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Monday, November 25, 2013


MIGHTYFUL13 POETRY is the revelation of Fitzroy R Francis wise mind and inspiration. It is a medium by which knowledge is shared to uplift the oppress, the less fortunate and the neglected. Read and be fill wt the message so your life may change for the better.


November 2013


Life is good
Living is great
Caring love
Can't be fake
The only way to communication
And be together
Irrespective of faith
It will take concerted effort
On every one path
Spiritual, skilled and a righteous heart
To eradicate
All the negative taught
With the proximity of Jah's love
We will climb the steepest hill and above. {FRF}


Children are the upcoming
Parent are their guide
Honor them both
And there will be a brighter light
Provoke not thy children
Children do likewise
Indiscipline is know by it doings
Grieve and bitterness is not right
Correction is overstanding
The truth of your insight
Honor and dignify your parent
Majesty is its great reward.


The greatest joy is serving mankind
The greatest love is to yourself be kind
The greatest poverty is one's impoverish thought
The greatest battle is to know who you are
The greatest enemy is in the mind
The greatest ill is to think negative
The greatest power is how to live
The greatest feelings is to forgive
The greatest riches is spiritual wealth
Great in body and physical health
The greatest moment is hail and chant
Giving reverence to the Most high JAH. {FRF}


Your aspiration and
D- ecption
R- epressive
E- gragious
A- berraional
M- anica
S- elf denial
Will crumble if you don't have a vision. {FRF}


Love is no sorry
Love is no pain
Love is no worry
Love is no regrets
Regrets not the experience you have pass
Life has it lesson
So don't be lost
Each lesson has a test
Learning well
Is the ultimate task
Do the best
It's not a contest
What you absorb
is that you will get. {FRF}


The raging winds
Blow ferociously through the sky
Flashing Lightening
Brightening the night
With thunderous sound
Of sweet delight
Rain drops fallIing on the roof
And splashes window is my proof
Swaying trees
Swift moving clouds
Way up high
And seem so proud
I Give thanks, I praises
The rain makes me happy. {FRF}


Love is like a boomerang
No matter where it goes
Once it's truly yours
It will return next to you
Love yourself as like another
And the relationship will grow
What the planter reap
Is what he sow
And nothing can change the flow
The cycle of life and time
Is always on the go
The love that has no change
Is the love of God. {FRF}


Elegant as the rose
Precious as fine gold
Invaluable as raw diamond
The rainbow beauty the eyes behold
It is clear as a crystal
Brilliant stars
A mirrored reflection of who you are
II's your skin it's your tone
That distinguish you in the zone. {FRF}


Be in silence if you may
Not speaking to me
Wont let me stray
I see no calls
I see no texts
It makes me angry
And get me vex
The way you treat the telephone
I stop a while and feel alone
But sudden a voice say to me
Keep yourself on praying ground
Unconditional love is still around. {FRF}


As Joyous as a laughing child
As Ageless as creation
As High as the stars in the sky

As Loyal as love for life
As Innocent as baby
As Vigorous as the fire
As Eternal as Father time. {FRF}


Life is of the essence
Which no one want to lose
And the best things that it brings
We all wish to choose
It's good to peruse the manuscript to be rich
To escape the poverty dish
Yet the greatest of all magnitude
Is to have an aptitude. {FRF}


Life's journey is not a destination
So knowing where you're going
Is as important
Where you'recoming from
Self edification
Self perseverance
Self maintainance and isolation
Is the remedy of existence
In this modern creation. {FRF}


The mind is liberal
And can only be interpret
Whenever we share opinions
Without divine communication
No one can access or know your views
Or what we may think
The conscience dictates good
And the things that right
The mind make all the choices
Irrespective of the attributes of life
Healthy mind
Healthy thoughts
Is a positive
No one to forget
Nothing to forgive
The very best and only way
We must all live. {FRF}


