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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kulcha Shok Muzik releases new Compilation "Reggae Kulcha Vol. 1"

Kulcha Shok Muzik releases new Compilation "Reggae Kulcha Vol. 1"

Kulcha Shok Muzik, Inc, has officially released their newest music production called 'Reggae Kulcha Vol 1.' It's been nearly 10 years since Kulcha Shok has had a new release. In that time, its been alot of promotions, djing & hosting events.

The camp has come across great talent and this is what the new compilation series 'Reggae Kulcha' is all about. The discoveries of these hidden gems have been discovered during the production hiatus, namely, Hor!zen, First Hit, Rootz Underground, Bobby Hustle, I Nesta, Predator Dub Assassins & Barry & the Penetrators. Arise Roots & House of David Gang came as a result of this compilation & seeking new music. Natty Remo is the only one Kulcha SHok member we knew & had worked with before both the hiatus & 'Reggae Kulcha.' In fact, Kulcha Shok produced his first cd 'Babylon Fall.'

The cd opens with a band that will be the next big thing on the festival circuit, Jahfe. A band comprised of three Haitians, a South African, a Spainard, an american punk rock guitarist, a Colombian Bass player thats barely old enough to get in the venues he plays & two horn players from the University of Miami School of Jazz, who now call Miami home and share their living experience in Miami with 'Miami Vice.' Miamis hardest working band Innasense fronted by singer/songwriter/keyboardist Jimi Dred & Jamiacan DJ Prince Patrick offer up the sweet 'Another Man.' Rootz Underground has contributed an unreleased remix of their song 'Rain' feat. Sherita Lewis. There's even a video for this song and unavailable until now. Bobby Hustle is one artist, Kulcha Shok feels will 'bust.' Hustle has graced the new Kulcha Shok riddim called 'Strength' with 'Break Bread' and also on the riddim is Natty Remo with 'It Is Alright.'

The cd then goes a little rock with First Hits' 'Peace Of Mind.' The 70's are revisited with the style of House Of David Gang on 'Good To Be Loved.' Reminds you of the vocal groups of the golden era of reggae. Reggae Kulcha embraces the different languages of reggae with an artist that has over 2 million views on youtube for his song 'Ella Busca.' Are we awake yet and this track is a bit dancehallish because of tempo. It's I Nesta & Muoses song 'Ella Busca,' which means shes searching or looking for. Hor!zen has been around for nearly ten years & I am very surprised they have never been signed. Their music & shows are very strong. Their song 'Youth Dem Bawl' is one their strongest and nearly that on the cd too.

Songwriter P-Dub of Predator Dub Assassins has written songs for Akon & Maxi Priest, just to name a few. On 'Reggae Kulcha' his best song is 'Come Back Down.' More reggae rock finishes out the cd with Arise Roots, who put out a great brand new cd & contributed the last song to make the cd complete with 'Hit The Ground Running' and is very relevant to todays living. Lastly the cd ends with a party a 'Reggae Party' from the un-elected, unofficial mayor of Belmar, NJ Barry Peterson of Barry & the Penetrators.

'Reggae Kulcha Vol 1' is the brainstorm of Lance-O, longtime radio & music veteran. These gems have been hand picked and his ears have helped program Power 96 & assist Atlantic Records VP Craig Kallman. The series will introduce new bands, artists, styles of reggae & music to a wider audience. This is the key and foundation of this series. Kulcha Shok is looking for any means to help promote these songs.
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Reggae Kulcha Vol 1 - (Various Artists)
Compilation Track List:
1) Jahfe "Miami Vice"
2) Innasense "Another Man"
3) Rootz Underground feat Sherita Lewis "Rain"
4) Bobby Hustle "Break Bread"
5) First Hit "Peace Of Mind"
6) House Of David Gang "Good To Be Loved"
7) I Nesta feat. Muoses "Ella Busca"
8) Natty Remo "It Is Alright"
9) Hor!zen "Youths Dem Ball"
10) Predator Dub Assassins "Come Back Down"
11) Arise Roots "Hit The Ground Running"
12) Barry & The Penetrators "Reggae Party"
Label: Kulcha Shok (Cd: 2013)

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Reggae Kulcha Vol 1 - (Various Artists) - (Promo Album)

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