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July 2016
Da Fuchaman feat. Celestine "Don't Let Me Down" - [Yam & Banana] - Get it
Isiah Shaka "Reggae Music" - [Music Star Line] - Get it
Bhy2R "Slowest Whine" - [Johann Etifier] - Get it
Jah Fabio "Hot Tonight" - [Riddim Farm Music] - Get it
Krikka Reggae ft Norris Weir The Jamaicans "Ska baboom time" - [Krikka Reggae] - Get it
Danakil "Back Again (La rue raisonne)" - [Baco Records] - Get it
Carlton Livingston "Still Single" - [Yah Man Records] - Get it
Jimmy Riley "Renegade (feat.Tamlins)" - [Taitu Records] - Get it
Lutan Fyah "I Remember" - [Imperial Movements] - Get it
Jason Cat "Cry" - [Goldmind Productions/21st Hapilos Digital] - Get it
Tarrus Riley "Don't Come Back" - [Head Concussion/21st Hapilos Digital] - Get it
Tóke "Respect" - [Bassplate Records] - Get it
Kush feat. Kina King "No One" - [Kush O Diarra] - Get it
Mystical Fyah "La Montaña" - [Mad91] - Get it
Ziggy Ranking "Morning Ride" - [Fox Fuse] - Get it
Mellow Mood "Take Over" - [La Tempesta Dischi] - Get it

Jah Mason "Now and Forever" - [Treasure Chest Productions] - Get it
Sadieke Lennox "Listen Me Nuh Man" - [Stars Recording] - Get it
Sevana "Sevana EP" - [In.Digg.Nation Collective/Overstand] - Get it
Lion Zion "Trinity" - [Avocaudio] - Get it

Freddie McGregor "True to My Roots" - [Big Ship Music/VPAL Music] - Get it
Stephen Marley "Revelation Pt. II: The Fruit of Life" - [Ghetto Youths International] - Get it
Fabrice "Today" - [Fa7production] - Get it
Mykal Rose "Rasta State" - [VP Music] - Get it
Mykal Rose "Sidewalk Steppa" - [Siahvash Dowlatshahi] - Get it
Mike Love "Love Overflowing" - [Love Not War Records] - Get it
PeppaHot "Peppahot Music 002" - [PeppaHot] - Get it
Max Romeo "Horror Zone" - [Nu Roots Records] - Get it

August 2016
Papa Agyingo "Special Request" - [Green Herb Production] - Get it
Papa Agyingo "Cry for Freedom" - [Green Herb Production] - Get it
Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley "Nail Pon Cross" - [Republic Records] - Get it
Jah Vinci "Rising to the Top" - [Emudio Records] - Get it
Andrea Martin "Someone Loves You Honey" - [God's Cryin/VP Records] - Get it
Shaggy "That Love" - [Sony Music] - Get it
Tanto Blacks "Stinking Rich" - [Jason Ali Records/21st Hapilos Digital] - Get it
GNRA "Be Mine (Gyal)" - [Track or Die, LLC] - Get it
Marla Brown feat. Ras Muhamad "Zion" - [Royal Order Music] - Get it
No-maddz "Promises" - [Nomaddic Movement/VPAL Music] - Get it
Jesse Jendah "Kween of the Morning Star" - [Infinity Studio/VPAL Music] - Get it
Freddie McGregor "Indigenous People" - [Co Unit Records/21st Hapilos Digital] - Get it
Dub inc "No Matter Where You Come From" - [Diversité] - Get it
Dennis Brown Jr "Dreaming" - [BrownTree Music] - Get it
Survivor "Why" - [Slik 4our Music/21st Hapilos Digital] - Get it
Matisyahu "Love Born" - [Fallen Sparks Records] - Get it
Mystical Fyah & Morodo feat. Rasyorsh "Que Esta Pasando" - [Mad91] - Get it
Sean Paul "Crick Neck" - [SPJ Productions Ltd] - Get it
Dubmatix "In the Ghetto" - [Dub Arc Records] - Get it
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad "Gotta Make A Living" - [Giant Panda/Rootfire] - Get it
Damas "Judgement Morning" - [Macles Music Factory] - Get it

