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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 11)

Last updated: March 3, 2018

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyful13 Records

1401) Whenever you put selflessness in what's most important, there will be no time for others selfishness.{FRF}

1402) It is He in your HEART that give I the Art of Life great value to daily living .{FRF}

1403) Is not every thing yuh see people do and say gudd fi talk 'bout, it can cause yuh life and character. Wise tongue live long.{FRF}

1404) *lawlessness have become a norms that lawful things seems unlawful and the unlawful things becomes a law.{FRF}

1405) *Hustling mentality have cause the devaluation of the Music Business.
Business don't need the minds of hustlers.{FRF}

1406) Criticism is of zero importance if it's not making no contributions to the development of the progress.{FRF}

1407) *Warning, it's not everything you sow you will reap. I'm seeing bad things happening to good people. Some are saying the Devil take them away, other say it's God taking them home.{FRF}

1408) Once you give up your obligation for the things that you love to do, you become unemploy.{FRF}

1409) *Some people are only good as money makes them to be, without it they have no value.{FRF}

1410) Accepting the premise of an alternative facts is giving truth to a lie.{FRF}

1411) Isolation from people is not a separation, it's just a positive effort to derail their negative impact.{FRF}

1412) The stability of a tree is its trunk and roots, and no matter how devastating is the wind, it will hold steadfast in the raging storm.{FRF}

1413) Unity is not a by-product of division just like the colours of the rainbow appearance without the rain.{FRF}

1414) Once it exceed their comprehension it's not the food for fools, so are good songs with profound lyrics.{FRF}

1415) Whether one failed or succeeded academically, the memory of their learning experience will never be erase.{FRF}

1416) Don't be fazed by those who gives no fulcouragement, but those who are discourage in their daily pursuit.{FRF}

1417) An Island is an Island without people, but people on an Island could mean ruin or development.{FRF}

1418) We can't exile from the music because it live within, but we can exile from the corrupt business administrators.{FRF}

1419) Conquer the love for beauty and your feelings can never be broken by their beastly ways.{FRF}

1420) The comfort zone of a slave is to remain in mental slavery if the price of freewill is to sacrifice life.{FRF}

1421) When the mind is free from imprisoned beliefs it will be free from enslavement.{FRF}

1422) You can't love Rasta culture and ways of living and hate the African theory of Emperor Haile Selassie I the First who ascended from Ras Tafari and Empress Menen I.{FRF}

1423) All attention are directed into that which are spiritual and economical uplifting, anything else is avoided.{FRF}

1424) Nov that We the victims have become victorious in overcoming the viciousness of the vipers, our validation need no vindication for I n I to be accepted by Jah Ras Tafari.{FRF}

1425) All been said and done, without the support of the people, everything is a fad because animals and plants can't spend money.{FRF}

1426) We have become so immune to mediocrity that some of us are being charge for high standards.{FRF}

1427) Due to their confusion, King Tafari grant us the power of transliteration to interpret their misinterpretation.{FRF}

1428) The Book of Life has no chronology, nor can be found on scroll, but can be read through clean livity and your best of good.{FRF}

1429) Only Jah I find myself indebted to, as He giveth I life to live, the impossible for I to given.{FRF}

1430) I'm not impressed by people's wealth or fame, but the manner in which it was attained.{FRF}

1431) The economic of music business has become so divisive, it creates more hatred than support.{FRF}

1432) Why acting bigger than the small things, and when the big things happened it exposes your smallmindedness.{FRF}

1433) Some people have no etiquette so don't expect them to have any netiquette.{FRF}

1434) The cultivation of stupidity will force a nation into chaos and destructions.{FRF}

1435) The healthy take care of the sick, but if the sick get the healthy ill, both can be kill with an expensive bill.{FRF}

1436) Empathy is not in the heart of the  inhumane, but those with the thought of the  Almighty Jah.{FRF}

1437) No amount of money can surmount the grieving pain for the loss of a love one.{FRF}

1438) For many, eating healthy is not a rights or a privilege,  but a choice they don't have because of their demographic.{FRF}

1439) *Real people are actors, but most actors are novelty and fictitious characters.{FRF}

1440) Doing "Nothing" is an expertise of the hypocrites who always think that they are doing everything.{FRF}

1441) One's inner law dictate what's wrong from right and each one's conscience is the Judge of their doings.{FRF}

1442) Reggae is not a music in a box as many people think, and to the "Jack" trying to jump out, it's a global InIversal sound of love.{FRF}

1443) Many good songs may never entered a chart nor added to a playlist, notwithstanding, it soothe the minds and feelings of the pure hearted.{FRF}

1444) Human services requires the moral acceptance of selflessness and the spiritual ability to yes that it takes discipline and good faith in the community of liversity.{FRF}

1445) The learned experience can never be live by many without causing life, so learn the lived experience and stay alive.{FRF}

1446) *Don't be living in the media falsely to be important nor be killed by the media living real. Remain relevant and true to yourself without both.{FRF}

1447) Most people want changes for a better living but are unwilling to lead the changes they wanted.{FRF}

1448) Eyeformation let you see from within, information let you yes the facts.{FRF}

1449) Envy is the master of chaos and hatred is his mistress. Love is not their child.{FRF}

1450) Neglect is an ally of the wise and reject is an assest of the elect. Use both as a subject to educate yourself and others will never use you as an object.{FRF}

