Sunday, June 12, 2016

WsW WUFER's new music video "TURN" feat Laura Zara

WsW WUFER's new music video "TURN" feat Laura Zara

WsW Wufer is a young talent of the Italian reggae music scene. He releases the new song "TURN" with a special appearance of Laura Zara.
The artist is very close to social issues, and he has decided to give,  through his new music video,  a clear and strong message about violence against women and girls as a serious violation of human rights. using the way to communicate to him more appropriate: the Music!

He sings a terrible and raw true story happened to a person close to him. A story disabling for the body and soul of a woman who has lived. Only a glimmer of light: the birth of a beautiful baby girl.. He wants to raise awareness on this and spread a simple concept that very often is underestimated and evaded: Keep saying no to violence against women! Keep Respect For Women!

’’ Woman is the nigger of the world...yes she is
If you don't believe me take a look to the one you're with
Woman is the slaves of the slaves…’’ as John Lennon said  in one of his songs of the 70’s

Images and music want to bring the hope that such violence will not be kept secret but which are publicly denounced trying to encourage those who live in these dramas do not feel guilty but only victim. Obviously it needs that the others have the same open mind on such problems and want to give a help with a smile and not with a hint of accusation.

The message is: Not guilty but victims...Not judge but helper...It is possible to get out of this tunnel of shame and fear…There’s ever another chance to be happy if you and all of us will...
The song has been produced by RedGoldGreen Label and recorded at Quadraro Basement Studio, while the video was filmed by Matteo Montagna.

Written by 
Triplax Vermiflux & Marco RDG

WsW WUFER ft. LAURA ZARA "TURN" - (Official Video)

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