Friday, June 8, 2018

Free Download: Non sono un Rude Boy by Masta P (KALAFRO)

Free Download: Non sono un Rude Boy by Masta P

MASTA P (KALAFRO) returns to the reggae-dancehall scene 6 years after his last album.

His musical debut was in 2002, when he became the founder of the collective group called KALAFRO, with  Masta P engaged to perform between festivals and big events in Italy. The group has released four official albums in ten years.

After a period of pause from live and studio, the singer Masta P is back with the new tune "NON SONO UN RUDE BOY", a perfect dancehall-style song, with a refrain that immediately hits and strongly stays in our head.

The song has been mixed and mastered by Peppe Cirino at the Telegraph Road Studio while the video was edited by Eclipse Cinematic Production.

The music video has been launched on the youtube channel of Rising Time Label, through the promotion of the italian website 'Music in Black.'

The song is available for the FREE download at the follow link

MASTA P - NON SONO UN RUDE BOY (Official Video 2018)



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