Saturday, May 27, 2017

Igor Vince's new song "Zaboravili smo da živimo"

Igor Vince's new song "Zaboravili smo da živimo"

Sharp, in your face and stripped. Multitalented musician Igor Vince presents his new single and music video "Zaboravili smo da živimo" ("We Forgot How To Live"). One of remarkable younger musical authors from Balkans, Vince continues to move us with his good groove and message "Stop, relax, become aware and come back".

The author says "We forgot how to love, appreciate and keep". What is necessary to today' society which rushes and forgets about the quality of life, is precisely one such call to beauty of simplicity, to real human values.

Besides the compelling sound and lyrics, the author uses raw power of sound and movement to move listeners towards the change he professes.

Igor Vince is the regular band member - percussionist of legendary Femi Kuti, the four time Grammy nominee from Nigeria. He spent several years in various African countries learning a wide range of African percussion instruments directly from authentic African masters

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Igor Vince - Zaboravili smo da živimo


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