Sticky Joe "Good Day EP Remixes & Riddims" - [Joe Simpson] - Get it
Black Roots "Move On - EP" - [Nubian Records] - Get it
Rikki Jai "Reggae Moods" - [Rikki Jai Music/VPAL Music] - Get it

Dub Nation "Tuffer Than Tuffist" - [Dub Nation] - Get it
Tasman Jude "Gold" - [Tasman Jude] - Get it
Ronnie Davis "Iyahcoustic" - [Skinny Bwoy Records] - Get it
Parly B "This Is Digital" - [Scotch Bonnet Records] - Get it
General Degree "From the 90s" - [Fox Fuse] - Get it
Hirie "Wandering Soul" - [Hirie Music/Rootfire Cooperative] - Get it
Gary Nesta Pine "Revelations" - [Jahdax Publishing Inc.] - Get it

September 2016
Thorpido "Rasta Rude Boy" - [Kaos Family Records / VPAL Music] - Get it
Shaggy "Da Bar" - [Yard Vybz Ent/Young Pow Production] - Get it
Gyptian "Bring Back the LUV" - [Misik Muzik] - Get it
Thomas Blondet "Northern Hospitality" - [Rhythm & Culture Music] - Get it
Brother Culture "Heal Them" - [Evidence Music] - Get it
Mr C "Hungry Town" - [ATR Entertainment] - Get it
Turbulence "Only If You Knew" - [SC-21 Productions] - Get it
King Kong "Serious Time" - [Evidence Music] - Get it
Katchafire "Burn It Down" - [VP Records] - Get it
Cutty Ranks "In Jamaica" - [Philip Music] - Get it
Kiprich "Live Life" - [Konsequence Muzik/21st Hapilos Digital] - Get it
Hezron "MoBay" - [Gilles Geuggis] - Get it
I-Octane "Open Your Eyes" - [Frankie Music/VPAL Music] - Get it
Sylvia Tella "Tick Tock" - [Trinity Connections] - Get it
Jervis Clarke "Can't Get You off My Mind" - [No Choice Music Group] - Get it
JayJayBorn2Sing "Leave Me Alone" - [Mas-Ski Productions] - Get it
Lawrence Lewis "Don't Want to Be Without You" - [Gary Larason] - Get it
Hezron "Taxi Driver" - [Stone Love] - Get it
Clinton Fearon "No Justice" - [Boogie Brown/Chapter Two Records/Wagram Music] - Get it
Doctah C "Rasta" - [Positive Vibz Productions] - Get it
Richie Stephens & The Ska Nation Band "'O sole mio" - [Adriatic Sound, Pot Of Gold] - Get it
Chronixx "Roots & Chalice" - [Special Delivery Music] - Get it
Conkarah "Cold Water" - [Troublemekka HCR] - Get it

Tmar "Urban Loving" - [Jermaine Tamar Millington] - Get it
Vibronics "Tralalalala/Dirty Babylon EP" - [Vibronics/Scoops Records] - Get it
Vibronics "Glorify/Judgement Day EP" - [Vibronics/Scoops Records] - Get it
The Rising Sun "Sunroots" - [The Rising Sun] - Get it

Dub Inc "So What" - [Diversité] - Get it
Jah9 "9" - [VP Music] - Get it
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad "Make It Better" - [Giant Panda/ Rootfire] - Get it
Patra "Westmoreland Girl" - [Treasure Chest Productions] - Get it
Zion Train "Versions" - [Universal Egg] - Get it
Lee Perry "Must Free" - [Megawave] - Get it
Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari "Grounation" - [Dub Store Records] - Get it
Alexander S. Shirley "Turn It Up" - [Alexander S. Shirley] - Get it
Alborosie "The Rockers" - [The Saifam Group/Self Distribuzione] - Get it
Clinton Fearon "This Morning" - [Boogie Brown/Chapter Two Records/Wagram Music] - Get it
I Waybe "Pure Diamond Collection" - [Bogalusa Records] - Get it
Taïro "Reggae Français" - [Musicast] - Get it

