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Last updated: April 2017


Singer: Da Fuchaman
Location: UK
Genre: Reggae
Influences: Fitta Warri, Bob Marley, Sizzla, Bunty Killa, I Wayne and Buju Bunton

Da Fuchaman, real name Zemroy Thomas, is fast becoming one of the most prominent and influential Reggae Artists on the scene. He was born and raised in St Anne, Jamaica, in a small village called Middle Buxton and is the eldest of ten siblings. After spending his childhood fascinated by music and singing in churches and schools regularly, Thomas was introduced to the world of sound systems and couldn’t get enough of it. He was now able to share his talent with the masses and quickly became somewhat of a local celebrity in his surrounding area.

In 2002 Thomas moved to the UK and was welcomed by a variety of artists and producers. He released his first mix-tape - ‘Keep On Rising’ - in 2006, with Edixion, followed by his debut album - ‘I Am Good Enough’ - in 2008, with Roadz, Edixion and Nero. The release of this album set the bar higher for Thomas, and he was introduced to some of the major players on the reggae scene at the time, including David Zowie and Tippa Irie. In 2012 he released his second album -‘Rise Up’ - which was greatly received by his fans and featured international Reggae Artist - Fitta Warri.

By this time Thomas’s music career was growing internationally which resulted in him working with a range of independent record companies around the world. In 2014 Thomas released an EP with Reggae Livication Records in France followed by an Album in 2015 called ‘Papa Jolly’. The Album received a huge amount of attention from his listeners and featured the likes of Deadly Hunta, Tippa Irie, Blackout Ja and Jah Garvey.

Thomas is a vibrant and positive character who believes that if you focus more on the positive, then that’s what you get back. He is versatile in his song writing and you can find him fusing Roots Reggae with Dancehall, Ska, R’n’B and Hip Hop. Most recently in 2015/16 he has also started working with a range of Jungle Labels including Run Tingz, Rama jam Records, Anticlone Collective, Infidelity Records and Dub Wise.

2016 looks set to be an amazing year for this Artist, he has already been nominated for best Reggae Act in the South West and has a number of new releases on the way, including work alongside the renowned Giddimani Records. His latest track - Fire Blaze - has already got peoples attention and is making its mark. You will also find Da Fuchamans name appearing on a host of Live shows across the Country so he is definitely one to keep a close eye on.


1) Albums:
.2008 - I Am Good Enough
.2012 - Rise Up
.2015 - Papa Jolly
.2017 - From The Hills Of Jamaica

2) EPs:
.2014 - Rasta Will Be There EP

3) Singles:
.2010 - Don't Give Up - [EmuBands Label]
.2014 - Hold You Tight - [Knockout Productions]
.2014 - Keep The Faith - [Freetime Records]
.2015 - Burning - [Run Tingz Recordings]
.2016 - Good Reggae Music - [Freetime Records]
.2016 - Badda Dan Dem - [Run Tingz Recordings]
.2016 - Can't Hold Us Down - [Tasfa Productions]
.2016 - Don't Let Me Down (feat. Celestine) - [Yam & Banana]
.2017 - Hot It Up (Uri Green, Da Fuchaman & Jah Garvey) - [La Panchita Records]
.2017 - Light It Up - [Unrulee Records Ltd]

Da Fuchaman's Discography:

1) Official Albums:

.2008 - I Am Good Enough
(Original Press):
"I Am Good Enough" 2008
1) I Am Good Enough. 2) Why Don't U Leave Me. 3) Galy Wine. 4) Miss Mysterious. 5) Titanic. 6) Teach U De Game. 7) Gal How You Look Good So. 8) Big Gal. 9) See The Sunlight [Remix]. 10) Gangster's Apology. 11) What Dem Inna. 12) The System. 13) My Boo [Remix]. 14) Kids And Wife. 15) Keep On Rising. 16) Rumours Of War. 17) Tep By Step.
[Label: EmuBands (Digital Release: 2008)]

