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Help Educate the Youth: PALAS Riddim, Vol. 1

Help Educate the Youth: PALAS Riddim, Vol. 1

April 24, 2017 (Atlanta, GA)
We are very proud to announce the release of "Help Educate the Youth" PALAS Riddim Vol. 1.
The 18-track reggae album is a culmination of artists, producers, engineers & promoters working together with one goal in mind, to raise awareness & funds for the Peace & Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS, Inc.), a Non-Profit Organization helping high school students via monetary rewards to further their education.

Two singles have been released off the album so far, with Pinky Famous’s hard hitting reality song "We Need Justice".  Her video covers the harsh realities we so often see in the news & cries out against the brutality of women & children. Also, Csavi with her unique voice on her track "I Am" offers something truly spell bounding...There will be another video released which is a collaboration of 13 artists, the RBNers - "Hold Them & Love Them" song, voice clips from everyone Feat. Ras Denroy Morgan & Bunny Lye Lye.

Other amazing/popular tracks on the album are by Marcia J. Ball- “The Face of a Child”, Sandra Cross Feat. Abewell Foundation- “Save the Children”, Avaran – “Love Comes & Goes”, Patrick Billings –“Children of the World”, Sons of Mystro – “Ah Pure Sweetness” Steve Knight Ft. Twiggy – ‘Yes We Can” , Jo Jo Mac – “Heaven Help The Children”, Sheldon Senior – It’s So Easy”, Sharon Corinthian “ My Brother’s Keepers” & Abewell Foundation – “Tek Weh Me Joy” &  Asante Amen – “Believe”.

Special thanks to Courtney (Coozie) Mellers who donated the PALAS riddim, all the artists who voiced on the riddim (in alphabetical order) Abelwell Foundation, Asante Amen, Avaran, Csavi, Jeck Pilpil, Jo Jo Mac, Madi Simmons, Marcia.J.Ball, Melo D, Patrick Billings, Pinky Famous, Sandra Cross ft: Abelwell Foundation, Sharon Corinthian, Sheldon Senior, Sons of Mystro, Steve Knight ft: Twiggi, RBNers and Vernon Maytone.

To the main producers; Courtney Mellers, Musical Genius (One Harmony Productions) Trevor Elliot (Musical Ambassador Productions) Oneil Darby (Music  Market Productions) & Rula Brown (Bee Cat Records) …..THANK YOU!
The PALAS awards, now in its seventh year, have to date awarded 385 scholarships & 44 computers to Jamaican high school and university students. This year PALAS, Inc. goal is to award 110 life changing scholarships to the successful applicants.

On behalf of Patrick Campbell, PALAS Chairman, Sue Oliver of the UK (Project Director/Coordinator), Rula Brown (Founder/Executive Director, PALAS, Inc.) and all its board members wish to extend heartfelt gratitude to everyone who lent their talent; time & expertise to the project including radio performers, Radio DJs, promoters, song writers and engineers.

Please support the project by visiting CDBaby and purchase the album or individual tracks of your choice. It is also available on iTunes, Amazon & all major download stores. ALL the songs were donated to PALAS to help raise funds for scholarships.

The executive board is “Extremely grateful and excited for this historic collaboration in an effort to provide opportunities for well deserving and brilliant students”.
PALAS will hold its 7th scholarship awards presentation in Kingston, Jamaica on 19th August 2017.
Please check out PALAS’s website at .

The CDBaby link to purchase the album is

Pinky Famous- “We Need Justice” YouTube Video link below is:

The song which will be released in 10 days is titled "Hold Them and Love Them" by RBNers Feat. DENROY MORGAN.
The track is co-written by Fitzroy "Mightyful 13" Francis and Rula Brown & co-produced by Coozie Mellers and Rula Brown on the Bee Cat Records label.  A video will be released at the same time with the song

"Help Educate the Youth": PALAS Riddim, Vol. 1 - (Various Artists)
01) Hold Them and Love Them (Rbners feat. Denroy Morgan)
02) The Face of a Child (Marcia J. Ball)
03) We Need Justice (Pinky Famous)
04) Save the Children (Sandra Cross feat. Abewell Foundation)
05) Children of the World (Patrick Billings)
06) Yes We Can (Steve Knight feat. Twiggy)
07) Tek Weh Me Joy (Abewell Foundation)
08) Believe (Asante Amen)
09) Heaven Help the Children (Jojo Mac)
10) Love Comes and Goes (Avaran)
11) Song for the Children (Vernon Maytone)
12) Ah Pure Sweetness (Sons of Mystro)
13) I Am (Csavi)
14) It's so Easy (Sheldon Senior)
15) There Is a New Day (Jeck Pilpil)
16) Don't Give Up (Melo D)
17) My Brother's Keeper (Sharon Corinthian)
18) Don't Let the Pressure Bring Us Down (Madi Simmons)
Label: Palas, Inc./Bee Cat Record (Digital Release: 2017)

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Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (palas) Inc.

PALAS is a Non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which means your donation/contribution is tax deductible.

The Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (PALAS) program was established in December, 2010 after the brutal killing in Portmore, Jamaica of  young reggae artist, Vanessa Campbell. An initial scholarship program was created as the SSSJamz/Vanessa Campbell Academic Scholarship to assist high school students from her Alma mater, Bridgeport High School.

Peace and Love Academic Scholarship (palas) Inc.



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