October 2016
Free Download:
SnapShot "Riddim Therapy" - Mixtape Free Download...HERE

Ras Muhamad "Run Them Out" - [André Roots Records] - Get it
I-Octane "Jah a Run Bout Yah" - [Konsequence Muzik] - Get it
Mr. Vegas "Nobody Greater" - [MV Music] - Get it
Kenna T "No Bad Mind" - [Fox Fuse] - Get it
Sugar Kawar "Sa pa normal" - [Pit William Production] - Get it
Denroy Morgan "Get Up Stand Up" - [Asaph/VP Records] - Get it
Stick Figure "Fire on the Horizon (LabRat Remix)" - [Ruffwood Records] - Get it
Alil the Energy "Soñé Contigo" - [Alil Music] - Get it
Kashief Lindo "Your Love Is Wanted" - [Heavy Beat Records] - Get it
UB40 "One In Ten (Unplugged)" - [Universal Music] - Get it
Edi Fitzroy "Stylee" - [Fitzroy Edwards] - Get it
Natel "Pray Fi Wi Enemies" - [Natel Music Records] - Get it
Pam Hall "Make It Up To You" - [RSM Records] - Get it
Admiral T feat. Djanah "Game Over" - [Elite Base] - Get it
The Hempolics "Me Love to Sing" - [Shark Free Records] - Get it
Don Minott "I am Reggae" - [Wicked Vybz] - Get it
Sammielz "Outta Ya System" - [Sammielz Music] - Get it
Lutan Fyah "The Youths Dem Real" - [La Familia West Productions] - Get it
Sean Paul "Kramp Up" - [TJ Records] - Get it
Ventrice Morgan "Ask My Granny" - [VP music] - Get it

Fortunate Youth "Dub Collections, Vol. 2" - [Fortunate Entertainment] - Get it
Ziggy Recado "Ivan The Terrible EP" - [Nayamari Music] - Get it
Alborosie "Alborosie Presents His Majesty Riddim" - [VP Music] - Get it

Taiwan Mc "Cool & Deadly" - [Chinese Man Records] - Get it
I Kong "Pass It On" - [Fruits Records] - Get it
Danakil "La rue raisonne" - [Baco Records] - Get it
Cali P "i Thoughts" - [Hemp Higher Productions/Flash Hit Records] - Get it
Chuck Fenda "Concrete Jungle" - [Voiceful Records] - Get it
Natty King & Chezidek "Defending the Roots" - [Kingston Songs] - Get it
Planetman "Love Rebel" - [Little Blue Ball Music] - Get it
Solano Jacob "Ao Vivo" - [Showlivre] - Get it
Rebelution "Live at Red Rocks" - [87 Music/Easy Star Records] - Get it
DJ Vadim "Dubcatcher, Vol. 2 (Wicked My Yout) [Remixes]" - [Vadim Peare] - Get it
Jayjay Born2sing "Purpose & Reason" - [Digitec Productions Publishing] - Get it

November 2016
Puraman "Love is the Power" - [K-Jah Sound] - Get it
Admiral P "Ta bare en titt" - [Knirckefritt Management og Produksjon] - Get it
Keznamdi "Father Protect Me" - [Keznamdi Music] - Get it
Jojo Mac & Tashina McKenzie "I Am Woman" - [Jojo Mac] - Get it
Ras Zacharri & MNIB "One by One (feat. Horace Andy)" - [Gold&High/Musicast] - Get it
Richie Stephens "Let's Dance" - [Steely & Clevie Productions] - Get it
Puraman "Flames of Love" - [Tuff Scout] - Get it
Michael Prophet "Live a Little" - [Tuff Scout] - Get it
BeckeyDon "After the Rain" - [Markus Records] - Get it
Shane Roze "Rasta Call I" - [MainRoad Establishment] - Get it
True Zion "Unity" - [Face First Records] - Get it
Izac King & Marlon Asher "Best Friend" - [Clear Port Entertainment] - Get it
Mavado "Get Up" - [Marvoni Records] - Get it
Uwe Banton "Can't Help It (But I Love You)" - [Rasta Yard Records/Ziggy Blacks Prod.] - Get it
Kelvin Grant "Defend Them" - [K-Jah Sound] - Get it
Asante Amen "Burning Fyah" - [Bassplate Records] - Get it

