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Singer: Bala Ranks
Job: Singer/Songwriter
Location: Banjul the Gambia West Africa.
Genre: Afromanding/Reggae
Influences: Bob Marley, Alpah Blondy, Lucky Dube, Jaliba Kuyateh, and Saliff Keita.

Musa Kuyateh knows as Bala Ranks is a Gambian Afro Reggae artist, he sings in five different Language, English, Mandika, Wollof, Fulla and Bambara. Bala Ranks was born on the 26/7/1980 in a Village called Basse Manneh Kunda, Upper River Region [U.R.R ] The Gambia West Africa.
Bala is the son of late Alasana Kuyateh and Jallisira Sarkiliba. Bala was born in the family of the most popular West African traditional singers, the Griots called the KUYATEH, SUSSO, JOBATEH, to name a few.

His family members are known as singers, Kora players, Balafong players and some more West African Instruments. Bala s father was a Kora player and his mother sing along when his father is playing the Kora. At the age of eleven Bala build interest in learning how to play the Kora, but his father told him, Bala before you do that you have to go, to an Arabic School to learn about your Religion first, after four year later Bala came back home from the Arabic School hoping that now he is free to learn how to play the Kora but unfortunately his father was very old and his was not playing the Kora anymore.

Bala was trying to teach himself to learn how to play the Kora but it was very hard for him to concentrate because he needs to assist his father to look after the family. so he then decided to looked for a job, he then joined to a Carpentry work shop to learn how to make furniture’s, he was working there as a student but with all the hard work that he was doing, Bala never forget that one day he will like to follow his father s footsteps as a Kora player or a singer.

He has been singing along on the streets and anytime he is alone or working he will be singing to kept himself busy, and that helped him a lot to find his way of singing and to compost more songs. After five later in the year 2000 Bala moved to the City of Banjul as a qualify Carpenter.
In the year 2002 after making some new artist friends and knowing more about the city he then found a place to open his new work shop with his elder brother. In the year 2005 Bala came out to the public by dropping 2 singles called [AM NOT A FULL] and [WORK HARD] which where 2 hit singles in the city of Banjul.
Then he started making some fans in and out of the city and some promoters started paying attentions. End of year 2006 Bala Ranks has dropped another 2 single called ALLAH MUTA and VOICE OF THE CHILDREN, plus 2 Videos clips of AM NOT A FULL and ALLAH MUTA. In the year 2008 Bala was one of the 30 young Gambian singers that were selected in a Music competition in the Gambia called THE GAMCELL CHART BUSTERS, Out of the 30 young talented artist, Bala Ranks was the first runner-up of the competition, from there Bala become more popular in the Gambia, in year 2009 Bala dropped another 2 international hits tracks called [AMAKOI] and [BADINYAA] These 2 tacks make him one of the top Gambian artists and make him more popular in and out of the Gambia, and he becomes one the favorite artist of Gambian President Yaya Jammeh.

Bala Ranks then start sharing stage with some top Senegalese artist and some top Jamaican artist while he was working on his fist album. Bala Ranks has shared stage with Youssu Ndour in year 2009, 2010 and 2011, Chone Seka in year 2010 and 2012, Vivian in year 2012, Titi in year 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, Pap Joofin year 2011 and 2012. He also shared a stage with Riches Spice in year 2008, Sizzla in year 2008, Morgan Family in year 2009, Jackson Family in year 2010, Lutan Fyah in year 2010, Admiral Tibet in year 2011, Everton Blender in year 2012, Peter Morgan in year 2012, Tenza Da Boss lady in year 2013, Alex Marley and Eric Smith in year 2013 and more. All this shows where live in the Gambia.

Bala Ranks has performed on one of the most popular festival in the Gambia called [KANILAI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL] in year 2010. Bala has performed another festival called the [OPEN MIC FESTIVAL] in the Gambia in year 2011. In the year 2013 the Gambia Government has Awarded Bala Ranks a National Award (MRG) as one of the best Gambian Artist.

Bala Ranks has dropped his fist 9 track album in the year 2011 called [E-MIRA] tracks names. (1)ALLAH MUTA, (2) AMAKOYI, (3) BADINYAA, (4) E-MIRA, (5) KAFUNYO, (6) KANAY DANKONG,( 7) M-NAA,( 8) M-SUMBOU,( 9) PURA. Bala Ranks is now working on his next album in the Gambia. Names of singles that are out now, [N-Kanuyo it was relished on the 20th may 2013] [Cassamance Kello it was relished on the 10th April /2012] and [Mass Potato relished on the 28-June 2013 ]


1) Album:
.2011 - E-Mira

2) Singles:
.2005 - Am Not A Full
.2005 - Work Out
.2006 - Allah Muta
.2006 - Voice Of The Children
.2009 - Amakoi
.2009 - Badinyaa
.2012 - Cassamance Kello
.2013 - N-Kanuyo - [TMD Records]
.2013 - Mass Patato

3) Collaborations and Guest Apparences:
.2013 - "She is Not For Sale" - Song by Tenza Di Bosslady feat. Bala Ranks - [Stand Tall Production]

See Photos and Videos:

Bala Ranks' Discography:

Official Album:

.2011 - E-Mira
(Original Press):
"E-Mira" 2011 - (Original Press)
1) Allah Mutah. 2) Amakoy. 3) Badingyaa. 4) E-Mira. 5) Kafunyo. 6) Kanay Dankung. 7) M-naa. 8) N-Sumbou. 9) Pura.
[Label: Stand Tall Promo/Production (Cd: 2011)(Digital Release: 2012)]

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Bala Ranks "Badinyaa" (Official Music Video)

Bala Ranks "N-Kanuyo" 2013

Bala Ranks live in Kanilai festival 2010

Bala Ranks "Amakoy"


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