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Last updated: December, 25, 2014

(New Discographies, New Releases, Updates, Reviews, Photos ....)

Robert Minott - (Profile & Discography)
Jahcoustix - (Profile & Discography)
Virtus presents his new album: MY SOUND
Svaha Sound Records - Profile:
Don Bonn - (Profile & Discography)
DubRaJah releases ENKANG EP as Free Download
E.N Young out new single “Eye of the Storm”
Martin Zobel & Soulrise - (Profile & Discography)
DJ SCARA - (Dj/Producer/Sound Engineer)
Sgt Remo - (Profile & Discography)
REVIVAL's new single "Beauty In Disguise"
Duane Stephenson - (Profile & Discography)
Youkou Kla - (Profile & Discography)
Afro D - (Profile & Discocography)
Leilani Wolfgramm's new album "Rebel"
FRASTUONO's new single by Janahdan, Ntoni Montano, Virtus, WsW Wufer
E-Major releases new album "Everlasting"
Chyna Nicole - (Profile & Discography)
Mightyful13 Records come with the "Rhythm Acceleration"
Brina - (Profile & Discography)
I&I Livity - (Profile & Discography)
Betta Best - (Profile & Discography)
Kamsha - (Profile & Discography)
Dubtonic Kru - (Profile & Discography)

Album Free Download: Dubophonic meets Dubkey: United as one
TATANKA Self-Titled album out now!

Sea of Love Riddim, Vol. 1 by Skinny Bwoy Records
Mightyful13 Records debut "Taya Wilson"
REVIVAL releases new single "Beautiful Monster"
Prince Buster - Discography
Mystic Roots Band out new single "Summer Festival"

AUGUST 2014:
Working Class Musik - Profile
Don Goliath out new album 'Digikal to the World Vol. 1'
Tatanka releases new single 'Make It Count'
Toledo - (Profile & Discography)
DON GOLIATH releases album "Calling On Jah" as FREE DOWNLOAD
Cunnie Budd - (Profile & Discography)
Cookie The Herbalist's new song "I WISH"

JULY 2014:
ANIMO releases EP ‘Morning Light’
Koncrete Roots releases new album "Rudies In Dub"
Koncrete Roots "Rudie Dubplates" EP FREE DOWNLOAD 
Rayvon - (Profile & Discography)
Gonzo releases new album "Red"
Leilani Wolfgramm's New song 'Herbivore' 
'DEMONACRACY' by ZION TRAIN ft. Wufer, Tizla and P. Ali
Addis Pablo - (Profile & Discography)
Three Little Birds releases Album Free Download

JUNE 2014:
Bryan Art - (Profile & Discography) 
Street Pharmacy set to release New EP “Pharmanomics" on June 24th
The Pitastro - (Profile & Discography)
D'Eclectic - (Profile & Discography) 
Congo Don Patito - (Profile & Discography)
Layne Tadesse - (Profile & Discography)
Miriam Simone releases video for latest single "Rivers"
Rooby Man takes Florida by storm
Teri and Mightyful13 Records pays tribute to Sam Cooke
Nicodrum - (Profile & Discography)

MAY 2014:
Brand new single "Kiss Me One More Time" by Twiggy
Singer Tempa releases Album Free Download "Cut More Collie" 
Rod Anton & The Ligerians - (Profile & Discography)
Likle Mystic releases new EP "Jamaica Island In The Sun"
Momar Gaye releases song "Forward in Africa" as Free Download
'NTONI MONTANO‏ releases new album 'NTA STA RUGA'
Alpheus - (Profile & Discography)
Komadub ft. Zion Irie release "Do Good EP as Free Download
Timmi Burrell - (Profile & Discography)
Ky-Enie new single "New Day" out Now!
Tribal Realities Magazine Vol 2 (2014)
Cedric Im Brooks - Discography

APRIL 2014:
Dubsynaticx releases new album 'Studio Dubs Part 1' as Free Download
Gentleman's Dub Club - (Profile & Discography) 
Apocalypse Dub Faction releases new album "Jah Never Fail I" as Free Download
Benjaminz - (Profile & Discography)
JoJo Mac - (Profile & Discography)
EP Free Download: Red Star Martyrs vs Dubophonic
Wayne Smith - Discography
JJ Appleby - (Profile & Discography)

MARCH 2014:
Ashley releases new album "Babylon Institution" as Free Download
Kanka releases 5th album "Watch Your Step"
Chyna Nicole releases new Single 'Cheers for Education - They Will Soar'
Tribal Realities Magazine VOL 1 (2014)
Strike Dee - (Profile & Discography)
EP Free Download: Sunjaman "Outta Here" by Dub-O-Phonic Netlabel
Iwan - (Profile & Discography)
Matt U Johnson - Profile: (Pop Reggae Artist from NYC)

Mighty Mystic - (Profile & Discography)
Dubkey Net Label releases the album "Zion Chant" by Unitone Soundimentional
Bunny Rugs - Discography
G Cole releases a brand new Single & Video "Old Days"
Street Pharmacy's album "Free Delivery" 2014
Teri - (Profile & Discography)
Alexander Star releases new EP ‘Badd Habitz’

"Let's Talk New York" Single and Music Video by Yasus Afari
WsW Wufer surprises fans with new video "Quello Che Dirai"
Knocean - (Profile & Discogarphy)
RasItes - (Profile & Discography)
Album Free Download: Koncrete Roots "Dub Ina Midlands"
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