Perfect Giddimani "Searching" - [Train Line Records] - Get it
Mark Balet "Holy Ground" - [Eternel Music/VPAL Music] - Get it
Dennis Brown Jr "Dreaming EP" - [BrownTree Music] - Get it
Johnny Clarke "Run Come" - [Rootical Attack Records] - Get it
Kevin Williams "No More" - [Legaci Nova Entertainment] - Get it

Jackie Mittoo "Key Rocker Anthology" (Compilation) - [Bunny Lee] - Get it
Dilinger "The Aggrovators Present Dillinger" (Compilation) - [Bunny Lee] - Get it
Suga Roy & the Fireball Crew "Honoring the Kings of Reggae" - [Leroy Moore] - Get it
UB40 "Unplugged" - [Universal] - Get it
Chimarruts "A Diferença" - [Radar Records] - Get it
Aswad "Live at Rockpalast - Cologne 1980" - [M. i. G. - music] - Get it
Sandra Cross "Sing" - [Stingray] - Get it
Dubbest "Live at the Belly Up" - [Dubbest] - Get it
J-Boog "Wash House Ting" - [Wash House Ting] - Get it
Sly & Robbie & Brinsley Forde "One Find Dub" - [Tabou1] - Get it
Magic! "Primary Colours" - [Sony] - Get it

December 2016
Jah Thomas "Western Union Walk" - [Midnight Rock Muzic] - Get it
Iba Mahr "Big Machine" - [Notis Records] - Get it
Jabesh "Back Door Slavery" - [Jabesh] - Get it
Nico Gucci Prada, Erik L, Dibujito men "Por mas que pienso" - [Nico Gucci Prada Record] - Get it
El Chino "Key to Success" - [324 New Empire/21st Hapilos Digital] - Get it
Soa Samuel "What`s Love" - [Soa Samuel] - Get it
Arise Roots "Indigenous People" - [Arise Roots] - Get it
Half Pint "Forever I'll Be Free" - [La Familia West Production] - Get it
Jah Roots Soldier, Andi-Ites "Jus Remember" - [Cd Run] - Get it
Chezidek "Jah Keep Us Strong" - [La Familia West Production] - Get it
Luis Ortiz feat. Master Gian "Perder el Control" - [Luis Ortiz] - Get it
Philip Fraser "The Preacher Man" - [Maccabees Music Publishers] - Get it
Ikaya "Side Chick" - [Cr203 Records/21st Hapilos Digital] - Get it
Emanfari "All Night Long" - [Emanfari] - Get it
Inna de Yard Ft. Ken Bothe "Let the Water Run Dry" - [Wagram Music/Chapter Two] - Get it

Alpha Steppa "Alpha Steppa Meets High Public Sound: The River" - [Steppas Records] - Get it
Kalifah AgaNaga "Stylo" - [Africha Entertainment Limited] - Get it

Xana Romeo "Wake Up" - [Charmax Music] - Get it
Marcel Salem "Les charognards" - [Ndiawor / Musicast] - Get it
Delano Stewart "Stay a Little Bit Longer" - (Reissue) - [Dub Store Records] - Get it
Jimmy Cozier "Get Cozi" - [CM Group Associates Inc] - Get it
Jerry Johnson "Saxman's Visions of Love" - [Jerry Johnson] - Get it
V.A. "Zion Bound Riddim" - [Greezzly/Francesco Salteri] - Get it
Iration "Double Up" - [Prong Records] - Get it
Maoli "Best Of" - [Awong Entertainment] - Get it
Bob Andy & Marcia Griffith "An Evening with... Live at Razor's Palace" [Upstairs Music] - Get it
Bob Marley "Live! - Expanded Edition" - [UMG] - Get it

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