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Monday, December 2, 2019

BALIK - DISCOGRAPHY: (Reggae Singer)


Singer: Balik
Location: France
Genre: Reggae

"PARENTHESE" is first solo album of Danakil's lead singer, well known to the reggae public since the 2000s, and the emergence of the Parisian collective in the foreground of the French scene.

In this new project, BALIK totally changes its universe and returns to the source of its musical influences by immersing itself in the heart of a cultural trend that has carried it since its beginnings. Nourished by francophone rap from adolescence, carried away by the spirit and social function commonly conveyed by hip-hop and reggae, the artist has always claimed both of these two powerful musical currents.

This new project, the first in its own name, is the result of many years of deep meditation and meticulous preparation.
PARENTHESE, the stage is set. BALIK announces us from the title that he offers himself an episode in another universe, a difference in the modes and the time.

PARENTHÈSE is a collection of poems from modern times with the sounds of the Afro / World music, an authentic hip hop that seeks to be part of the tradition of French rap by immersing itself in contemporary codes, orchestrated by master's hands by outstanding producers, stars of the Parisian underground scene like TIGERZ and S.MOS.
The universe of the album alternates between figures of styles and observations of the world and its daily life. There is also a personal dimension to some more introspective titles.

BALIK opened here a window apart in his discography already well supplied. He reveals in this opus a new facet of his art, his personality. We find the talent of storyteller, singer and lyricist, his way of speaking with simple and fair words of life, the one that drives us crazy, love, sad and blessed...

He delivers it to us with humility and sincerity, as if to let us understand that this project has been growing in him since the beginning and that his advent represents a strong point of his life as an artist.


1) Album: 
2019 - Parenthèse

2) Singles:
2011 - L'avenir / Timeline - [Soul Vybz Music]
2014 - Un parmi tant d'autres (Danakil) - [Discover Records]
2018 - Où est passé l'amour ? (Big Slap Riddim by City Kay) - [Baco Records]
2019 - Totem - [Baco Records]
2019 - Tant qu'à faire - - [Baco Records]
2019 - Qu'est ce qui nous tuera ? (ft. Demi Portion) - [Baco Records]

Balik - Discography:


2019 - Parenthèse
(Original Press):

Cd & Digital "Parenthèse" 2019 - (Original Version)
1) Totem. 2) Blues Aride. 3) De L’Or [Feat. Oxmo Puccino]. 4) Qu’Est-ce Qui Nous Tuera [Feat. Oxmo Puccino]. 5) Bonne Étoile [Feat. Kantala]. 6) La Lune Et Le Roc [Feat. Busta Flex]. 7) Ce Qu’On Achète Pas. 8) Vice & Versa [Feat. Joss Bari]. 9) Des Bouts De Nous. 10) Pointillés. 11) Tant Qu’à Faire. 12) Rose Des Vents [Feat. Volodia].
[Label: Baco Records (Cd: 2019)(Digital Release: 2019)]

Lp: "Parenthèse" 2019 - (Original Version)
Side A:
1) Totem. 2) Blues Aride. 3) De L’Or [Feat. Oxmo Puccino]. 4) Qu’Est-ce Qui Nous Tuera [Feat. Oxmo Puccino]. 5) Bonne Étoile [Feat. Kantala]. 6) La Lune Et Le Roc [Feat. Busta Flex].
Side B:
1) Ce Qu’On Achète Pas. 2) Vice & Versa [Feat. Joss Bari]. 3) Des Bouts De Nous. 4) Pointillés. 5) Tant Qu’à Faire. 6) Rose Des Vents [Feat. Volodia].
[Label: Baco Records (Lp: 2019)]

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Youtube Channel

Balik "Totem" [Official Video]

Balik feat. Volodia "Rose des vents" [Official Video]

Balik feat. Demi Portion "Qu'est-ce qui nous tuera ?" [Official Video]

Balik "Blues Aride" [Official Video]


In This Page.....Balik

Photos by Julie Arnoux & Fred 'Reggaelover' Perry

Biography translated into English by Jym LivinDrum from the original French version of Baco Records

Discography by Reggaediscography

A Huge thank you to Baco Records

Balik in Concert....

Photos by Fred 'Reggaelover' Perry

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