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.2012 - Rise Up
(Original Press):
"Rise Up" 2012
1) Introduction. 2) Rise Up. 3) Rebel. 4) Don’t Give Up. 5) Mama Don’t Cry. 6) Nowhere To Hide. 7) Revolutionary [Feat. Fitta Warri]. 8) I’ll Be There For You. 9) Call On Me. 10) Girls. 11) No More Promises. 12) Your Love. 13) Come Over Here. 14) Balling Out My Name. 15) Someone One Day. 16) Let The Kids Grow. 17). Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool.
[Label: EmuBands (Cd: 2012)(Digital Release: 2012)]

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.2015 - Papa Jolly
(Original Press):
"Papa Jolly" 2015
1) Babylon Falling. 2) Reap What You Sow. 3) Papa Jolly. 4) Wi Nu Watch People (feat. Deadly Hunta). 5) Glory to Jah (feat. Blackout Ja). 6) Fight for Your Rights. 7) Hot Girls (feat. Tippa Irie). 8) No More Lonely Days. 9) Precious Woman. 10) Going to Love You.
[Label: Reggae Livication Records (Digital Release: 2015)]

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.2017 - From The Hills Of Jamaica
(Original Press):
"From The Hills Of Jamaica" 2017
1) Intro. 2) Africa Here We Come. 3) Open Your Eyes. 4) Hail Him Rastafari. 5) Say What You Wanna Say (feat. T. Relly). 6) You Are Doing Wrong. 7) Rasta Summer (feat. Uri Green). 8) I Am Sorry (feat. Empress Talibah). 9) Don't Let Me Down (feat. Celestine). 10) She Is Mine (feat. Jah Garvey). 11) Hot Long Time (feat. Fitta Warri). 12) Cry No More. 13) Hypocrites (feat. Perfect Giddimani). 14) Put Up Your Lighters. 15) Bruck Out. 16) Babylon Falling (Remix). 17) Outro.
[Label: Yam & Banana (Digital Release: 2017)]

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2) EPs:

.2014 - Rasta Will Be There EP
(Original Press):
"Rasta Will Be There EP" 2014
1) Far Away. 2) Spend Some Time With Me. 3) Rasta Will Be There. 4) I Feel Love. 5) Burning. 6) Rubadub Lady.
[Label: Reggae Livication Records (EP Digital: 2014)]

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Da Fuchaman bookings and information please contact:
1) UK:
Name: Da Fuchaman
Email: futuremansounds@live.co.uk
UKMobile: +11 447 507 670 003

2) North America:
Name: Theresa Kemp
Email: theresa.kemp53@hotmail.com
E.M.M.P Records & Promotions Inc.
Office: +1 718 828 2540
Cell: +1 347 777 0084
Company Email: emmpinc@gmail.com

Da Fuchaman press/media inquiries please contact:
Email: futuremansounds@live.co.uk

Da Fuchaman - From the Hills of Jamaica - Album Medley

Da Fuchaman "Put Up Your Lighters" (Official video 2017)

Da Fuchaman ft Celestine "Don't let me down" - (Official Video)

Da Fuchaman ft Blackout Ja "Glory to Jah" - (Official Video)

Da Fuchaman "Can't Hold Us Down" - (Official Video)

Da Fuchaman "Badda Dan Dem" - (Official Video)

Da Fuchaman "Good Reggae Music" 2016

Da Fuchaman "Babylon Falling" 2015

Da Fuchaman "Nowhere To Hide" 2015

Da Fuchaman "Let You Go" 2015

Da Fuchaman "Far Away" - (Official Video)

Da Fuchaman "Rasta will be there" - (Official Video)

Da Fuchaman "Keep The Faith" 2014

Da Fuchaman 'Rise Up' 2014 - Riddim by produced Lockdown Production

Da Fuchaman "Call On Me" 2013 - Edixion Production

Da Fuchaman "Fire Fire" (Rebel Riddim) 2013 - Reggae Livication Records


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