Tuesday, July 26, 2016

PUSH THE VIBES VOL.1 by Redgoldgreen Label

PUSH THE VIBES VOL.1 by Redgoldgreen Label

PUSH THE VIBES VOL.1 is new compilation album produced by REDGOLDGREEN LABEL in collaboration with LA GRANDE ONDA of Piotta. It is now available in all leading digital stores by MADE IN ETALY

A compilation capable of ranging from the jamaican reggae and dancehall to the american styles of hip hop and soul music. It sees the participation of all the artists who have collaborated to date with the label as VIRTUS, 'NTONI MONTANO, INNA CANTINA SOUND, MATTUNE, WSW WUFER, JANAHDAN e SIMPLE MOMY

In Addition, on it there are new talents and international artists well-known in the music scene, such as: GENERAL LEVY con BIG TRIPP (TSUNAMI MASSIVE), RANKIN LELE & PAPA LEU, JAKA, RUFINO & BONIFAX, SEALOW, DUB ALL SENSE ft SUZO MAN, RASTALADY, AUGUSTA MASSIVE, FEBO e MINI K.

01) Big Tripp feat General Levy - Pritty Pritty
02) VirtuS - Pon The Mic
03) Sealow - Soul & Steady
04) Janahdan - Molississipi Blues
05) WsW Wufer - Turn
06) Mattune feat Rankin Lele & Papa Leu - Arte e Cultura
07) 'Ntoni Montano - Un Uomo Migliore
08) Rufino & Bonifax - Come In Tv
09) Augusta Massive - Corruption
10) Dub All Sense feat Suzo Man - Powa
11) Rastalady - Sulla Linea Di Confine
12) Simple Momy - Dai Di Più
13) Mini K - I Miei Limiti
14) Febo - Fregene
15) Jaka - Vivere In Città
16) Inna Cantina Sound - In The Garden
Label: Redgoldgreen Label (Digital Release: 2016)

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Push the Vibes Vol.1 - (Album Sampler)

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