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Singer: Tall Rich
Job: Singer & Songwriter
Location: Jamaica/UK
Genre: Roots - Reggae - Drum/Bass
Influences: King Selassie I, Marcus Garvey, Paul Bogle, Nanny, Uplifter, Naomi Graham,and I.....

Tall Rich was born in the East of Jamaica, in December 1969. In Jamaica he attended Morant Bay School. Tall Rich always has music around him growing up, as his grandmother was a person who sang at wakes. Another strong influence came from his Uncle, who is known in the music industry as Uplifter. Uplifter was a powerful & inspiring singer who through his Rastafarian culture spread his knowledge and teachings of Rastafari Livity through his music. He grew up around singers like Everton Blender, Sluggie Ranks, Trevor Sparks, Frankie Paul and Chuck Fender. He had performed live stage performances with artistes like Beres Hammond and Judy Mowatt.

He moved to Europe in hope of better prospects for his music career and found himself settling in the UK and continuing to write his own material. Since being in the UK he has worked in several studios and been involved in numerous live performances & recordings. Tall Rich was performing at live shows in order to promote his self-further.

Tall Rich and his friends came across a young girl called Yvette Gates who was a 12 year old who needed a Bone Marrow Donor or she would die without a transplant. After getting together with Bobo, Norris B and Blackout JA they recorded a song / shot a Music Video in a bid to save this young girls life. Also to spread awareness & get a message across not only to their local community but, everywhere that this young girls life needed saving. Sadly Yvette passed away before she could receive the transplant. As more live performance requests came in Tall Rich established a humble connection with his fans and was now getting a few followers.

Tall Rich has performed at many carnivals, including Swindon Carnival and Ashton Court which is a multi-Cultural festival for all types of music to cater for everyone who attends, at this carnival it has been remembered that there was not many people at the stage in which Tall Rich and others were getting ready to perform on, Tall Rich came out chanting an acapella of “Jah is my light and my salvation” and people just came and filled in the space which held around 700 people, it appeared that this voice that came out of nowhere just drew people in, and as he continued people cheered and wanted more. A similar thing happened at the St Paul’s Carnival in Bristol, the Board was so impressed that they asked him back for a second year running.

Tall Rich has performed with artistes ,such as Maxi Priest, Sly & Robbie, Cherie Anderson to name but a few. Tall Rich is now pushing his music career to the fullest, he has a strong message that he wants to be heard, this is a man who is conscious in every aspect of the term, teaching and praising the words of Rastafari - he speaks about what is going on now in the world, to relate to those who feel the realities of the world today he has a signature sound in his voice, a unique spiritual positive vibe that distinguishes him from other reggae singers. Bringing to the surface the strength of his spirituality & expressing his philosophies of Rastafari to upbeat sounds and lover’s rock riddim’s, Tall Rich is a name you will hear in a dancehall, in the home & on the radio, he does not write any derogatory lyrics so anyone can listen of all ages.

Tall Rich has featured on various Compilation & Collaboration Albums- *Rastafari Gospel-Fight Mi Down (Dada Ras Production UK/JA) * Live Wire Riddim- Credit Crunch (Highly Dread Productions JA ) *Sweet Jamaica Riddim- What’s Going On (Tipper Irie Productions UK mixed by Computer Paul) * Biggs Mix Riddim – Going Far (Ghana) * Bun Vampayah – Vampayahs (Roots Rocket Production/Belgium) *Big Onedrop Riddim- Chain Linked ( R A B Entertainment JA) *Roots Rebel Riddim- What Kind of Life (Roots Rebel Sound & DA Constructa-Germany) * Set us Free - We’re not Free (Ricko Berry & Yow Studio Productions JA) *Fight Dem Down –I Adore You ( Starrgate Production UK) * ReggaeUniteBlog Maxhim Bass Culture- Tribute to Uplifter (Taxi Riddim)France * Signs of the Times – Ft- Tall Heights Rich, Wizard, Daddy Freddy, Lady Chann, Supa4 & Blackout JA
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1) Album:
.2011 - Changes

2) Singles:
.2005 - Leaders Of The World - (Ball A Fire Music Label)
.2005 - I Adore You - (Starr Gate Records)
.2007 - Praise Jah - (Starr Gate Records)
.2012 - Vampyah's - (Roots Rocket Label)
.2013 - Fight Mi Down - (Dadaras Prod.)
.2013 - Going Far - (Tall Rich/Biggz)
.2015 - What Kind Of Life - [Roots Rebel Sound]
.2015 - We're Not Free - (Set Us Free Riddim) - [Ricko Berry Productions]
.2016 - Miss Uganda (Tall Rich ft. Ugandan artiste Kante) - [Roots Rebel]
.2017 - No War

3) Collaborations & Guest Appearances:
1) Blackout Ja
2) Tone Mega
3) Sophia May
4) Don Goliath
5) Sam Evans

4) Mixtape:
.2013 - Tall Rich & Uplifter Mixtape "I See Dem Video"
Free Download on Youtube
.2017 -Rasta in Love Mixtape Vol.2 - by Nana Dubwise
Listen to it on Soundcloud

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Tall Rich's Discography:

1) Official Album:

.2011 - Changes
(Original Press):
"Changes" 2011 - (Original Version)
1) Praise Jah. 2) It's A Shame. 3) Changes. 4) Cheating & Lies. 5) Fathers. 6) I Adore You. 7) I See Dem. 8) Credit Crunch. 9) Love Me. 10) Never Gonna Leave. 11) Nuh Call Dem Suh. 12) Rastafari Give Us Everything. 13) Mr. Science & Technology. 14) What's Going On.
[Label: Tall Rich (Cd: 2011)]

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Tall Rich
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Empress Lou
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Empress Lou
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Tall Rich ft. Ugandan artiste Kante "Miss Uganda" 2017

Tall Rich "No War" 2017

Tall Rich "What Kind of Life" (Roots Rebel Riddim) 2015

Tall Rich & Blackout JA "Tribute To Uplifter" (Taxi Riddim 2014)

Tall Rich "We're not Free" 2014


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  1. Tall Rich you are an artist who inspires me. your tracks address issues such as world poverty and you feel no way about highlighting corruption amongst the so called leaders of this world. you even had the courage to sing a track about child sex offenders. But more importantly you are an artist thats main aim is to bring us the teachings of the most high and you are blessed with wisdom and knowledge. An artist on Jah,s mission.