Wednesday, June 14, 2017

'Dalla Giungla EP' by KG MAN & The Raggavibes

'Dalla Giungla EP' by KG MAN & The Raggavibes

'Dalla Giungla EP' is the new EP of KG MAN & The Raggavibes dedicated to the new Roots and Dancehall lovers
The first track 'No Policeman' is produced by The Raggavibes while the music video is made by Andrea Riva of Tower Basement and can be watched exclusively on Reggaeville Youtube Channel.

The second tune 'Dalla giungla', speaks of the shift from the countryside rural life to the frenetic life of the city. The song is sung in Italian with many expressions of the typical Jamaican patois

'A Song Outta Babylon' is a song inna new roots style, "C'è un prima e un dopo" and "Like a Soldier" emphasize good lyrics and great arrangements. 'Forever' closes the tracklist with many kool vibes.

The entire work is interesting, with many contaminations, inspired and full of colors that travel in perfect harmony with each other
KG MAN & The Raggavibes aim to give a new international face to the reggae music made in Italy.

'Dalla Giungla EP' - KG MAN & The Raggavibes
1) No Policeman
2) Dalla giungla
3) A song outta Babylon
4) C'è un prima e un dopo
5) Like a soldier
6) Forever
Label: KG Man (Digital Release: 2017)

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KG Man & The Raggavibes - No Policeman [Official Video 2017]



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