It's not the looks or the beauty
It's the honor to the duty
it's not the smell or the taste
It's time spent with no haste
It's not the swiftness of the race
It's the ones who stay wt the pace
It's not about the aim for fame
It's all about being in the game
It's not about the fear or dear
It's ones that share and care
And it's not what you can give
But surely the honest life we live. {FRF}


Give something more and nothing less.
Do the good with all your best.
From the Gross you'll receive your Net.
Always pray instead of fret.
It make no use to live in regrets.
The lesson of life is a sign post set
So give your many, if not your most.
And spread JAH blessings from coast to coast. {FRF}


They don't have to play my music
They don't to play my songs
They don't have to feature my artists
Neither their message which are not wrong
The race is not for the swift
Or for those who are financially strong
Because the one's who are refused and rejected in the end
Will be the MIGHTYFULDURING one!! {FRF}


As the sea rush to shore
Is the more she adore
The one she wish to see
And the one she wish to see
She want to walk her to the sea
To give comfort and on the pier
And feel what is sincere
The things she feels is real
It's beyond her body appeal
Only can be reveal
With the ancient zeal. {FRF}


Some love the message and hate the messenger.
Some live by the message and would kill the messenger.
Some reveal the message and deny the messenger.
Some obey the message and want to command the messenger.
Some is polite to the message and rude to the messenger.
Some will acquit the message and convict the messenger.
Some have knowledge of the message and still ignorance of the messenger.
The message is transparent and the messenger translucent to others.
I hope you all get the message of the unseen messenger.{FRF}


Each one travel through life"s path
Has a responsibility to passes the lesson of life
At sometime or another
To the upcoming youth
Who seek to know the truth
Travel the physical path
In the physical habiliment
That you can plusperience
The blessedness of Iivine intelligence. {FRF}


When you are going through hard time
Don't you have regrets,
Because the trials and tribulations
May be the vehicle
To transport you
Where you want to be. {FRF}


They will say they love you
They will say they cared.
They will say I want to be with you
A life time they wish to share
Displaying their affections and all things seem so fair.
Then one day you realize you are living in despair
OMG, you might say.....
This can't being happening to me
There and then you'll realize
You are caught in the WEB of DECEIT. {FRF}


Don't leave the one you love
And accept the one you dislike
Because the one you love
Will be thinking otherwise
And the one you dislike
Will leave you by the side. {FRF}

LIFE IS not an entity
And doesn't belong to an individual
Individual possess a life energy
That makes them an individual human being not a person
It is the nucleus of the Our existence. space, energy and time
It's continuous, perennial, endless, everlasting, limitless eternal
Yes, LIFE is infinite. {FRF}


An insatiable appetite will be gain
When the hunger for knowledge
And understanding
Is what the mind attained
Love is a respond to the negative
And disregard for the living
Which surrounds I n I each and ever day
Love yourself to love another
True love has no measure
And it's the only way. {FRF}


How many times they stop to think
And listen to what the conscience dictate
How many times they double check
The things the mind rejects
Say they're waiting the time of God
When God time is already pass
They weren't paying attention
To the words that will last
Take heed and open your ear
And listen what is said. {FRF}


IT cannot be known,
And It is no secret.
It is the advent of creation,
It is in every Nation.
It is unseen,
Yet visible to the eyes, It transcend dimension,
It cover the circumference and diameter of the earth a million times faster than the speed of light.
It always in harmony,
It provide awesome untouchable melody.
Through words, sound of euphony.
It is the essence of life.
It rejoice in time, and all its glory,
It has it own untold story.
So let IT be, then it will be no more a mystery.{FRF}


It surpasses Black, Blue,Yellow and White,
It never fuss, neither fight.
It has no difference,
It's a constant light,
Uniting Ppl of every rights.
It is here, it is there, it is each and everywhere,
And travel all over the hemisphere.
Whether you don't or whether you care,
It is the atmosphere.
And if you are not fully prepare,
Then you should be aware,
It is the only thing that will never disappear. (FRF)


  1. Poetic rivers overflow. Fitzroy Francis. Mightyful 13! Love it!

  2. Wonderful Wisdom...FRF ♥♥♥