" 1981 - [VP Records] - Get it
G.T. Moore "Ganja Flower" 2005 - [Jah Works] - Get it
Steven Wright "International Change" 1995 - [Notes] - Get it

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