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Singer: BigDog MadHead
Job:  Songwriter & Singer
Location: Jamaica
Genre: Dancehall Reggae Roots
Influences: Bob Marley

Dwayne watson a.k.a BigDog, born May 18, 1983 in salt spring pleasant view Montego Bay, grew up in a wonderful family me my mom, dad and two sisters.
I always loved music from ever since i was a boy me and my sister venisa watson use to sing at church and at school my friends always loved it and wanted more, that made me happy for the talent that god gave me and i kept using it to trill the soul of many people.

Bigdog is not a man of many words but i like to speak my mind when i have to, i am very humble and easy going .
I am inloved with the man Christ jesus for all that he has done for me over the years, in my rough times he is always there for me helping me to do my best.

I'm a new artist in the reggae industry and i hope to make a difference in the lives of many people, i am not easy to give up i will fight the fight and i will get there, i have performed in many shows i opened for Mavado ,I Octane and a few more big artist it was great and i gane alot of experience.
There is one thing i want to say to the young youths coming up KEEP YOUR HEADS UP AND BELIVE IN YOURSELF.


1) Singles:
.2012 - Tun Up - (Bmusik Records)
.2012 - Tun Up The Place - (Bmusik Records)
.2012 - Falling In Love -  [(Hustlin Productions) Mr B]
.2013 - Fal La La La Laaaa - [(First Class Music) Jimmy Di Genius Prod 506 - Dj Frass Jamaica]
.2013 - Shake That Ass - (Bmusic Records)
.2013 - Bubble Inna Dance - (Dynamics Riddim) -[Zion Productions]
.2013 - We Bad (Warriah ft. BigDog) - (Splirt Riddim)
.2013 - Bad All Di Time (Gangster Fanatasy Riddim) - [Zion Productions & Dallaz Beats]
.2014 - Whine Up Your Body (Moab Riddim) - [Sergio Trex Projects]
.2015 - Mad Bounce - (Siq Bounce Riddim) - [Zion Productions]
.2016 - Tropical Vybz - (Tropical Vybz  Riddim) - [Zion Productions]
.2017 - Stay With Me (Body Wine Riddim) - [Storm Studio]
.2017 - Agony  (Sweet Keys Riddim by Edward-EF)
.2018 - Gimi Di Weed - [Jam Bro Productions]

2) Collaborations & Guest Appearances:
.2012 - Bigdog & Warriah "Tell Dem"
.2012 - Bigdog & Lil Dexx - "Ghetto Magazine Girl"
.2012 - Bigdog/Warriah/China B – "Smoking Marihuana"
.2013 - Warriah ft. BigDog - "We Bad"
.2017 - Diamond ft Big Dog, D'Anel "Baby sin ti"
.2018 - Diamond ft D Anel & Big Dog "Los Mutantes"

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Bigdog bookings and information please contact:
Name: Dwayne Watson
Phone: +506 6026 0322

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Name: Dwayne Watson

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Diamond ft D Anel & Big Dog "Los Mutantes" (Official Video)

Diamond ft Big Dog, D'Anel "Baby sin ti" 2017 (Official Audio)

Big Dog - Agony (Official Video)

BigDog "Stay With Me" (Body Wine Riddim)

BigDog - "Gimi Di Weed" (Summer Vibes Riddim)

BigDog "Tropical Vybz" - [Official Video]

Big Dog "Mad Bounce" - (Siq Bounce Riddim 2015)

Big Dog "Whine Up Your Body" (Moab Riddim) - 2014

Warriah ft. Big Dog "We Bad" - (Splirt Riddim) - June 2013

Warriah & BigDog "Tell Mem" - Music Video

Big Dog "Shake That Ass"

Big Dog "Fal la la la laaaa"

Big Dog "Tun Up Di Place"


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