Thursday, August 31, 2017

STORYTIME by Sharon Corinthian

STORYTIME  by Sharon Corinthian 


It's time to spit

It's time to get live, It's time to get lit!
Spiritually powered inspirational thoughts
It's time to spit
Conscious vibes with some conscious lyrics
Word, sound, power
To engage your thoughts and enlighten your spirit

Powerful words, purposely writ,
To stimulate your mind
and keep you mentally fit.
Positive rythems, positive rhymes,
Insightful wisdom, in perilous times

If you're looking for a good time,
Come on, it's time we get lit
Spiritually powered inspirational thoughts
It's time to get your fix.


The Body Snatchers
What a disgrace, what a dirty, dirty shame
The body snatchers, has given Jamaica a bad name
The ghost of Dr. Frankenstein is roaming the
Seeking souls to keep
Seems as if he's out to make a clean sweep

We must take action, how can we turn our backs
This has to stop
Our mothers are being slaughtered
Butchered like animals, livestock
Leaving our children, to slip through the cracks
This ain't no fairytale, these are the facts

Run, tell your fathers, to tell their sons
This is a disaster, murder gone wrong,
Too much innocent blood a spill, overkill
Babies are crying, mommy is never coming home
Children are being left, to grow up on their own

If we don't do something, then who will
Our little paradise in the sun,
Has turned into a bloody organ mill
A state of emergency
A crisis, the magnitude of Isis
Lawd God, wah dis
Right in front our eyes, we're watching as the death toll rise

Run, tell your fathers, to tell their sons
Their taking our daughters one by one
They're being hunted, like it's fair game
Road kill
Stuffed in a barrel and rolled down the hill

Sister to sister, be on high alert
Beware, take care, make sure not to get hurt
Jamaica, the land we love
Has turned into a human marketplace
Your family could be next, cause dem nah watch nuh face
Hey you, mama's favorite son
A time fi dis ting yah done

Violence against our mothers and daughters Can not work
Who will be left to procreate on earth
My brothers, we need to get a hold of this thing
You'll be left with no one to bring your offspring

This is nothing but a spiritual attack
Put on your armor, it's time we fight back!

Author, Sharon Corinthian
©Copyright 2017.
Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.

The Cradle of Joy

On a distant island
Ablaze with life giving sun
Living is easy and full of fun

The natives give freely
Friendship, caring and love
Sharing blessings, that come from above

Our children are happy
They play without fear
Knowing someone to trust is ever near

Pure rushing water
When thirst takes us over
Relaxing ocean waves
From exhaustion to recover

In the lap of nature
Food is easy to get
Just plant a seed and the table is set

I long for that island
So far away
To be a child again
To play without worry
Laughing with the breeze to sway

Author, Sharon Corinthian
©Copyright 2017.
Sharon Corinthian All Rights Reserved.

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