Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ital Noiz Dub System releases new music video "Wake up and reclaim!"

Ital Noiz Dub System releases new music video "Wake up and reclaim!"

Ital Noiz Dub System is an Italian Dub project based in Rome, formed in 2009 by Giulio Ferrante, bass player and vocalist and Angelo Morrone, keyboard player, sound engineer and reggae producer .

Their music and the source of inspiration are Reggae, Dub, Drum‘n‘Bass and Jungle.
In 2009, Ital Noiz released their first demo cd, while the single named “Ital Noiz" was published in 2010 on the Deep Root label.

In June 2013, they release a new music video taken from their debut album "Everyday Jungle". The song "Wake up and reclaim!" has been recorded in Rome and mixed in Germany by Neil Perch (Zion Train's founder member).

This Summer, Ital Noiz will play and will hit the road in many European festivals. Their music will give the opportunity to many talent artists to perform live with them.

Ital Noiz "Everyday Jungle"
(Original Press):

"Everyday Jungle" by Ital Noiz
1) Ital Noiz. 2) Too Much. 3) Everyday Jungle. 4) Bass Fi Mass. 5) Wake Up And Reclaim!. 6) Lady Dub. 7) Cuando Llega. 8) Loverz. 9) Loverz Dub. 10) El Miedo Nos Separa. 11) Ganja Smoke. 12) Five. 13) Choose Right. 14) Relax. 15) My Mastah. 16) Come As You Dub.
[Label: Universal Egg (Cd & Digital Release)]

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Ital Noiz Dub System - "Wake Up & Reclaim!" - (Official Music Video - June 2013)



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