1451) The wealth of some are like treasures buried under the sea, but because of aquaphobia they will never achieve it.{FRF}

1452) It's my importance to have you important and to know how important it is to have you important, because life is the most important.{FRF}

1453) A savant will do good service but will never be like a seven days servant on sale and lose the savory of life.{FRF}

1454) Don't try to do what you can't, because time will expose you and prove that you aren't able.{FRF}

1455) *The disillusioned thinking by many because of this "larger than life" misconception is fake. Who would be known without life?{FRF}

1456) *You support them 365 days of the year, and to get a single day of assistance they create the biggest annoyance.{FRF}

1457) Negative energy is a persistent force that will keep coming at you, but good resistance is its conqueror.{FRF}

1458) From yesteryears, nowtoday, and moreture we live and transmigrate into the mystic of time and space unknown.{FRF}

1459) The most powerful catalyst of our spiritual expression is music with a positive yessage and a natural rhythmic vibration.{FRF}

1460) If it's killing minority people it's good, but once it started to affect the affluence groups, it is a crime and a crisis.{FRF}

1461) *Not everybody you see looking rosey is good to be a part of. The people are real but most are actors and fictitious characters.{FRF}

1462) One's safety is not a guarantee nor automatic, it's an ongoing awareness that must be practice mentally and physically.{FRF}

1463) You were never a supporter of the mission or journey, so dare not ever want to be a part of the productivity and the progress.{FRF}

1464) There are so many things that predates our present reality that is not factual or relevant in our today's daily living.{FRF}

1465) Moral values and integrity has become less important to some, their interest is more of. {FRF}

1466) Some of the biggest intentionalists of unity are the greatest dividers, notwithstanding, the minds and hands that liberty can never be distorted and dismantle.{FRF}

1467) Any philosophy that have no reality of self eye-cept is mere a notion or logic to suppress the individual.{FRF}

1468) *No sense to have concerns about one's imperfections when your perfection are imperfectly wrong.{FRF}

1469) The "Problem" is, we are relying on problematic people for solutions who can't solve their own.{FRF}

1470) It's great meeting with the challenges of being able to do what makes you and keep others happy.{FRF}

1471) It come in the times of need and we leave it time of great accomplishments.{FRF}

1472) The hypothesis of "Experience" {Plusperience} is being denied. We are all guilty of not learning from the logic of life, even though it's conclusive and evidential.{FRF}

1473) We all work to earn, but how many of us have a savings from thy tiresome labour to meet the unforeseen happenings? {FRF}

1474) It's a blessing to have something tangible as the fruit of thy labour, working hard will not be seen by words.{FRF}

1475) *If you comprises the integrity of life, life will comprises your integrity of living.{FRF}

1476) Keep fixed on your visions and look not backwards, it's a firm reminder never to return your failures.{FRF}

1477) Identify yourself with the things that you see and experience through learning, surrealism is real.{FRF}

1478) *Some will hold onto all that's their and still want to negotiate for all that's yours.{FRF}

1479) While others is having sunset and moon shine, others are having sunrise and rainy day.{FRF}

1480) Crime is an evolving force amplify by human laws that can make you into a criminal instantly. {FRF}

1481) Bowing knees and confessing tongues shall be seen and heard while Ras Tafari stand in chants and praises unto Jah. {FRF}

1482) Most people high can make you feel so low that it drives you to hating your high and overlooked their low.{FRF}

1483) Never stretch out your hands unless you are firmly standing on your feet, you can be pull to your knee or face.{FRF}

1484) Badmindtitude is an envy now classified as the world #1 incurable mental illness.{FRF}

Brand New Thoughts

1485) The challenges we face must never define our character, but how strong we are meeting and overcoming them victoriously.{FRF}

1486) Transform the lava of truth into the rock of justice on which we must build our home of equality.{FRF}

1487) It hurt to know that who you cared about have no feelings for the care you have for them.{FRF}

1488) Nourish, flourish, replenish and you will never perish by the ill-fated words and actions of ignorance.{FRF}

1489) *Some time the hardest things are easily done once you make up your mind to do it.{FRF}

1490) Our passing anchestors works are not past tense because it's presently living in our being.{FRF}

1491) Nice-ability over economic and intellect. The latter will fail without the first.{FRF}

1492) Keep the importance of your success away from your ego else you will fail the natural process.{FRF}

1493) Ideal is as perfect as life, yet an idea can created so much imperfections that will ideally derail one's perceptions.{FRF}

1494) When the Law of love is erased from the hearts, lawlessness will taking over, but fear not, it's still written in a few.{FRF}

1495) The Immutable love, law and livity of King Ras Tafari are irrefutable.
Die fighting against it or live by it.{FRF}

1496) That passionate love for what you do eradicate the fears and limitations to be successful.{FRF}

1497) I don't love fast food, but I apprecilove good healthy food fast to kill my hunger.{FRF}

1498) Music takes us to many unexpected places where we meet all kinds of people, but love will take us home where the hearts beat as one in rhythms and melodies.{FRF}

1499) *Invest in those who respect your investment, and not the ones who only want to capitalize off it like an investigator's investigation.{FRF}

1500) *Love is lovely and lovable for lovers, so this goes out to one and all who have the kindness of love.{FRF}

* Exclusive for Reggaediscography

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